10 top tourist attractions in Warwick, England

On the River Avon, the main town of Warwickshire has been spectacularly dominated for over 900 years Warwick Castle. The city’s origins date back to a fortress built by the daughter of Alfred the Great in AD 915. Later, the powerful Earls of Warwick controlled not only the land around their impenetrable fortress, but also English politics, most decisively as “kingmakers “.”

In the late Middle Ages, this trading town, protected by the fortress, became prosperous. But after a 1694 fire destroyed most of its medieval buildings, the city painstakingly reconstructed the old buildings. Nowadays you can do a lot of fun things, from strolling through the market stalls on Old Square and Jury Street to hunt through one of many antique shops.

1 Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a massive fortress with battlement crowns reached through the former stables and adjoining moat. Extensive parkland features a number of gardens, including one peacock sanctuary and rose garden. The courtyard is entered by the imposing porter’s house (1350), and this is where visitors first notice the castle’s walls and towers, ranging in height up to 131 feet. The fortifications date back to the 16th century.

The fortress itself was converted into a castle-like manor house in the 17th and 18th centuries, and the beautiful collection of furniture, porcelain, sculptures and paintings also date from this period. Other visitor attractions include the impressive collection of weapons, unique interactive experiences, the 14th century Castle Dungeon, a full-scale working siege engine (trebuchet), and a wax fashion museum designed by London’s Madame Tussauds. A new addition just for kids is the fun Horrible Histories maze. Based on the best-selling history books, youngsters must find their way through the maze as they face challenges such as boarding a Viking ship and surviving the trenches of WWI.

Official Site: https://www.warwick-castle.com/

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Warwick Castle map
Warwick Castle map

2 Old Town

Old City
Old City

Many of the streets in Warwick’s old town still have attractive 17th and 18th century buildings that appeal to tourists. These include the Court House with its Georgian ballroom, Landor House and the beautiful Shire Hall with its octagonal lantern. The West Gate has been preserved from the old city walls, and the guilds have gathered in the early Gothic St. James chapel since 1383.

A particularly fun thing to do is visit the always bustling Saturday market. A Warwick tradition that has been held in Market Square for over 500 years, the market is a great way to experience the historic town center while enjoying delicious treats or buying locally grown produce. Shoppers should also inquire about it Swan and Smith Streets to browse the boutiques, a particularly fun thing to do during one of the city’s many excellent festivals (favorites include a popular folk festival and the enchanting Victorian Christmas Eve).

Locatie: The Court House, Jury St, Warwick

Official site: www.visitwarwick.co.uk

3 Lord Leycester Hospital

Lord Leycester Hospital
Lord Leycester Hospital

In the heart of the old town on Warwick High Street, Lord Leycester Hospital consists of a series of beautiful medieval period half-timbered houses dating back to 1383. Named after a benevolent local aristocrat, the buildings became a charitable home for aging soldiers and their spouses in 1571. While still in service, this complex is largely open to visitors and is often used for various ceremonies, private functions, and even as a movie set.

This beautiful complex also houses the Regimental Museum of The Queen’s Own Hussarsa fascinating collection providing a comprehensive history of the regiment from its formation in the 17th century to the present day, including displays about its role in the Battle of Waterloo.

Adres: High Street, Warwick

Official site: www.lordleycester.com

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4 Hill Close Gardens

Hill Close Gardens Amanda Slater / photo modified
Hill Close Gardens Amanda Slater / photo modified

Hill Close Gardens is a beautiful network of 16 fully restored Victorian gardens, with high hedges between the picturesque summer houses, old fruit trees and historic flower beds. Remarkable as the only remaining garden of this type in the UK, it is a remarkable opportunity to step back in time whilst enjoying what would have once been the pride of the Victorian families who owned plots of land outside the town centre. had bought to satisfy their passion for gardening. Plants and historic varieties of fruit and vegetables are for sale, and the visitor center offers café refreshments plus exhibits on sustainable gardening.

Adres: Bread and Meat Close, Warwick

Official site: www.hillclosegardens.com

5 Collegiate Church of St. Mary

Collegiate Church of St. Mary
Collegiate Church of St. Mary

Built in 1443, the Collegiate Church of St. Mary was reconstructed after a 1694 fire with help from Christopher Wren. The most notable feature is the Beauchamp tower on the south side of the chancel. The tomb of the church’s founder, Richard de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick (1381-1439), is in the center of the chapel; its marble sarcophagus has 14 gilded brass mourners, made by the medieval sculptor John Massingham. The tomb of the Earl of Leicester, a favorite of Elizabeth I, is also here. The chancel, completed in 1394, has finely carved stalls (1449), a cedilla, an Easter tomb, and the tomb of Thomas Beauchamp (d.1369), while the old Norman crypt dates from 1123.

Locatie: Old Square, Warwick

Official site: www.stmaryswarwick.org.uk

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6 Warwickshire Museum & St. John’s House

Warwickshire Museum & St. John's House Elliott Brown / photo modified
Warwickshire Museum & St. John’s House Elliott Brown / photo modified

Built in 1670, the market hall contains the Warwickshire Museum’s extensive early history collections covering archaeology, social history, geology and natural history. The museum’s Jacobean home, St. John’s House, features fascinating reconstructions of a Victorian kitchen and classroom (it once served as a schoolhouse), along with exhibits of period costumes, toys, dolls, and games. Well worth a visit here it is Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum (Royal Warwickshire). Highlights include displays focusing on the regiment’s history, numerous weapons and artifacts, and an impressive collection of medals.

Location: Market Hall Museum, Market Place, Warwick

Official site: www.warwickfusiliers.co.uk

7 Royal Leamington Spa


Royal Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa is just two miles east of Warwick and is famous for its beautiful healing springs and gardens. While here, tourists can take a stroll through the attractive greenhouses and flower beds in Jephson Garden or visit the beautiful Royal Pump Room Gardens with its art gallery and cafe. One of the other popular things to do here is to simply wander the idyllic tree-lined avenues, with their Victorian and Georgian architecture, stopping to enjoy the many specialty shops and restaurants. Theatergoers are also spoiled for choice, thanks to the rich schedule of regular productions at the Royal Spa center and the Loft Theater Company.

Adres: 35c Park Court, Park Street, Leamington Spa

Official site: www.royal-leamington-spa.co.uk

8 Charlecote Park

Charlecote Park
Charlecote Park

Charlecote Park, just four miles east of Stratford-upon-Avon and six miles south of Warwick, is perhaps most famous for its connection to Shakespeare. Legend has it that the Bard would be caught poaching here and after receiving a flogging, his punishment continued in the somewhat laughable justice of peace in Henry IV.

A visit to this delightful (and very grand) Tudor mansion today is a treat. Highlights include some of the best-preserved Victorian-era decor and furnishings in England (the house was extensively renovated in the 19th century), particularly the huge and richly decorated library and the still-working Victorian kitchen. Also noteworthy is the perfectly preserved wash house from the same period, a tack room and a fine collection of historic carriages.

Location: Charlecote, Nr Wellesbourne, Warwick

Official site: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/charlecote-park

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9 The Mill Garden

The Mill Garden
The Mill Garden

On the banks of the River Avon and set against the outer walls of Warwick Castle towering above it, the beautiful Mill Garden is a must-see for gardeners (as well as those who appreciate stunning views). Although only half an acre in size, this private and utterly picturesque garden has become an icon, both for its incredible location and the hard work that went into its construction in 1938. The publications started in 1938. some tranquility here will reward visitors with views not only of the castle walls, but also the ancient old castle bridge (now ruins), as well as a number of swans nesting nearby.

Adres: Mill Street, Warwick

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10 The New Avon Bridge

View from Avon Bridge
View from Avon Bridge

Although part of a busy road into Warwick, it is well worth the short walk from the medieval town center to the ‘new’ bridge over the River Avon. Here you will be rewarded with some of the most spectacular view of Warwick Castle and the river it resembles (you’ll be in good company as this is also a favorite spot for photographers). Then take a small detour to Bridge Enda charming row of half-timbered houses and stone buildings from the late Middle Ages.

Location: Bridge End, Warwick

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