The best paths to take between one holiday period

The best paths to take between one holiday period

Between one holiday period and another and while waiting for the summer holidays, carve out a weekend or four or five days for a mini vacation away from home during the autumn and winter months it is the ideal choice to recharge your batteries and forget about work and the commitments of your daily routine for a while.

And to really relax and disconnect, what could be better than organizing a trip dedicated to you walk immersed in naturewith which to enjoy active but slow holidays and savor the charm of landscapes that flow slowly step by step?

Here, then, is a selection of better paths taken from the Terre di mezzo Editore guides that you can take into consideration in winter in Southern Italy to fill up on beauty and relaxation: the guides, in addition to describing the route in detail and providing all the information necessary to plan it, offer precious ideas for personalizing your trip depending on the time you have available, often offering thematic itineraries.

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The Via Francigena in the South

I am 930 kilometers between Lazio, Campania, Basilicata and Puglia, a fascinating cultural itinerary which allows you to enjoy valuable experiences and which can be divided based on the days available.

Not to be missed, for example, are two stops in the most evocative places of the Roman countryside: after visiting the ancient Christian catacombs, you walk for several kilometers on the pavement of Appia Antica Regional Park and then find yourself in the presence of Castel Gandolfowith the papal residence, and the surprising beauty of Albano and Nemi lakes.

It is an easy route that can be reached by public transport, which can be completed with two other stages: from Velletri to Giulianello lake and, walking among the hills dotted with olive trees, you arrive in Cori; from here we continue towards Norma, along a panoramic road that opens your gaze onto the Pontine plain and the sea. Without missing a visit to the ancient abbey of Valvisciolo, finally here is the medieval village of Sermoneta.

The Camino di San Nilo

100 kilometers in eight stages from the mountains to the sea of ​​Cilento on the trail of the monk who lived around the year 1000, an authentic journey into the traditions of the Campania hinterland which is at its best with five days on foot in the nature of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni mountains national park.

Starting from Sapri, following the first four stages of the Camino, you reach Caselle in Pittari.

The Path of Don Tonino Bello

400 kilometers in Puglia from Molfetta to Alessano, to discover the territory of the Salento shepherd who spent his life “helping the least”.

The perfect way to familiarize yourself with this itinerary is to walk from Leccethe beautiful “Florence of the South”, until Alessanothe hometown of Don Tonino, to visit the places of the religious’s childhood and education, among masterpieces of art and faith.

The Matera Way

This is an extraordinary seven day walking journey in between Puglia and Basilicataalong Via Peuceta.

If you can’t find a week to cover it entirely, with three days you can enjoy a taste of it among hills and rock caves: the departure is from the medieval village of Altamura and the arrival at Materathe city of stones.

The Norman Way from Palermo to Messina

It’s an interesting one historical itinerary through the peaks of the Madonie, the Nebrodi woods and the peaks of the Peloritani, up to the Strait, Sicily’s ancient gateway to the East, with 21 stages on foot between the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian.

If you have four days available, the recommended route starts from Caccamo castle to appreciate the medieval Madonie villages, Montemaggiore Belsito, Caltavuturo, Polizzi Generosa and Petralie, between Sicilian Gothic art, Baroque and nature, to discover the Norman churches.

The Via Fabaria

I 300 kilometers from Agrigento to Etna can be divided into several stages such as, for example, the four days from Agrigento to Niscemi along the Street of the castlesthe internal variant of the Fabaria, on foot on the royal paths once traveled by the knights of the Tau, who came from Altopascio on the Tuscan Francigena to protect the wayfarers.

Or, those who love Sicilian oriental baroque can plan a short itinerary between villages of Ragusa, Modica, Ispica and Notorebuilt after the earthquake of 1693 and which today make a fine display of their unique style.

The Magna Via Francigena

I am 190 kilometers on the roads traveled by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans, from Palermo to Agrigento.

During a three-day mini vacation, it is possible to walk the stretch starting from Silkamong the most beautiful villages in Italy, to travel through wooded areas and expanses of wheat fields and thus reach Calmed downthe hometown of Leonardo Sciascia, writer, essayist, journalist, poet and playwright, but also art critic, politician and Italian teacher.

We then proceed towards i mining centers of the Platani valley, Comitini and Aragona, where salt and sulfur were extracted. Finally, the last kilometers lead to the magnificent cathedral of Agrigento.

The Santa Barbara Mining Trail

To admire all the charm of the Sulcis-Iglesiente-Guspinese, between history and nature, the Santa Barbara Mining Trail in Sardinia it is truly unmissable, a circular route of 500 kilometers which from Iglesias winds along the tracks and paths beaten by the miners along 8,000 years of historyfrom the Neolithic to the twentieth century.

For a first experience, those who love the greenery of the woods can dedicate a long weekend to get to know a more unusual Sardinia: arrived at Mannu Mountains (by public transport), you cross the largest forests of the region in three stages, walk on the granite rocks of Linas and Oridda, engraved by spectacular waterfalls, and on the limestone formations of the Fluminese area, dug by splendid caves such as that of Su Mannauand then reach the Temple of Antas and get to the mining village of Saint Benedict where the stage ends.

13 spectacular itineraries to experience Sardinia on foot

Finally, to enjoy Sardinia on foot they are well 13 itineraries dedicated with one-day excursions, a weekend or real stage itineraries on paths accessible to everyone.

A three-day proposal includes the exploration of Sinis peninsula.

The first stage, the shortest and easiest, winds along the promontory of Capo San Marco and it is a “preparation” for the next two more demanding stages: we follow the Sinis coast on paths and dirt roads that run along the edges of the cliff up to the beaches of is Discussed and then we continue where the coast becomes higher and more jagged with the spectacular cliffs of su Tingiosu.

If it returns to the mother a s’Arena Scoada and to the settlements of Putzu Idu and Porto Mandriola to walk again in the scrub and along small secluded beaches going around the articulated promontory of Chief Mannu.

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