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China Tourist Visa: Is it necessary? What to Know – 2024

Il View for China for tourism you need to visit this wonderful East Asian country, you can get there comfortably online? Vast nation with a territory divided between desert, mountains and prairies, with a coastline of over 14.000 km. From its capital Beijing ancient architecture and modern cities, arriving at the monumental Forbidden City and the famous one Great Wall, there are many things to see here. So let’s find out together how to obtain, if necessary, a tourist visa online and leave safely during your trip to China.

Documents and Visa

To date, to enter the country you will need a passport valid for at least 6 months from the departure date. In addition, it is necessary that the passport has at least a couple of blank pages for visa application. However, for Italian travelers who want to travel to China, from 1 December 2023 to 30 November 2024with an ordinary passport traveling for tourism, family visits or business, they will not have to apply for a visa for maximum stays 15 days.

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China Seen in Brief

Visa required No
How to Get It
How much does it cost
When to Request It
How long does it last Not necessary for stays of less than 15 days

Forbidden City - China Visa - China Visa - China Tourist Visa - China Tourism Visa - China Tourism Visa - China Tourist Visa
The Forbidden City, Beijing

Do I need to apply for a visa for China?

As known and anticipated, beyond the passport for entry into the country, from 1 December 2023 to 30 November 2024a visa is not required for tourism, family or business purposes for stays of maximum 15 days. In fact, the country has decided to join the Hague Convention. In addition to Italian citizens, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Malaysian citizens with ordinary passports can also travel to China for a maximum stay of 15 days without requiring an entry visa.

If you do not fall within the category of tourist, business or family trips, for stays more than 15 days, or for citizens coming from other countries, it will still be necessary to request an entry visa for China online. For more information regarding the tourist visa, we invite you to visit dedicated site.

Furthermore, to avoid theft or loss, we advise you to bring photocopies of documents and airline tickets with you, also sending them to your email address to be able to retrieve them more easily.

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From 1 December 2023 and until 30 November 2024, Italian citizens will not need to travelsto

China Visa, FAQ

Do you need a visa to enter China?

From 1 December 2023 to 30 November 2024, a visa is not required for Italian, French, Dutch, Malaysian, German, Spanish citizens traveling for tourism, business or family reasons for stays of less than 15 days.

How to apply for the C visathen?

If it is necessary to request a visa for the trip, we invite you to visit the dedicated website:

Are you ready to visit China!

Now that you know everything about the documents and the tourist visa, you are ready for your next trip thanks to the China visa!

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