How to get to New York City from the airport

How to get to New York City from the airport

New York City has two international airports: John F. Kennedy e Newark located in New Jersey. The airport guard is for domestic flights.

There are essentially four solutions for reaching the city: private taxis, shared shuttles, buses and subway.

I taxi they are the most practical and fastest means. Generally speaking, a taxi from JFK to downtown costs about $45, $30 to $50 from Newark and between $20 and $30 from La Guardia Airport plus about $3.50 in tax and tip.

Alternatively, you can take shared shuttles, called Supershuttles, which cost between $16 and $21 (Click here to book a shuttle from JFK and LaGuardia e here for one from Newarkper Manhattan).

There are also buses which, NY Express Bus with service between 11am and 7pm and departures every 30 minutes.

Finally it is also possible to take the metropolitan which is well served and operates 24 hours a day.
Below are several travel solutions from JFK Airport to different destinations in New York City.

JFK Airport to New York City Subway Travel Options

Subway to South Queens, Brooklyn and South Manhattan
Take the AirTrain from JFK terminal to Howard Beach Station, where passengers catch the A train.

Subway to central and western Queens, North Brooklyn, central Manhattan and the Bronx
Take the AirTrain from JFK to Jamaica Station, where passengers board the E train. To get to the Bronx you can change the subway line in Manhattan or take the J or Z lines.

Subway to get to southern Manhattan or Brooklyn from JFK
Take the MTA NYC A which goes to Far Rockway.
The cost of the ticket is $2.25. From the subway take the AirTrain JFK Howard Beach Station ($5). The duration of the journey is approximately 60-75 minutes.

From Newark to Central New York
For those arriving in Newark the cheapest and ultimately fastest solution is to take the train New Jersey Transit and Penn Station7th Avenue and 33rd Street.
The train fare from Penn station to Newark Airport costs $12.50 and the journey takes approximately 20 minutes.

All things considered, the difference between a shuttle and public transport isn’t that great, so to simplify the journey perhaps opting for a shuttle is the best solution!

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