When to go to Madagascar

When to go to Madagascar? Climate and Period

Knowing when to go to Madagascar and the best time, based on climate , weather and temperatures , allows us to better organize the trip to this wonderful country in East Africa. A large island off the coast of southern Africa, its habitat is home to many animal species unique in the world, including lemurs. We find the rainforest, coral reefs and dream beaches, but also a rich cultural and natural heritage. So let’s discover together the best time to visit the country, thus making your Trip to Madagascar perfect!

The Climate of Madagascar

To better organize your trip to Madagascar, it is important to know the temperatures and climate, based on each season and the area to visit. Let’s find out what is the best time to go to Madagascar, a wonderful African island in the Indian Ocean . Madagascar has a tropical climate , with rain along the eastern coast and arid in the southwest. In the mountain areas, however, the climate becomes mild in the interior . Being in the southern hemisphere , it is important to remember that here the seasons are reversed compared to our European ones. Winter lasts from May to September and is the dry season throughout the island, except for the eastern coast. In fact, sea currents arrive here and precipitation is present all year round. Summer lasts from November to March and is considered the rainy season .

The monsoon arrives in the north and rainfall is more abundant in the northwest. The southwest is the area least affected by rainfall and has an arid climate. Rainfall is typically tropical , occurring as afternoon showers. There is no period not recommended for visiting Madagascar, but the best time for your trip is from September to October , ideal overall for the entire island. For seaside tourism , on the east coast it is ideal from September to October, while on the west coast from May to October.

Let’s see in detail the best time to go based on weather, temperatures and climates Madagascar.

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Climate of the North Point

Let’s find out the weather and temperatures in Madagascar in its far north . In this area we find for example Antsiranana and the climate is hot all year round , decreasing slightly from June to September. Rainfall is limited and concentrated from December to March. The days are mostly sunny in the dry season. Here the sea temperature is ideal for swimming even during the winter, with minimums of 25°C.


Northwest coastal climate

What is the best time to go to Madagascar in the northwest coast area based on temperatures, climate and weather? In this part of the coast we find Nosy Be , an island near the coast of Ambanja and here the climatic change from May to August is minimal. From November to March the rains increase , but also the sultriness and heat due to the monsoon . From May to October we find the sunniest days in Nosy Be.

Along the coast we also find Mahajanga , with a climate similar to the north, but less rainfall, although the summer season is rainy, from May to October the rains are absent. Here the temperatures are high all year round, with brief decreases from June to September . Here too the sea temperature is ideal for beach tourism in any season.

Nosy Be

West Coast Climate

Moving to the west coast to discover temperatures, climate and weather, thus understanding the best time to go here in Madagascar, we find places like Morondava . From December to February the average here is 28°C, while around 22°C from June to August. Rainfall is abundant only from December to February and here the dry season is long , during April to November, with practically no rain. The minimum sea temperature Madagascar is 25°C, making it ideal at any time. In addition, in Morondava we also find the Avenue of the Baobabs . During the southern winter the temperatures at night here are cool.


Arid climate

Let’s see the best time to go to the arid area in the southwest of Madagascar based on its climate, temperatures and weather. Going south in the western area, precipitation is further reduced. Here, in fact, we find an arid climate and even during the southern summer the trade winds blow, bringing less intense rains. This, on the other hand, is also the hottest area from December to March , reaching even over 40 ° C. During the winter , however, temperatures at night undergo a strong thermal excursion , as the area is exposed to the fresh masses of South Africa.

Oriental Coast

Let’s move to the east coast of Madagascar to find out the best time to go based on its climate, weather and temperatures. Here we find the town of Toamasina , where in March there is the greatest rainfall in the area. In the southern winter temperatures drop, from June to August the average is 26 ° C and the trade winds arrive, making the climate dry and fresh. The east coast is more affected by humidity , on the reliefs, in fact, we find the rainforest and it always rains.

On this side of the coast, as in Toamasina, the days are less sunny and the temperature of Madagascar is always ideal for swimming. To the north we find the island of Sainte Marie , also called Nosy Boraha, covered with forests. Between July and September, humpback whales arrive in this channel to reproduce. To the south of Toamasina, rainfall decreases, with minimums from September to October in Tolanaro , where the climate is cool from just to August.

Sainte-Marie Island

Internal zone climate

Finally, finding a higher altitude , the climate, weather and temperatures Madagascar are mitigated in the internal areas , so we discover the best period to go here. On the plateau, in the dry season the wind blows raising the arid earth, while in the rainy season the roads can be damaged.

Here we also find mountains, such as Maromokotro (2,876 m), to the north, and Tsaratanana . Andringitra National Park is located at 2,500 m and we also find Fianarantsoa . ​​Above 2,000 m winters can reach below zero in the south. Antananarivo, the capital at 1,300 m, has a mild climate with averages between 22 and 15 ° C in July. The greatest rainfall here is from November to March.

Madagascar Temperatures, When to Go?

As we have seen, depending on the areas we want to visit, we can find different types of climate , temperature and weather in Madagascar . In general, there are no periods not recommended for a trip to this country, but the best period to visit Madagascar is from April to November to fully experience its territory in spring, autumn and winter. Summer is also not not recommended for travel, but it must be considered that from January to March there is the rainy season.

Below, we will analyze each season , also listing any holidays and events. Advising you on trips and the best time to visit the country based on the weather and climate in Madagascar.

Winter in Madagascar

If you are wondering when to go to Madagascar during the best period, here it is important to know that the seasons are reversed . In fact, winter lasts from June to August and, depending on the area we want to visit, we will find a different climate and temperatures. In Antananarivo and on the central plateau the temperatures, climate and weather Madagascar winter is pleasant, with highs of 21 ° C during the day and at night that can even reach below zero, while the season is dry.

On the east coast the climate here is humid and the averages range from 26 to 17°C at night. Rainfall is intense and frequent even in winter, unlike the west coast which has a dry and cooler climate. The south, in fact, is almost arid during the winter. Towards Nosy Be , in the north, the winter is dry with averages between 30 and 20°C. The southern winter is therefore among the best seasons to go to Madagascar, discovering its variety of landscapes.

Spring in Madagascar

Considering the climate, weather and temperatures, spring can be one of the ideal times to go to Madagascar. Here the season is transitional, from September to November. The climate is moderately dry, with variations depending on the area of ​​the island we visit. In the north and on the east coast, spring is hot and humid, with limited rainfall compared to summer and averages between 24 and 30 ° C. Here we find the rainforest in all its wonder.

On the central plateau instead we will find a cooler climate, with averages between 10 and 22 ° C with a temperate climate. Spring can be the ideal time to go to Madagascar to see its national parks and the orchids in bloom . On the western area, however, the weather climate and temperatures in Madagascar are dry and hot, being less rainy the averages are higher and we find a still arid landscape. This is also the ideal period for our Group Tour of Northern Madagascar. A journey to discover the pearls of the north between crystalline sea, canyons and nature reserves.

Autumn in Madagascar

Finally, autumn is one of the ideal periods , recommended based on climate, weather and temperatures to visit Madagascar which corresponds to the months of March , April and May. This is a transition season between the rainy and dry seasons and rainfall is decreasing. March is still rainy on the highlands and eastern areas, while it becomes drier in April and May, as well as less humid. Temperatures are mild, with highs of 25 ° C and lower at altitude. The east coast remains rainier, but with limited rainfall. In this season in Nosy Be important music festivals are held, such as the Donia Music Festival .

Climate Madagascar, When to Go?

After having explained to you what is the best time to go based on the climate Madagascar, we have seen that the ideal seasons to visit the country is in general the dry season. However, there is no period not recommended.

So, what is the best time to go to Madagascar ? Let’s look at the table with all the details to find out when to go based on the months of the year.

Months per year*****=mild
*****=more expensive

FAQ, Madagascar When to Go

Below you will find frequently asked questions from our travellers to see together what is the best time to go based on the weather, climate and temperatures in Madagascar.

When not to go to Madagascar?

There are no periods that are not recommended for going to Madagascar, but the period from January to March is not the best when it comes to the weather.

When to go to Madagascar for the sea?

For beach tourism the best time to visit Madagascar is from September to December.

When is the best time to go to Madagascar?

The best time to travel to Madagascar is its dry season, from May to October.

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