Around the world in 80 days? Yes that is possible

Your biggest concern for a world tour in just 80 days is probably jet lag or motion sickness as you would get moving. Lots of time for that. Still, as Herculean or whimsical as it sounds, doing a ” around the world in 80 days journey “is quite simple.

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Image Courtesy – Thomas Tunch

Nellie Bly, of theNew York World,did it in a flat 72 days! Then there was James Willis Sayre, who accomplished the feat in just 54 days. And when you think it’s your turn, here’s ixigo’s help.

Let me split the planning of such a trip in two –

1) Choose a theme.

MYTH – A trip around the world does not mean that you will touch every country on this earth.

It’s the idea of ​​traveling around the globe. So, choosing a theme will be hell p.

So, if religion is something you travel through, choose destinations that sequentially revolve around the same theme.

A route that touches Angkor Wat, Nepal, Ladakh, Sri Lanka, Jerusalem, Vatican City or more can serve you best. Make sure all the destinations you’ve chosen fall in line so that your ’round’ world trip stays exactly the same.

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Image Courtesy - Justin Vidamo
Image Courtesy – Justin Vidamo

Stay away from tour packages that offer a lot at once; you get distracted and pay more for all the extra places that are discussed.

If you’ve chosen adventure for a theme, start somewhere close to home like Ladakh. You can trace the route map like this Ladakh -> Bangkok -> Thailand -> Queenstown -> Sydney -> LA (Route 66) -> Ladakh.

2) Booking Tickets

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Image Courtesy - John Lee
Image Courtesy – John Lee

After choosing the theme, look to your best ally and comfort for such a journey – RTW Ticket of Round the World-ticket. RTW Ticket helps you book airline tickets to 16 different destinations in one go. If you get to the best part, you only have a minimum of 3 stops! You can also book your RTW ticket based on how many miles you will cover during your world tour. RTW tickets usually trace a path in one direction.

So when you start Paris (the fashion capital of the world) you will probably end up in Paris for your last destination on this world tour. This also helps you stick to the defined path.

Some of the best RTW tickets can be booked through,, in

Image Courtesy - r4u
Image Courtesy – r4u

You can save more money and time by choosing a mix of transportation options. If you have to wait 8 hours and pay $1000 for your next flight, choose the trans-city train that will land you at the next stop in 5 hours and $100! Be open to iterations and newer ideas.

If you’re still missing a theme or how to get tickets like that or anything that’s stopping you from being the next Columbus, drop a comment here. I will try to help you plan that perfect world trip. Jules Verne finally got some competition here!

Until then, happy travelling.

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