QATAR What to See and Do

QATAR What to See and Do and in How Many Days

The things to see in Qatar during your visit and to do will not disappoint! Among the countries that have experienced strong economic development in recent years, Qatar is undoubtedly among the top of the list. In fact, this small emirate which extends across a peninsula in the Persian Gulf has focused on the tertiary sector, tourism and the green economy, projected at great speed towards the future trying to keep its ancient traditions intact. In this article we will therefore discover what to see and what to visit during a trip to Qatar. Finally, we will discover together what to do in Qatar during your stay in one of the most particular countries of the contemporary era!

Qatar, Why Visit It

The main reason to visit Qatar is its incredible authenticity mixed with a modernity that leaves you breathless. In fact, a trip to Qatar allows you to get to know the true lifestyle of the Qataris, among its souks , its skyscrapers and the authentic neighborhoods of the historic center. Furthermore, among what to do in Qatar, you can go on incredible excursions in the desert , swim in the waters of its crystal clear sea and watch one-of-a-kind traditional shows . In short, Qatar contains in just a few kilometers everything you can expect from a trip to the Middle East.

From its modern capital Doha , stroll along the Corniche and admire the skyline at sunset. Visit Lusail and experience an incredible desert excursion to Khor Al Adaid . Furthermore, among the things to do in Qatar, go to its white beaches for a moment of relaxation in Zekreet , or watch a camel race in Shahaniya . Furthermore, each location is a unique way to discover the history of Qatar from different perspectives.

Between culture, landscapes and history let’s find out what to see and do in Qatar!

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What to see in Qatar – 10 things not to miss

1. Doha

Your first impact with Qatar will be its capital, Doha . This magnificent city contains all the history of the country it represents, but also its present and its future. In fact, once you land you will find a vibrant metropolis, pulsating with life and culture. The most authentic area of ​​Doha is undoubtedly the Souq Waqif , with its alleys dotted with stalls that release scents and colors typical of Arab countries and dominated by the Phanar , an ancient mosque with a minaret with particular shapes. While in the immediate vicinity lies the Musheireb district , with its modern clubs frequented by Qataris and its contemporary architecture that winks at tradition.

For those who want to discover the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of Qatar, the two museums not to be missed are the National Museum of Qatar and the Museum of Islamic Art . In fact, both are housed in modern buildings that recall the typical architecture of the Persian Gulf. Furthermore, inside the Katara Cultural Village , you can admire the ancient traditional buildings and the fabulous Katara Mosque , with its majolica tiles and its beautiful minaret. Finally, the Corniche area leads to the business area, with its skyscrapers that create one of the most beautiful skylines in the world and to The Pearl , an artificial island where luxury hotels and splendid private beaches are located

2. Lusail

North of the city of Doha is Lusail , the country’s cultural entertainment center. It is a recently built urban center, where skyscrapers of the most disparate shapes and sports centers arise which host some of the most important sporting events in the world. But Lusail is not a place to go only during events and demonstrations. In fact, its trendy clubs and a long tropical beach make this city a pleasant place to relax and spend the evening.

Among the main things to visit in Qatar if you are in Lusail, don’t miss the wonderful gardens of Crescent Park . Created as a true eco-friendly paradise , much loved by the locals. Stroll along the Marina Promenade , among fountains and yachts. Additionally, a festival with light shows is held here in December . Shopping lovers can’t miss Place Vendôme , a shopping center inspired by Paris . Athletes, on the other hand, find everything they want at the Lusail Sports Arena . Finally, the symbol of the city is its Katara Towers , with a crescent shape that stands out in the skyline.

QATAR What to See and Do

3. Khor Al Adaid

Let’s now move away from the chaos and frenzy of the big cities and head south. Here, among what to do in Qatar, you can’t miss an unforgettable excursion into the desert! In fact, the southern end of the country is made up of a large sand desert , the only one in Qatar, which creates evocative landscapes of rare beauty. But it is by reaching the extreme south of the country, on the border with Saudi Arabia, that you will admire the most incredible scenery.

In fact, we are talking about Khor Al Adaid , better known as the Inner Sea , a place where the waters of the Persian Gulf enter the desert, whose very high dunes flow directly into the sea. Go at sunset to witness a show like no other! Unique, in fact, is probably the only adjective we have available to describe this place. It is located approximately 80 km from Doha. We also recommend reaching it with a 4×4 vehicle .

4. Decree

From the Qatar what to visit guide , another place absolutely worth visiting is Zekreet . We are located along the eastern coast, between white beaches that extend onto a sea of ​​a thousand shades and an immense desert of rocks and sand. And it is precisely this desert that represents the main attraction of Zekreet. In fact, sensational multi-faceted rock formations rise inside it , with colors ranging from white to yellow, immersed in a peaceful silence interrupted only by the noise of the wind.

Furthermore, in the largest plain of the Zekreet Desert, there are the artistic installations of Richard Serra , a wonderful combination of art and nature that will leave you breathless! It is located about 90 km from Doha, to reach the place you follow the road to Dukhan, preferably always in a 4×4. Here, also, many people set up tents , spending the night here under a wonderful starry sky.

5. Shahaniya

Along the road that connects Doha with the Zekreet Desert, you cannot avoid stopping to see Shahaniya , in the center of Qatar. This town is the place where the famous camel races extremely appreciated by the Qatari people take place. In fact, once you arrive in Shahaniya everything recalls this animal and the beating heart of the town is the famous circuit where these competitions take place.

Furthermore, not to be missed is the traditional camel market , where you can admire these splendid specimens, symbol of the desert and the entire Middle East. Furthermore, the first professional camel race in Qatar was held in 1972 in Al Shahaniya. Today, national but also international races are scheduled every Friday. Furthermore, the important Emir’s Race is held here in March and April .

QATAR What to See and Do

6. Al Zubarah

History lovers should definitely see the archaeological site of Al Zubarah , Qatar. It is in fact an ancient fortified city, which flourished in the 18th century thanks to fishing and the pearl trade. Abandoned at the end of the 19th century, today the remains of its mosques, its palaces, the streets and the ancient fishermen’s houses remain. But the true symbol of Al Zubarah is its glorious fortress , perfectly preserved and restored, so much so that it has earned UNESCO recognition as a World Heritage Site .

Furthermore, the fort is one of the best examples of Arab fortification . Its walls, over a meter thick, allowed defense from invaders, as well as keeping the interior cool during the very hot summers. Inside the citadel we also find palaces, ancient houses, streets, cemeteries, a port, canals and a double defensive wall.

QATAR What to See and Do

7. Al Jassasiya

Are you a sea lover, but do you prefer wild beaches? Then among the Qatari places to visit, the one for you is undoubtedly Al Jassasiya ! Located in the north-west of the country, this location is home to beaches of rare beauty, free and immersed in the most uncontaminated nature. Therefore, among what to visit in Qatar, the beaches of Azerbaijani Beach , Mosanada Beach and Maroona allow you to enjoy the marine beauty of the Persian Gulf in all its splendor, far from luxury resorts and concrete.

But Al Jassasiya is above all one of the most important places for Qatar’s prehistoric past. In fact, extraordinary rock carvings have been found here, depicting marine animals and rudimentary fishing equipment. Discovered in 1957 , today they are among the most important testimonies of the ancient past of this country.

QATAR What to See and Do

8. Fuwairit

Another location of great naturalistic value is located around the town of Fuwairit , not far from the beaches of Jassasiya. Fuwairit is actually located in a lagoon with turquoise waters and on whose white sand beaches it is possible to admire incredibly fascinating scenarios. But above all, on the long Hawksbill Beach you will have the opportunity to witness a show capable of making you experience unique emotions.

In fact, it is the hatching of turtle eggs, which come here to lay their creations. Go in September, when many associations organize night excursions that allow you to witness this incredible event! The main species, which has also popularized the beach in the last 10 years, is that of the hawksbill turtle . A particular breed, with an amber shell, which annually reaches Fuwairit to nest.

9. Al Wakrah

During your journey to the Inland Sea we recommend stopping at Al Wakrah , one of the oldest places to see in Qatar. Located halfway between Doha and the immense sandy desert, it preserves one of the oldest and most authentic souks in the country. Here, as in the Souq Waqif, you will find stalls full of spices, fabrics, jewels and objects of all kinds, which extend along narrow streets lined with ancient Katari-style buildings.

This is certainly a place to stop for a bite to eat in its typical restaurants , but also to learn about religious and cultural traditions in its cultural center . Furthermore, in recent years Al Wakrah has gone from being considered solely a fishing village to becoming one of the most important centers in Qatar. Despite being projected towards modernity, the true richness of this place is precisely its roots , to which the people are always very attached.

QATAR What to See and Do

10. Al Khor

Finally, here we are in the second city of the country: Al Khor . This seaside town hosts an important tourist port and also preserves an ancient souk populated at the time by pearl fishermen. This is in fact the city of origin of the characteristic dhows , the typical boats of this area, and you can visit the interesting traditional shipyards. Today, you can instead stroll along its lively seafront and relax on its city beach.

While a very short distance away lies a fabulous mangrove forest and the beautiful Purple Island , where it is possible to practice outdoor activities such as kayaking and hiking. Furthermore, among the places to visit in Qatar in this city, do not miss the Heritage Museum, open since 2009 which offers an overview of the culture and history of the city. Finally, relax at Al Khor Park , Al Sultan Beach or visit the Flamingo Sanctuary .

5 things to do in Qatar, experiences not to be missed and what to see

In the Qatar what to see guide , we thought we’d also recommend a series of experiences not to be missed during your trip. In fact, its authenticity and at the same time its modernity provide you with a wide list of activities among what to do in Qatar.

So let’s find out what are the 5 experiences not to be missed in Qatar .

1. Fair Shopping in Souq Waqif

Among the things to do in Qatar, shopping in the Souq Waqif in Doha could not be missed. This incredible area of ​​the capital of Qatar is a true microcosm of its own, where the inhabitants of the city meet not only to shop, but also to meet and eat something together, form working relationships and other activities of all kinds.

Therefore, the experience you will have inside will be truly unique and you will be able to find goods of any type : objects in copper, wood, silver or ivory, jewellery, spices, fabrics and typical food. Finally, go to the Falcon Souq to admire the Qataris with their pet: the falcon ! Furthermore, the original building in which the market is located dates back to the 19th century and is built in the traditional Qatari style.

2. Sleep in a Desert Camp

A truly unforgettable experience during a trip to Qatar can be experienced in the heart of the desert, between the town of Masaieed and the Inland Sea. In fact, among what to do in Qatar, sleeping in a tented camp is something capable of leaving indelible memories. Therefore, after an incredible excursion among the sand dunes, you can relax among the Bedouin tents that in the middle of the desert lead to the sea and the beautiful desert beach.

Finally, dining under the stars and in the warmth of a night fire will truly be something that will remain etched in your memory forever. For a unique experience between sea and desert, you can only spend a unique night near Khor Al Adaid !

3. Watch a Camel Race

As we have seen, among what to visit in Qatar, the town of Shahaniya is the place where camel races take place. Therefore, if you intend to witness something very distinctive and traditional, a camel race allows you to experience the true culture of Qatar. In fact, the locals consider this event of fundamental importance for the conservation of ancient local traditions .

So, whenever a race takes place, people from all parts of the country come to Shahaniya to support their animal. Camels for the Qatari people are very important animals, to which they are always closely related. In addition to camel races, in fact, lately there are also real beauty contests for these animals, with some even resorting to cosmetic surgery!

QATAR What to See and Do

4. Attend a Falconry Show

Another very popular activity in Qatar is falconry and all those disciplines linked to the use of these animals. In fact, all you need to do is go to the Souq Waqif in Doha to understand the importance that this animal has for the locals: falcon shops, food and accessory shops and even a dedicated hospital! But if you want to attend a show, you can look for an event that often takes place in the Amphitheater of the Katara Cultural Village or, even more suggestive, in the Zekreet Desert .

The falcon, in fact, is considered the national animal of Qatar. A predator with a curved beak and keen eyesight, famous for its strong claws, it is considered a key part of the country’s cultural heritage . Already 5,000 years ago , in Iran, this bird was used for hunting in the desert by nomads. Over time this spread to the Middle East, bringing it to Qatar with the Bedouins.

5. Paddle through the Al Thakhira Mangroves

Finally, if among what to do in Qatar you are looking for sporting activities, the mangroves of Al Thakhira give you the opportunity to go kayaking among its waters and its water labyrinths. Located in the Al Khor area, this is an excellent way to do physical activity and discover the fabulous world that develops in the nature of this beautiful natural park. In fact, you will find fish, starfish and aquatic animals of different types, in an area where the mangroves do an impeccable cleaning job .

Furthermore, when the tide in Al Thakira goes out, its beaches become an ideal place to relax or have a picnic. A truly much appreciated place to spend time by travelers but also by locals. Furthermore, this enchanting place is located only about 1 hour from Doha.

QATAR What to See and Do

What to See in Qatar, Possible Itineraries

So, after understanding what to visit and do in Qatar you are ready to go !

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