Documents for going to Ireland

Documents for going to Ireland: What are they? 2024

Documents to go to Ireland, what do you need to enter in the country, do you need a passport or visa for citizens coming from Italy to enter Ireland? If you are asking yourself these questions, then you are in the right place to prepare your departure towards l’Emerald Isle. In this article, in fact, we will see all the together requested documents to start your visit. Furthermore, we will also find out what the period best, organizing your trip to Ireland and all the entry procedures.

Why go to Ireland and when?

Before finding out the documents to enter Ireland from Italy and what you need to go to this wonderful country European, it is important to know the main attractions and the climate. Thanks to his history, ancient and modern, there are many sites of interest to see. Located inIsland of Ireland off England and Wales, the Irish Republic it is also called for its verdant landscapes theEmerald Isle. Among the things to see here, we undoubtedly find the capital, Dublinwhich gave birth to important poets and writers, such as Oscar Wildeknown throughout the world for the neighborhood of Temple Bar and the Guinness.

But also for the renowned Trinity College. Ireland stands out not only for its landscapes, but also for its Cliff of Moher at Aran Islandsalso offers numerous castellisuch as Cahir Castle and picturesque towns, including Galway. For what concern Irish climate, this is a very important factor to take into consideration to best organize your trip. Indeed, the weather in Ireland is famous for its unpredictability and precipitation rainy. Without rain, in fact, his landscapes would not be so green. Furthermore, the climate is typical temperate oceanicmitigated thanks to Gulf Stream. For this reason, winter minimums rarely go below -5°C and in summer above 26°C.

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Santa Claus lands in Ireland

So, let’s immediately see together what you need to go to Ireland documents to enter.

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St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

What do you need to enter Ireland?

What documents do you need to go to Ireland? To enter Ireland, only the identity card valid for travel abroad or the passport currently valid.

So let’s move on to find out what the documents for Ireland are in detail!

What documents are needed to go to Ireland?

After having seen together the main characteristics and why to visit it, let’s see what it takes to enter Ireland.

Do you need a passport to go to Ireland?

Do you need a passport to go to Ireland? As anticipated, the passport it is not needed to enter Ireland. Despite being a country of UE however, does not adhere to theSchengen Agreement. Therefore, there may be entry controls and only entry is required identity card valid for travel abroador the passport currently valid.

To visit theNorthern Irelandinstead, being in the United Kingdom will be necessary passport valid to enter the country from Belfast. Even for one day leaving from Ireland and returning the same day, we recommend having your passport with you; although only an identity card is required.

We also recommend that you always have one with you photocopy or a scan of the documentation for going to Ireland, so as to facilitate all procedures in the event of theft or loss, sending a copy of them to your email address to recover them more easily.

Do you need a visa to go to Ireland?

As anticipated, a passport is not required to enter Ireland and, for this reason, an entry visa is not required either. THE main airports present in the area are those of Dublin, Cork and Belfast.

Do you need vaccinations to go to Ireland?

No particular vaccine is required to travel to Ireland. In case of previous pathologies, we recommend that you consult your doctor before travelling. Finally, before the trip we recommend signing up for aMedical insurance.

cliff of moher
The iconic Cliffs of Moher

Are you ready to go to Ireland!

Now that we have seen the documents for Ireland, its characteristics and its climate, you are ready for your next trip to Ireland safely!

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