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ixigo Dussehra Destinations – Visit-With-Family 2023

Jump in the middle of Dussehra celebrations. Or stay away from the whole crowd. This Dusshera, ixigo helps you take a call. We have three of the most fascinating and unique Dussehra festivities in India and also a place where there is a lack of them.

Celebrate it your way.

Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.

Photos Courtesy – Official Page

A strange frenzy ensues Kullu around Dussehra. A frenzy so attractive that hordes of tourists pour into this small town. Travelers, film directors, photographers and, of course, the religiously inclined. Other than the week-long Dussehra fair, which is a flood of colorful activities and interesting rituals, gods, presumably, descend at Kullu.

Myths and folklore come to life as various processions become the order of the day. Various avatars of Goddess Durga and Hindu Lord Raghunath/Rama are taken on palanquins around the place. According to the legends, these sedan chairs, though carried by devotees and priests, go by themselves. No number of wearers can wear one unless the deity wishes! That’s what the folklore says!

Dhalpur Maidan, the fairground, becomes all the more colourful, with glittering plastic ribbons flying in the air, colorful balloons, peddlers selling knickknacks and much more. The nice thing is that unlike the rest of India, the fun starts on the day of Dussehra here, with the first procession to the grounds. A week-long celebration continues, only to end on the banks of the River Beas.

Watch the city come to life as you land here on Dussehra or perhaps before. Enjoy the frenzy. And I strongly advise you to extend your vacation by a week (don’t tell your boss I gave you the idea).

Nearest train station – Chandigarh (about 145 km away) & Pathankot. The nearest narrow gauge railway is about 100 km away at Jogindernagar.

Nearest airport – Bhuntar (about 10 km from Kullu).

Travel Tip – Getting an HPTDC bus is one of the best ways to reach Kullu.

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Cheap flights

Mysore, Karnataka.

Photo courtesy - navRooZ.singh
Photo courtesy – navRooZ.singh

There can’t be a word more appropriate than “great,” if you say Mysore Dussehra. Mysore becomes the second Vegas, with the entire city shimmering like a river of stars. Believed as the state festival of Karnataka, Mysore Dussehra sees a steady flock of tourists coming in. Mysore Palace is opened to the public and the royal crown is displayed, concerts and folk shows are centrally recorded.

Speaking of rituals, a huge grand procession departs from Mysore Palace towards Bannimantap. A rocky gold tableau weighing 750 kg, with the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari on top, is the highlight of this procession. To top it off, a giant elephant carries this tableau from the palace to Bannimantap!

If you happen to get satiated by gazing at the palace lit by about 1 lakh incandescent bulb, then visit the exhibition. The location is right opposite the palace and you might as well just cross the street. For a tip, bring a larger number of memory cards and batteries for your camera. This more than 400 year old ritual will get bigger.

Nearest train station – Mysore Railway Station.

Nearest airport – Mysore Airport.

Travel Tip – As Mysore Airport sees fewer flights, you can take a flight to Bengaluru Airport and depart for Mysore. It is about a 140 km drive.

Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

Photo Courtesy – _Virdi_

There are travelers who yearn for solitude when the world around erupts in frenzied partying. So, if you are one of those people, and looking for a place that can take you away from the Dussehra crowd, Palampur is the place for you. Considered the territory of demon king Ravana, who was slain on Dussehra, Palampur sees no celebrations at all. RIP Ravana.

The lanes are not overcrowded and the daily work routine is not thrown off the track either. The only increase in the number of tourists is because of the onset of the paragliding season in nearby Bir and Biling. The sky is clear and blue while the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas starts to become mesmerizing in the background. To spice things up a bit, the place also plays host to the highly anticipated International Paragliding Championship.

If about an hour of uninterrupted, smooth flight flying comes to mind, this is the place to be. There are a number of trained staff at Palampur, if you’re skeptical about wind testing alone. Up there, in sight of the Himalayan wind, it couldn’t be more lonely than that. Go fly, there are no Dussehra fireworks around.

Nearest train station – treinstation van Maranda (ca. 3 km from Palampur).

Nearest airport – Kangra (Gaggal) Airport (ca. 40 km from Palampur).

Tip – Getting a HPTDC bus to Dharmsala/Palampur is the easiest/fastest way to land here.

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