Singapore's tropical Christmas

Singapore’s tropical Christmas is a triumph of lights and colours

There are many, different and beautiful places to reach now, and they are all destined to enchant. Plan a trip during the Advent periodin fact, allows you to discover and rediscover the cities, capitals, metropolises and villages that are decorated for the holidays and show their most sparkling aspect.

All thanks to Christmas miracle which comes to life in the streets, squares and neighborhoods and enlivens every corner explored with magic and wonder. Vienna, Budapest, London, Paris and New York: there are so many destinations to visit, as we were saying. Some of these, then, are so famous for their stories, traditions and decorations that every year they attract tourists from all over the world.

In addition to these, however, there are some truly surprising places that will allow you to live an Advent fairy tale unique and equal to no other. In Singapore, for example, Tropical Christmas is a triumph of lights and magic which leaves you breathless. This is why you should pack your bags and get on the first flight to reach Malaysia.

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Welcome back to Singapore, where Christmas is a “warm” fairy tale to live

Our journey today takes us to the other side of the world and more precisely to the island city-state located in southern Malaysia. Visiting Singapore, we know, is always an excellent idea, because this destination is home to incredible wonders that never cease to amaze. The tropical climate, the fascinating green areasthe skyscrapers and futuristic buildings that characterize the skyline: these are just some of the reasons that push adventurers to reach Singapore.

And then there’s him, the Garden by the Bay. A futuristic public park, which extends over an area of ​​over 100 hectares in the heart of the city, and which has been chosen by those who have visited it as one of the most evocative places in the entire world.

Reaching Singapore, at any time of the year and in all seasons, is truly an experience that we should all have at least once in our lives. But doing it now, in December, means experiencing a truly unique adventure. In fact, starting from the end of November, the island dresses up for a party and despite the temperatures close to 30 degrees it is still possible to experience one of the most beautiful Christmas fairy tales in the entire world.

The most beautiful Christmas lights in the world

The lights that lit up Singapore with magic they are among the most beautiful in the world: just look at the photographs depicting the area for confirmation. All thanks to the 40th edition of Christmas on A Great Street, an enchanting event which aims to allow citizens and travelers to experience theChristmas charmalthough tropical.

The theme chosen this year is a I invite you to awaken the child within us. Clouds of cotton candy floating in the air, majestic trees, bells, teddy bears, reindeer and candy canes: the chosen decorations transport you to a fairytale landscape that invites you to daydream.

Obviously, there is no shortage of Christmas village, or rather 3. The addresses to mark in the diary are: Shaw House Urban Plaza, Plaza Singapura and Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. Here visitors will be able to go shopping in the markets, taste the local delicacies and characteristics of the period and have fun with incredible games and attractions.

The soul of the party will be, as always, Orchard Road. Singapore’s most famous shopping street lights up throughout December with glittering decorations and installations to remind travelers that the magic of Christmas has arrived in the city.

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