Ten reasons why I like Indonesia

I should have thought of this sort of post some time ago, when from time to time I could have listed the reasons why I liked a country.

In fact, it doesn’t matter that some in certain areas sometimes didn’t enthuse me but that doesn’t mean I can lump everything together.

Of course there are countries that I liked more than others but I think it’s worth visiting them all precisely because they are so different and interesting.

Maybe over time I will write posts about the other countries I have been to and list the 10 reasons so I liked them but since I’m in Indonesia and at the moment it is one of the countries at the top of the ranking in my Top10 I will start with this country.

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Ten reasons why I like Indonesia

  1. People are sociable.
    Wherever I have gone I have always met people who were sociable and ready for a chat. Women, men, children. Everyone smiles and welcomes you with simple smiles and delicacy
  2. Food.
    I cannot fail to consider this fundamental aspect. Rice is the basis of the diet of Indonesian cuisine, as in most Asian countries but apart from this the variety is such that you can choose between different dishes. If you move to more touristy areas then you will find Thai and European restaurants. I haven’t tried the Italian one yet but generally the Italian management is a good starting point.
  3. Islands still in the wild.
    Bali is perhaps the best known island but apart from Kuta and Ubud which are the most tourist centers and which in my opinion are worth visiting if you are looking for quieter and more isolated areas the choice is vast. 1700 islands to choose from, they may not all be splendid but I believe most of them are.
  4. Conveniences such as internet and hotels for all budgets (Pretty good guest houses even at low prices).
    Prices per room start from 80,000 rupiah per day, if you want to rent an apartment the monthly rent can then reach up to 150 euros per month for an apartment. Indonesian with Thai decor is my favorite. Excellent prices, fine handmade pieces. Style between mystical and lounge.
  5. The cost of living is quite low and the quality is excellent especially in Ubud.
    If a dish of Nasa Goran costs 60,000 rupiah in tourist restaurants, in a Warung Lokal the same dish costs 15,000, sometimes even less. In most cases, guest houses offer large and spacious rooms at decidedly low prices
  6. Sea, volcanoes, animals, forests, cities.
    There’s something for everyone
    Whether you want to climb a volcano or swim with turtles in Indonesia, you can do it. In reality, if you move to Jakarta you can also experience the city stress of one of perhaps the most chaotic cities in South East Asia or dance in a famous club which, once opened on Thursday, does not close until Monday
  7. The mysticism and unique greenery of Bali
    I will always remember Bali as a green island. But a green that is difficult to find in other places, a brilliant green in which stretches of hibisus red or the white of magnolias make the already brilliant color stand out even more.
  8. A different approach to Muslim culture from what I have had in other Arab countries
    My two-month experience in Morocco in 2004 was my first experience in contact with Muslim culture, about which I must admit I was very prejudiced at the time. Instead, I discovered an interesting culture, in which extremism not only does not exist but is not even shared. It is a religion that in a certain way interferes in daily life but which does not prohibit or hinder any contact with foreigners. In Indonesia, although it is the largest and largest Muslim country in the world, religion is experienced in a less pressing way than in Arab countries. They pray 5 times a day every day, they don’t drink alcohol, but they are definitely more relaxed.
  9. It’s hot all year round
    I’m in Indonesia in the low season and I think it’s perfect even though it’s the rainy season. Perhaps with climate change the rains have become more difficult to predict or perhaps in these areas of Indonesia it generally rains little but low season also means low costs and few tourists. A dream.
  10. Excellent connections to Australia and South East Asia
    A flight to Australia from Bali costs $150 while a flight to Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok costs $80. In a few hours you are in both destinations..

green grass field photography

3 weeks are not enough to be able to understand if I really like a place to the point of moving there more or less permanently but Indonesia is one of these countries that I want to discover more about and get to know in more depth.

It is my plan, unless South America shocks them again, to return for a few months and dedicate myself to its discovery and perhaps elect it as a privileged location in the winter months in Europe.

There is tourism, there is no point in denying it, but if on the one hand I have always declared myself a lover of non-touristy destinations, this does not mean that I don’t enjoy meeting other travelers and having a few moments of fun in the Western way.
When I was away from tourist destinations for long periods, take the 3 weeks in Panama where I was with the locals who worked on the volunteer project I took part in, in the long run I missed contact with Westerners or even a bit of vitality that a small town like San Anton El Valle couldn’t give me.
And then when a place is beautiful it’s beautiful. And that’s that!

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