Featuring Capricorn

Horoscope & Travel Signs – Featuring Capricorn.

Just before Christmas, the month of the Goat begins, or what you could simply refer to as the zodiac Capricon. Focused on whatever they do, Capricorns travel with set goals. While a harbor dreams of conquering Everest, others go hopping into town in search of delicacies. Needless to say, they are well-known foodies themselves. Bearing in mind their other loves of photography and curiosity for culture and learning, I couldn’t think of another place more perfect than the neighborhood wonder – Kathmandu. Everest Base Camp And More. Choose your goal!

Photo Courtesy – Artist in doing nothing

There is so much love for trekking in Nepal that they have nicknames for mountains. To consider Fair enough for Everest! Choose from some truly fascinating ones including the Langtang region, Annapurna trek, Tsume Valley or more. Then there is also “the” Everest. Other than the tours, there is Taudaha Lake in Gosainkunda Lake. Food that will make you fall in love with it.

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Photo Courtesy - Official Website
Photo Courtesy – Official Website

If you find it difficult to choose from various suggestions for the best restaurants in Kathamandu, I make it easier for you. Keeping in mind that Capricorns value their money like no other sun sign, I’ll take you straight to the Pilgrim House, the best place for Nepali food. Go north of Thamel Chowk to get here. Other options worth exploring are OR2K, The sweet lifein Mike’s breakfast. Mysteries to be chased. Myths are revealed.

Photo courtesy - cjkern.net
Photo courtesy – cjkern.net

Capricorns can’t sit still. Knowing that, I thought some of the mysterious places in Kathmandu Valley for them. Start from the house of the living goddess or the Taleju Temple. While this is generally not open to the public, you may be lucky. March towards more wonders, including the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites that make up the Pashupatinath-Tempel, Bauddhanath Stupain Swayambhunath Stupa.The golden pagodas of Pashupatinath Temple will make the inquisitor in you get saturated with mythologies connecting it to the history of 400 AD and to the mysteries that this is the best place in Kathmandu to get marijuana! A mystery that! Hurry up and keep shooting. Kathmandu will never get tired of posing.

Foto Courtesy - cloudship.blogspot
Foto Courtesy – cloudship.blogspot

I haven’t met a Capricorn that will shy away from a camera yet. And if you think I watch their 24×7 smiles, you need to add more. Capricorns love their camera like their babies. Or maybe even more than that. With their ability to use multiple lenses and many cameras individually, I couldn’t think of a place more photogenic than Kathmandu. To mention some amazing places, you can’t skip the views Dharahara tower, Tempel PashupatinathThamel Square, Swayambhunath Stupa in Langtang National Park.Obviously this isn’t all because you can’t miss those very cute, giggly Neplaese kids. Embark on a monastery path.

Photo courtesy - Dhilung
Photo courtesy – Dhilung

Always the learners, Capricorns have great interest in art, religion and culture. With their willingness to be in pally, they can be seen talking to complete strangers, natives, artisans, monks, or whoever, getting them into some kind of cultural exchange. For such a hefty dose of it all, you just need the Kopan, Amitabha, Kwa Bahal (The Golden Monastery) in Shechen Monastery.You can also volunteer at Kopan for a more interesting visit.Now while my mind wanders to other wonders and Everest, you can choose from this list things to do in Kathmandu.Or choose all.

Until then, happy travels.

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