What to see in Vignale Monferrato

What to see in Vignale Monferrato

It’s a Saturday morning in September, the air is already crisp and today the sun decides that it really doesn’t want to come out. The desire to put a helmet on is too much even if the weather conditions are not so encouraging. Luca and I look at each other and can’t stop our desire for a little stroll together with our Hope… but where are we going? That sentence about the navigator rings in our heads and we think why not go up the hills of the Asti / Casale area visiting Vignale Monferrato? In the end we know little about them and they are not that far from home (at worst we get little rain :-))

Vignale Monferrato

Let’s take direction Asti then we continue towards Portacomaro and we start to go up and down the hills passing from narrow streets to wider streets with gentle and fast curves and we arrive at Vignale Monferrato.

A small village on the top of the hill and it leaves us speechless, everything is well looked after and clean. We leave our motorbike in the main square and a bar catches our attention: why not eat a little something?

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Where to eat in Vignale Monferrato

We stopped at WEIGHT COFFEE (first bar we came across on the square) and it amazed us. They don’t have a kitchen but they have different types of delicious pre-cooked dishes as well as cold dishes, wraps, sandwiches and…. the super focaccias… For me there is no other dish than focaccia stuffed with everything you want (highly highly recommended).

What to see in Vignale Monferrato

When you are full you think better and you also walk better… We climb up the narrow streets Vignale and, having arrived at the second small square we find signs for two viewpoints… we decide to go to the first one on the right and we find ourselves in front of the Parish Church of SS Bartolomeo and Maurizio. Imposing construction, among the largest in Piedmont and built between 1,772 and 1,842. Recently built, the style is inspired by Palladian classicism.

Parish Church of SS Bartolomeo and Maurizio

To see at the Parish Church of SS Bartolomeo and Maurizio:

  • In the portico there is an 18th century gate
  • Inside: the majestic 19th century organ with 1,600 pipes
  • The frescoed walls
  • The painting of St. Augustine

On the left, however, there is a beautiful terrace with the first viewpoint; shame about the cloudy weather. Highly recommended as a view in Autumn with its shades of red/yellow/orange.

After a few shots and a bit of breeze we move to the other beautiful view which is located right behind the Palazzo Callori; imposing building dating back to the 15th century and built following the canons of patrician homes, it now houses the Regional wine shop (I recommend calling if you want to pay a visit, unfortunately it was closed when we arrived. In front of the building, with its grandeur and height you can see the Atlas Cedar with its 4 meters in diameter (you will feel very very small). Your impressions…

We walk along the walls of the palace and crossing a very cute and well-kept alley we find ourselves at another viewpoint, a terrace overlooking the hills.

Vignale Monferrato

Grazzano Badoglio

We return to pick up our motorbike and continue our “Up-Down” on hills that look like panettone between gentle curves and fast sections and we head towards Grazzano Badoglio, a small municipality with just over 600 inhabitants also in the province of Asti. As soon as we arrived a sign caught my attention: BIG BENCH 😍

Another giant bench to add to our collection. We follow the path (towards the village cemetery and well signposted) and here we find ourselves in front of the BIG BENCH N. 91.

The route to reach it is short and simple: park in the square adjacent to the cemetery and follow the signs on the left, a short walk…

We love to wander between city and nature, between sea and mountains and we are in love with everything that is beautiful.

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