One week itinerary in Hong Kong

One week itinerary in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China which I visited in February and fell in love with. You can easily dedicate 4 or 5 days to this city, but we wanted to explore it thoroughly with a One week itinerary in Hong Kong. From quirky attractions to lesser-known neighbourhoods, this Asian metropolis has so much to show.

Before starting your itinerary in Hong Kong, a tip for getting around easily. Trust public transport: buy an Octopus card and you can use trams, buses, metro and ferries at a reduced cost. We practically got everywhere just by public transport!

Day 1: Central

We started with the area of ​​Central modern and full of skyscrapers with offices and banks, but also home to luxury boutiques and important shops. Admire the double-decker trams, the “ding-dings”speed through the streets of Hong Kong, stop by and see the Mid-Levels Escalators which is the longest escalator in the world, and cross Hollywood Road, full of colorful graffiti.

Visit Man Mo Temple, one of the most beautiful in the city. In the afternoon, move towards the very famous and colorful basketball court located in the parking lot of Choi Hung 

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 Hong Kong

Day 2: Disneyland Hong Kong

If you are a lover of the world of Disney, you absolutely must include a day at the amusement park in your Hong Kong itinerary Disneyland. This is the smallest in the world (and also the cheapest), but it will still make you feel like a child again with rides, shows and adrenaline-filled attractions! We also reached this easily by metro, thanks to the Disney-themed pink line that takes you directly from Sunny Bay to the park.

Disneyland Hong Kong

Day 3: Lantau Island – Tai-O and the Tian Tan Buddha

We reached the island of Lantau with a long bus ride, reaching the fishing village of Tai-O. Here you can walk among the stilt houses, taste local products or take a boat ride to try to see pink dolphins. An unmissable stop during an itinerary in Hong Kong.

Still in Lantau, move towards the Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, two places where peace and tranquility reign. I recommend you go up until you reach the Buddha statue, because the view is truly wonderful.

Lantau Island

Day 4: Wan Chai, Monster Building and the dark side of Hong Kong

In the neighborhood of Wan Chai you will find a characteristic wet marketbut also iconic places such as the old Wan Chai post office, a post office no longer in use, or the blue house.

Take the tram to Quarry Bay where is it the very famous Monster Building (the real name is Yick Fat Building), an apartment complex that will make your heart ache at first sight. Even though it is the backdrop for the photos of thousands of tourists, stop and think about what life might be like in there.

In the afternoon, move to Proudthe most densely populated neighborhood, and participate in the “The Dark Side of Hong Kong” Tour to delve deeper into the topic of coffin houses, tiny spaces where the inhabitants of this metropolis live, but also other problems that afflict citizens.

In the evening, go to Temple Street Night Marketan evening market where you can taste different street foods but also buy some souvenirs.

Day 5: Gardens, Victoria Peak and Symphony of Lights

For a relaxing morning, head towards the gardens of Nan Lian, immersed in greenery and surrounded by skyscrapers. Enjoy half a day in this paradise away from city traffic.

Continue your itinerary in Hong Kong by returning to Central and taking the funicular to go up to Victoria Peaka panoramic point from where you can admire the view of the city.

In the evening, stop on the river on the Tsim Sha Tsui side for the Symphony of Lights showwhere all the skyscrapers will light up for a unique play of lights.

Day 6: Macau

During an itinerary in Hong Kong you must absolutely include at least one day in Macao, another special administrative region. With an hour’s ferry ride you will find yourself in another country, but it will almost feel like you are in Europe. Macau is in fact a former Portuguese colony and you will notice it from the architecture, from the cuisine, but also from the bilingual signs. Explore Placa do Senado, the ruins of Sao Paulo and the city’s fort, then move to the southern part and get lost among the reproductions of Venice, London and Paris. Here are the largest casinos in all of Asia, luxurious and sumptuous.


Day 7: 10,000 Buddha Monastery and Cheung Chau Island

Conclude your week-long Hong Kong itinerary with a visit to the monastery of 10.000 Buddha. After a long staircase, visit the beautiful temple at the top and admire the view of the city. Enjoy some peace as you prepare to return to the center and take the ferry back Cheung Chau Island not always mentioned on tourist itineraries but which is worth a visit. Get lost among the streets of the island, stop for lunch in some typical restaurant and admire the slow life of the inhabitants. Once you return to Hong Kong, spend your last evening in the Tsim Sha Tsui district, which, with its hundreds of clubs, always has something to offer.

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