Around The Globe On Cargo Ships

The freighter travel, however stealthy it may seem, is an extraordinary mode of travel for which it is well suited utopian travelers. As you read this, someone somewhere is enjoying the flow of strong wind mixed with the taste of water in the Caribbean Sea.

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For starters, I won’t tell you that freighters are cheap from the usual cruises. They are almost the same price. Although, cargo ships are much better than cruises and let me tell you why.

About Freight Travel:

  1. Cover cargo ships obscure routes of water and land. Their itinerary is different from the regular ship cruises, making them a delight for travelers.
  2. Unlike cruises, cargo ships run throughout the year.
  3. Passenger accommodation is top class in a freighter, consisting of a private washroom and other facilities.
  4. The entire cargo is suitable for less than 12 passengers nothing but. More than that requires a doctor on board.
  5. Cargo passengers join the captain for dinner and are served 3 course meals every day.
  6. The cost of travel for one person is approx $550. One can carry as much luggage as they want; there are no additional costs involved.
  7. Met play indoors, swimming pool and various other recreational activities, one is bound to feel relaxed.


Things you must have:

  1. Visa – Several countries require visas, even on the sea routes.
  2. Medical certification– Validation of good health when traveling to the Suez and Panama Canal
  3. Buffer time– In most cases, the cargo ship times are delayed or the advances are extended from the due date, so it is better to have the buffer time before and after the trip.

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What you need to know before you travel:

  1. Check if your travel insurance covers freight travel or not.
  2. To make bookings well in advance to avoid high loads.
  3. Of uncertainty of timingtravel and the nature of the sea can be a big problem.
  4. Carry medicines to combat seasickness.

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There are quite a few freight forwarders that offer this service pure luxe. While cargo travel is on a par with the cruises, one must be sure of the ceaseless beauty that the journey brings.

These trips can last 40-45 days compared to the 12-13 flight hours, but they provide a better experience, Bankline flight & Singapore on to Houston are two of the best seaway routes to explore.

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