How to find a cheap airline flight

How to find a cheap airline flight

There is a crisis all over the world and obviously tourism is one of the sectors that is feeling the effects of this global crisis.

Airlines promote discounts and special rates to be able to fill vacant seats, more and more low cost airlines are being created and the tickets of the big lines often remain very expensive compared to our budgets and above all compared to the attractive offers of low cost airlines.
The cost of oil rises, as do staff costs, with the result that today the legendary €30 return tickets are no longer easily available.
The fact that airlines must also make a profit does not help in reducing costs.

The era of flights at almost ridiculous low cost prices I think it is over and often the air flight is one of the major expenses that must be considered in the travel budget therefore being able to find the right offer is a fundamental part in planning the trip as it is important to find the right hotel or hostel, the right tour or the right travel backpack.
But although the offers are now reduced, this does not mean that you cannot make sure you pay as little as possible even on your flight.
These are some tips for finding a cheap flight and taking advantage of the companies’ offers:

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Be flexible with travel dates

If you have strict departure and return dates there is little you can do, those are the days and you cannot instead decide to leave 3 days later even if the ticket costs €30 less.
Airline tickets vary depending on the period and day of the week, as well as the time.
For example, if you travel in the middle of the week rather than on the weekend, the cost of the ticket will probably be significantly lower than one on Friday.
As well as during the holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter), if you fly immediately before or after the cost will be significantly discounted.
The week after Christmas generally sees a drop in prices, people want to stay at home with their family so you can find good offers in this week.
Il Tuesday it is a day in which flight prices drop, in fact people tend to book for the weekend, a period of the week in which prices increase and then decrease again.
Fly in early morning o in late evening it’s another option to pay less than peak times. Of course things get complicated as it could mean waking up very early, or in some cases sleeping at the airport but when traveling on a budget these become non-problems.
Finally, if you have an idea of ​​when to leave, remain flexible and search for the chosen day and the previous or subsequent ones, you may find offers with a substantial difference in price.

Flying from secondary airports with low cost airlines

Major cities around the world have a secondary airport and many compagnie low cost they fly to these airports as it is cheaper.
In fact, the airport makes the airlines pay the landing tax which varies, generally secondary airports have lower taxes than the main ones. This is why Ryanair flies to and from Ciampino rather than Fiumicino.
Or America you can fly with JetBlue in Long Beach (a nearby airport The Angels) rather than flying to LAX and you can be sure to save quite a few dollars.
Asia AirAsia is the best company that for example allows you to fly from Bangkok to Kuala Lampur for $40.
For short journeys therefore always look for the low cost airlines of the country or continent where you are before booking with the national airlines.
Obviously, make sure in advance how far away the departure or arrival airport is and how much the journey would cost, but in recent years I have seen excellent organization around the secondary airports (shuttles-trains) which make arriving in the city quick and economical. .

Povare tratte alternative

This will not only help you remain flexible in travel dates but by trying alternative routes you are also flexible on travel.
For example, flying to Bangkok can be cheaper if you leave from London rather than Rome.
This is not always the case but before booking consider the possibility of leaving from another city.
Direct flights are always more expensive than those with a stopover so if you stop at some other airport rather than flying for 15 hours continuously you can save some money.
Those who fly on Saturday night will also save something.

Know how much you are willing to pay for a flight.

It happens that by waiting for the offer instead of paying less we pay more, the offers don’t arrive, the departure is approaching and we still don’t have the ticket.
In this case, remember that you must have a clear idea of ​​how much you want to pay and not how much you are afraid to pay.
How much are you willing to pay for a flight Rome-London? How much is a Rome-Tokyo flight?
Don’t wait for the perfect price but wait for the YOUR pricewait until it is close to what you want and book, in this case you will have no regrets.
Prices vary and fluctuate continuously, no one pays the same price on the same flight so what you have to do is define the maximum spend and wait to find the offer that comes close to your budget.

Not all search engines are the same

Expedia o Orbitz o Booking they take commissions on flight sales so in the end the prices are not exactly the cheapest, an excellent and valid site for searching flights all over the world is Skyscanner to fly from the USA is indicated Kayak which I suggest for flying to Latin America.
Momondo It’s another good choice.
Check multiple sites so you can see the difference before booking, you will notice different prices on all sites so the final choice is yours.

Check the websites of the main international airlines

The fact that the flag companies do not often have the cheapest prices does not mean that it is impossible to find them.
It sometimes happens that if we search from another country the prices change.
Let’s say we’re in Tokyo and we want to fly to Los Angeles with Air New Zealand. If we search on the official website and choose the New Zealand dollar as the currency, the cost could be lower than searching in euros.

Discounts for students

If you are still a student then you will most likely be able to take advantage of numerous exclusive discounts.
STA Travel is a great London agency with good offers for students as well as CTS.
Sometimes you have to enter your student code and many tourist agencies in backpacker areas will be able to help you find the cheapest flight.

Frequent Flier Program

I frequent flier programs they are excellent for earning money in the long term, after a series of flights you earn miles which can be translated into free airline flights or big discounts on the routes of the major national airlines.
Of course these programs are in fact proposed by Non-low cost airlines which means that in the short term the costs are higher than in a flight with EasyJet but in the long term you can benefit from numerous advantages: free flights, first class flights at the cost of economy, cheap flights in general and various promotions.

Mailing list e Newsletters

Nobody likes these newsletters that clog up our email and that we often throw away without opening or reading them, yet airlines often send news and offers via email that we would otherwise never find out about.
Typically these offers are valid for 24 ore or for a few days and the only way you can take part is to be in the site database and receive regular updates.
So it’s worth reading what the companies have to tell us, if you’re not interested we trash it.

Book in advance

With the price of oil rising, airline tickets are also experiencing a rapid change in costs.
Once upon a time, booking 7 or 8 weeks in advance was enough, now you need even a little more.

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