Spirited Sikkim – The 5 Senses Trip

Spirited, yes that’s the perfect word for Sikkim. While a Sikkim tour sounds very unusual and fun, it is much more than that. The beautiful trekking trails, mystical lakes, prayer flags that touch the sky very much and those thousands and thousands of butter valves. Sikkim is pure love, with such infinite energy, spirited is just the word for this state.

While we have already quite nicely crossed Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala and many other places in the 5 Senses Trip series, there is nothing that can beat Sikkim. Just nothing. Let me dissect it all for you, sensory perception!

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A touch for the soul

Photo courtesy – myhimalayas.com

Some trips change you for life. Much more than a vacation as we might call it. Plan a tour to Sikkim and you will know what I mean. While listening to the lamas chanting Tashiding and Pemayangtse Monastery, you might find the silence you’ve been looking for. And if that reads too spiritual for you, the sheer simplicity of its people will draw your heartbeats. Book a home stay and you’ll know what it feels like to escape the world that’s a little too fast.

Sommigen Tingle For The Tastebuds

Photo courtesy - researchingparis.wordpress.com
Photo courtesy – researchingparis.wordpress.com

Steamed and fresh may sound bland, but there’s a good side to it. Brushing aside the “healthy” reason and popular assumptions, Sikkim’s cuisine is much more than steamrolled. A strong Nepalese influence is evident, with the oh-so-yummy nigro, thukpa, gudruk, chaang and of course, momo making just some of the options on the menu. Butter tea? Ah, I’m still hesitant about it. But you must try, for the sake of some tingling! Sigh for your eyesight

Photos Courtesy - bushahrtimes.com
Photos Courtesy – bushahrtimes.com

A tour to Sikkim is like a celebration. More for the eyes. So much so that you’ll find it hard to fall asleep (I couldn’t be afraid to miss a sight!). There’s the always fascinating Laughter and the really unusual Dzongu . Slightly off the tourist track, you have the mirror-like lakes, including Gurudongmar (in the summers when it’s not frozen). Then there are the awe-inspiring monastic dance ceremonies for losing yourself. Read warning from photographers. A touch of heaven

Photo courtesy - namchitaxi.in
Photo courtesy – namchitaxi.in

If the Himalayan breeze isn’t enough to take your breath away, head straight for the Temi Tea Gardens . A fascinating place, believed to be India’s best and the only tea garden in Sikkim , it’s a refreshing change. Home to India’s finest tea, you can’t call a Sikkim tour complete without a cup of tea from here. One rule, before you take a sip – stir it six times, three times clockwise, three times counterclockwise. Then take the cup and a whiff. Now you can taste it. Never mind, I made the “stirring rule”. Still, you have to get a whiff of it. Guitar and drums, music anyone?

Photo courtesy - Shuvamguha
Photo courtesy – Shuvamguha

Unlike much of India, Sikkim is quite hip when it comes to music. Inspired by western music school, Sikkim hums alive with guitars and drum beats. And if you’re looking for a place to join the fun, you really don’t need to do much sanding. Almost every pub and food joint here, especially in Gangtok , has people swooning over live music. Most of these invite travelers to live sessions and in all likelihood you can catch yourself having a relaxing evening in one of the pubs. Go, swoon.

With that music note for a perfect ending, I’m now off planning another 5 Senses Trip. Suggestions, comments, tips, any insight is welcome. Just drop by with a few words in the comments below and I’ll be happy to read it all.

Until then, happy travelling.

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