Andalusia Itinerary

10 days in Andalusia – Itinerary and What to See

I present to you a perfect loop itinerary to explore the enchanting region of Andalusia, located in the southern part of Spain. This 10-day itinerary in Andalusia, which can even be done in a week, will take you through a series of fascinating and unforgettable stages.

1. Seville

Seville it is truly a city full of charisma and charm like few others, with its alleys and tree-lined squares it is a real love and the first stop on the 10-day trip to Andalusia.

Seville was dominated by the Arabs from 712 to 1248 when it was reconquered by the Catholic Ferdinand III of Castile. It became the main port following the discovery of the Americas for about two centuries.

My visit to Seville starts from the historic center, i.e. from Santa Cruz neighborhood which is the old Jewish quarter. It is characterized by narrow alleys with their white houses with patios in clear Andalusian style. And it is precisely in this neighborhood that the Seville Cathedral, which is one of the most impressive Gothic style churches and its history is very ancient, dating back to the first millennium BC. The church is located on the site where the Great Almohad Mosque originally stood. Right next to the Cathedral there is the Giraldawhich is an ancient minaret which thanks to its decorations is the best example of Islamic architecture in Spain.

In the center of Seville there is the Alcazar, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1987. It is an imposing monumental complex that is truly stupendous. Even if you are not in favor of bullfights, if you go to Seville you cannot miss visiting the Plaza de Toros, the oldest bullring in Spain.

I conclude the visit to Seville with the Spain Square, which can be accessed from one of the 4 bridges in the city. It is a large semicircular square complete with fountains and canals which is bordered by the building that was built for the Free-American Exposition of 1929.

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2. Cadiz

It is located less than a couple of hours from Seville Cadiz, which was an ancient port city as it overlooks the Atlantic. You can get lost among the many museums, monuments, a wonderful historic center, buildings in Baroque style and others in Arabic style. If you are a lover of good food and drink, you will find what you are looking for here: excellent Andalusian wines and fish.

aerial view of city buildings during daytime

3. Bolonia and Baela Claudia Beach

Bolonia Beach it is famous for its fine sand with huge dunes, but also for the archaeological site Baelo Claudia. Here you can see what remains of a theatre, a paved forum, the columns of a basilica. A museum is also included on the site.

4. Fee

Tarifa is Spain’s last bastion before Africa. However, here it seems like you are already in Morocco, since from the Mirador el Estrecho, which is an excellent panoramic point right on top of the city castle, you can enjoy the Moroccan atmosphere.

If you love windsurfing, this is the perfect place, but it is also ideal for those who love walking along the shoreline. Tarifa is a very pretty and particular city thanks to its cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. But here are two things worth noting about Cadiz.

From here, if you wanted, you could get to Tangier (Morocco) thanks to the ferries that leave regularly every hour. While between April and October you will have the opportunity to observe whales and dolphins moving from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

5. Ronda

In a couple of hours, heading north, by car you can get to Ronda which is one of the oldest cities in Spain which was loved among others by the writer Hemingway. The thing that left me most breathless was its position perched on top of an inland plateau split by the Gola di El Tajo which will be at least a hundred meters deep! And, in fact, there is an arched bridge that connects the old part to the new. If you want, there is also a path that allows you to reach the overhang and looking at everything from bottom to top can leave you breathless, don’t you think?

This The city is also famous for being the home of modern day bullfighting. The bullring it has, however, a great indisputable architectural value regardless of whether you like bullfighting or not. The Real Maestranza de Cavalleria de Ronda is based in this square and right under the steps you can find the Bullfighting Museum of Ronda.

brown concrete building on cliff during daytime

6. Granada

A couple more hours of travel and you arrive at Granada which is unquestionably one of the most picturesque Spanish cities. And the first thing that catches your eye once here is definitely the Alhambra palace-fortress which is the emblem of the city. It is the only medieval complex that has survived practically intact to the present day.

It was originally a military citadel and then became the residence of the royal family in the 13th century.

Together with labyrinthine neighborhood of Albayzin that the original nucleus of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Cordoba

To get to Cordoba on this 10-day trip to Andalusia, you still have to travel two hundred kilometers northwest, but it’s worth it. And after wandering aimlessly around the town for a bit, I head towards Mosque which is a Cathedral that was previously a Mosque, in fact it was one of the most beautiful mosques that ever existed.

Not far away is the Flower Street which is a narrow street of white houses with geraniums in the windows. The symbol of the city, however, is the Roman bridge which dates back to the 1st century AD. And before getting back in the car to redo the route in reverse, little by little, I stop in the Plaza della Correda to have a well-deserved aperitif.

beige castle during night time

When to go to Andalusia

The best time to visit Andalusia in 10 days is May/June or September October for two reasons: the first is that it is not scorching hot, and the second is that in these periods there are fewer tourists around and the prices, consequently, also drop.

Documents to go to Andalusia

Andalusia is in Spain, therefore a valid identity card valid for travel abroad is sufficient. However, if you plan to go to Morocco, then you need a passport.

How and where to get to Andalusia

To organize a 10-day circular itinerary in Andalusia, an excellent starting and ending point is Seville. Many low-cost airline planes arrive and depart here.

How to get around Andalusia

The best way to visit Andalusia in 10 days, if you want to do this tour on the road, is to rent a car as soon as you arrive at the airport.

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