Central America

Traveling in Central America by bus

Traveling in Central America using public transport is simple, cheap and safe.

Thanks to the fact that Central America extends in length and the distances are not as huge as for example in South America, resorting to air flights is not necessary.

I personally started from Panama and I arrived in Mexico traveling on buses and I never had any kind of problem, maybe the air conditioning was too strong so don’t forget a sweatshirt or jacket. It could be a fateful journey otherwise.

There are numerous companies that operate on national and international routes but the one that provides service from Panama to Mexico is the TicaBus with first and second class buses and at truly low cost prices and within the reach of all backpackers.
Also unless you want to fly there are no trains so this is the only option available anyway.
Tickets can be purchased in advance or up to the same day (subject to availability), unfortunately they cannot be booked online but only at physical agencies.
A ticket from Panama to Tapachula in Mexico costs $127 (one way) and you can split the stages if you want by always booking in advance and checking seat availability.

To understand how to move from one city to another I found a very interesting site that calculates bus routes throughout Central America.

The site is http://horariodebuses.com/.

Obviously you can also fly but in addition to costing much more this could make you lose the beauty of the countries you pass through where history and traditions are before our eyes… in some hut where you live like the ancient Mayans did!
In my experience traveling in Central America, traveling in these countries using the bus is comfortable, safe and economical.

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