Where to sleep in Sukhothai

Where to sleep in Sukhothai – TR Guesthouse in new Sukhothai

Sukhothai was the first capital of Thailand, is located about 8 hours by bus from Bangkok and 8 from Chiang Rai.

Not only could it be an excellent idea to stop here to break up the journey but spending a day in the city’s historic park is absolutely worth it, just consider that the park is considered a sort of AnKor in miniature.

Sleeping options are numerous, both in Sukhothai nuovaabout 12 kilometers from the park, which in Sukhothai vecchiaguesthouse and hotel right next to the park.
Typically the accommodations in Sukhothai are new cheaper of those in the old city and so obviously I opted for this solution, but the city offers something for all budgets, and as good tradition in Thailand dictates, the quality is excellent so as to be able to recommend the cheapest solutions, ideal for travelers in the long term, to those that are a little more expensive but elegant and romantic.

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Sukhothai Low Cost

The guesthouse I chose is TR Guesthouse right next to the Garden GuestHouse (which you will certainly find in the Lonely Planet).

Here you can choose between bungalow (starting from 400 baht per night) or room with fan (200 baht). Being alone, I chose the cheapest room with 0 comforts which, to my great surprise, was huge. Three beds, which means that if there are 3 of you then the 200 baht will have to be shared. Excellent price… in these moments I regret not having travel company!

The bathroom is in the room and there is also wifi which, although it doesn’t always take from inside the room, is active 24 hours a day in the common areas or on the table right outside the room.

However, not having air conditioning, I have always preferred to work from the bar-restaurant area which is not only cooler but is also where you can meet other travellers.
TR GuestHouse is located near the center of Sukhothai nuova just cross the bridge to go to the food market and find lots of street food stalls, among other things the cheapest I’ve come across so far: Thai noodles starting from 20 baht and soups for 25, or 50 cents .

The bedroom 200 baht it has an en-suite bathroom, There is no hot water (but with the heat the cold shower is a panacea), there is a fan and it is clean and spacious. I found it to be a great price for the quality and service.
TR Guesthouse also offers a ristorante with average prices although obviously I always prefer street food, cheaper and decidedly less touristy.
Listen to me take off your shoes when you enter. Here it is tradition to remove them and at the entrance you will find a shoe rack where you can leave yours.
The owner is kind and very helpful, as soon as you arrive he will give you all the directions, including prices, to go to the historical park and so that you don’t steal a few more baht.

As mentioned, I opted for the cheapest solution but for those who go as a couple or with friends I highly recommend it bungalow which are surrounded by greenery, are all made of wood and new.

Costs start from 400 baht per night for a bungalow with fan or 600 baht for bungalows with air conditioning. However, if you are on a budget as a couple, the rooms range from: 200 baht with fan and without hot water, 250 baht with fan and hot water, 400 baht room with hot water and air conditioning.
This guethouse has something for every budget. It’s quiet, the people who work there are nice and helpful and everything you need is very close.

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