White week in Alta Badia

White week in Alta Badia

Alta Badia is an ideal destination for a skiing week, but not only that: continue reading and you will realize it.

Alta Badia is located in Trentino Alto Adige in the heart of the Dolomites and is a real fairytale world between spaces full of peace and silence where it is easy to rejuvenate and relax and especially in winter where the snow covers everything like a stupendous and wonderful white blanket.

What I personally really liked about Alta Badia are the truly picturesque locations which mix perfectly with nature and local traditions that have been maintained over time and everything is seasoned to perfection also by the use of Ladin which still resonates in the valley.

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Cornara Valley

My ski week in Alta Badia, UNESCO heritagestart from Cornara valleyColfosco, Badia, San Cassiano, La Vila and La Val which can boast fourth place among the Italian destinations that can boast the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) Certification obtained in the summer of 2022.

But what does it consist of Global Sustainable Tourism Council? The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is the only internationally recognized standard for responsible tourism.

But what does it mean in practice? It means that here there are ski lifts that are powered by energy that is renewable, but also by artificial snow systems that are highly innovative in the sense that they have a low pollution impact on the environment as do the majority of hotel structures .

Between wonderful descents and good food

If you say winter and combine it with snow then Alta Badia is the perfect destination for you. In Alta Badia until next April 7th there are the beauty of over 120 kilometers of slopes of different difficulties ranging from a height of 1,300 to 2,778 meters above sea level.

One of the best tracks, in my opinion, is the Big Laughter which winds through the woods right next to La Villa where the World Cup races take place every year. And the 500 kilometers of connected slopes that can obviously be done with skis on around the Sella massif.

skiing in Alta Badia

Eating with Taste

But if you don’t just think about skiing, but you like to eat well then I have what’s right for you! I am referring to the demonstration “Eating with Taste” who will celebrate his fourteenth birthday this year.

But what is “Eating with Taste”? “Eating with Taste” is, as mentioned, a culinary event in which there are 8 famous chefs and each of them will make their own culinary specialty in a local refuge.

I would like to point out that it is a charitable project whose proceeds will be donated to “La Miglior vita Possible” which is an association for the support of palliative care for children.

But also cross-country trails and snowshoes

But in a ski week in Alta Badia you can also go cross-country skiing or go snowshoeing in nature.

For lovers of cross-country skiing there are at least 40 kilometers where you can choose based on your level of athletic training and abilities and for those who want to try their hand for the first time there are also school camps to learn.

The slopes all flank the woods with the Dolomites on either side.

With regard to snowshoes in Alta Badia there are even 80 kilometers of snow hiking trails. There are so many interesting routes but I will limit myself to talking about what is called the “Memento Vivere Route” which means remember to live.

alta badia

Why is it called “Moment Living Path”?

The route connects to the 5 stations which are connected to the moments of life: birth, childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. This route takes you to the parish church which is located right in the center of La Val. It is the chapel of Santa Barbara built in 1491 by illuminators on a hill. The church is in late Gothic style.

If you love shopping, Alta Badia is the place for you. In the six towns that make up Alta Badia there are over 50 shops. They are shops of all kinds since in addition to the sports ones you can find boutiques, craft shops and gastronomic shops.

And if, instead, you go to Alta Badia to detoxify yourself from the stress that modern life causes us then you will be able to immerse yourself in a SPA where you can enjoy regenerating and relaxing programs including massages, aromatherapy and much more. You really are spoiled for choice.

Where to sleep (Hotel with SPA)

If you are looking for a unique and idyllic experience in Alta Badia, I recommend you consider the Hotel Surega – Idyllic Farmhouse. Located in an enchanting setting among the majestic Dolomites, Hotel Surega offers a welcoming and authentic atmosphere that will make you feel at home.

What makes Hotel Surega truly special is its authenticity and its link with the Ladin tradition. You will be able to savor local culinary delicacies prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients, enjoy delicious Ladin cuisine and discover the traditions and culture of the region.

Hotel Surega - Idyllic Farmhouse

Furthermore, Hotel Surega also has a spa where you can relax and regenerate with wellness treatments and massages, enjoying a moment of pure relaxation after an intense day on the ski slopes or exploring the natural wonders of Alta Badia.

The Ladin culture

You won’t be able to say you’ve visited Alta Badia if you haven’t explored it at least a little Ladin culture. The Ladins are a small population who live in the heart of the Dolomites and whose history is based on artistic craftsmanship and mountain agriculture. It won’t be difficult to discover them since you just need to look around and discover, thanks to the frescoes on the walls of the houses, what life once was like, which is explained to perfection also thanks to the old and dear legends. For this reason I recommend you do the Tru dles Viles which starts from La Villa and passes through the hamlets of Badia. In this way you will discover rural housing units that are called “The Villas”a Ladin name, which are mostly made up of a structure with a barn and stable placed in a circle and in the center there is what can be used by the whole community such as, for example, a fountain or an oven.

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