Eastern Alps: Pink Mountains and Unique Itineraries

Eastern Alps: Pink Mountains and Unique Itineraries

The Dolomites, or pink mountains, are a group of mountain groups that are part of the Eastern Alps. The spectacular nature of their pointed peaks, their jagged knife-edge edges but above all their characteristic coloring makes them unique in the world. In fact, at sunset and dawn, thanks to the chemical-physical composition of these rocks, composed of calcium carbonate and magnesium, they sometimes appear with a color that tends towards pink-red, sometimes towards purple. Or maybe the real reasonenrosadira it is linked to the mythical King Laurin and his rose garden, which he had ordered not to bloom either day or night, forgetting the sunrise and sunset. The fact is that the beauty of these places is such that they have been included in the UNESCO world heritage site and in this post where we recommend the 5 Dolomite itineraries to follow.

And if winter covers these mountains with white snow, and there are quite a few resorts where you can ski or practice other winter sports, summer is the best time for long walks. There are numerous nature itineraries that these enchanting places offer us, among these we recommend 5 in particular. Here they are.

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Lake Misurina

It is located in the northernmost part of the province, on the border with Austria Auronzo di Cadore near which this body of water lies, one of the 5 Dolomite itineraries that we recommend.

Starting from Belluno you can get there in an hour by car: but it’s worth it and if you need directions take a look at Google Maps which is never wrong. This is the largest natural lake in Cadore and is located at over 1700 m. above sea level. Thanks to the particular climatic conditions, the air in this area is particularly good and the landscape, with the three peaks of Lavaredo in the background, is breathtaking.

It is said that Misurina, daughter of the powerful Sorapiss, was a spoiled child. Her father, in order to please her, transformed himself into a mountain and then, seeing her die, cried and formed the lake that today bears her name.

To start the itinerary you must reach the summer pasture of Misurina and cross the forest following path number 224. Continuing the path, you will reach a fork: keep right and after walking for a while you will arrive at a saddle at over 2000 m . above sea level, from which you can enjoy a panorama that has few rivals in the world. From there, descending on the opposite side of the ridge and keeping left you can return to Misurina.

Lake Misurina

The mountain of Lamon

The municipality of Swallow, which is located about fifty kilometers west of Belluno, offers visitors pleasant surprises, certainly one of the best of the 5 itineraries in the Dolomites. One of these is the Roman bridge of the Via Claudia Augusta Altinate, just outside the town. Our itinerary begins right here, suitable for those who love cycling. Pedaling uphill we first reach the gravel ramp that leads towards Rugna and then we continue left along a flat road, finally downhill towards San Donato. Now pedaling along the asphalt road, now on dirt roads we reach the beautiful Scheid meadows and then immerse ourselves in the woods. After wandering around a bit we finally turn our wheels in the direction of Lamon.

Lemon - Dolomite

The Three Peaks of Lavaredo

A few kilometers south-east of Lake Misurina, stands another extraordinary natural spectacle: the Three Peaks of Lavaredo. This group of three imposing peaks, in the shape of towers, is one of the most iconic symbols of the Dolomites. Their majesty is even more evident during the first light of dawn, when the peaks are gradually illuminated by pink and purple hues, creating an enchanting scene.

The path that leads to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo offers one of the most exciting excursions in the region. Starting from the Auronzo Refuge, the route crosses alpine pastures, screes and offers spectacular views of the Tre Cime. Along the way, you will be able to admire the alpine flora and fauna, enriching the experience with the natural beauty of this mountain landscape.

the Tre Cime di Lavaredo at sunset

The Giau Pass

If you wish to explore a spectacular mountain pass, the Giau Pass it is an unmissable stop with these 5 itineraries in the Dolomites to follow. Located between the Boite Valley and the Ampezzo Valley, this pass offers breathtaking views of majestic peaks and valleys below. Passo Giau is also an ideal starting point for longer hikes, allowing visitors to further immerse themselves in the Dolomites.

Legend has it that the pass was created when a giant decided to hit a mountain with his stick, thus opening the way to a new pass. Regardless of its mythical origin, the Giau Pass is a paradise for trekking enthusiasts and offers a unique opportunity to contemplate the majesty of the Dolomites from a different perspective.

 Giau Pass

The Paneveggio – Pale di San Martino Natural Park

While exploring the Dolomites, treat yourself to a visit to Paneveggio Natural Park – Pale di San Martino, a naturalistic gem located north-west of Belluno. This park is famous for its spruce forest, known as the “Forest of the Violins”. Legend has it that Stradivari himself selected the wood for his violins in this forest.

The Natural Park offers an intricate network of paths that wind between the peaks of the Pale di San Martino. During your journey, you will be able to enjoy spectacular views, discover ancient mountain refuges and, perhaps, come across the wildlife that populates this pristine environment. An experience that combines scenic beauty with the history and culture of the Dolomites.

These are just some of the itineraries that can be discovered among these fascinating mountains, rich in history and legends. The natural parks, panoramas and gems set in this province offer the visitor a unique experience that we absolutely recommend you do. So see you soon, see you at Misurina’s house!

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