Attractions in the Bay of Fundy

8 Highly Rated Tourist Attractions in the Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy, between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in eastern Canada, is neither the largest nor the deepest in the world. But this bay on the Atlantic Ocean has the world’s highest tides, and at its far north the difference between low and high tide can measure 19 meters (10 fathoms).

It is the extended, delta-like shape of the bay that intensifies the tides. Over time, the ocean has carved a dramatic coastline with hidden caves, sea stacks and sandy beaches. Attractions such as hiking trails, scenic viewpoints, and historic lighthouses await visitors.

1 Hopewell Cape

Hopewell Cape

On the Bay of Fundy coast, scouring tides have eroded the cliffs and left curious sea stacks along the shoreline. Nowhere is the scene more impressive than at Hopewell Cape, where the Hopewell Rocks are a draw at both low and high tide.

At low tide, visitors walk onto the ocean floor to see the naturally carved shapes and look at the high tide line. Some of the Hopewell rocks are shaped like animals, arches or keyholes. At high tide the columns disappear and only the green tops of the “Flower Pot Rocks” remain visible. Hiking trails, an interpretive center and a café ensure large visiting crowds.

Address: 131 Discovery Road, Hopewell Cape

Official site:

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2 St. Martins and the Fundy Trail Parkway

St. Martins and the Fundy Trail Parkway wallygrom / photo modified
St. Martins and the Fundy Trail Parkway wallygrom / photo modified

The Fundy Trail Parkway offers beautiful coastal views along the Bay of Fundy. This beautiful drive starts near the small shipbuilding site of St. Martins and continues northeast. The paved route winds along the coastline to scenic viewpoints of beaches, cliffs, wildlife and a flowerpot rock.

The beauty of the experience is that you can drive the route, or continue on foot and by bike. There are paths with steps leading to the water’s edge. At Big Salmon River, a suspension bridge crosses the waterway and the Big Salmon River Interpretive Center has exhibits related to the long-standing logging community.

Address: 229 Main St, St Martins

Official site:

3 Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park
Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park is one of the rare undeveloped coastlines in the Bay of Fundy. The spectacular wilderness features tidal views and coastal walking trails. In the park, one of New Brunswick’s famous covered bridges spans the Wolfe River. Birdwatchers watch the park in spring and fall as migratory species feed on the Bay of Fundy’s low tide. Other popular activities in the park include camping, hiking, swimming in an outdoor pool, beach combing, boating and golfing.

4 Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan Island
Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan Island is located at the southwestern entrance to the Bay of Fundy. A small population lives year-round on the island, which is only about 35 kilometers long and a maximum of ten kilometers wide. Whales and other wildlife are plentiful in the summer months when viewing tours are the main attraction on Grand Manan.

The wetlands and rocky ridges make it a favorite resting place for numerous species of birds, and Auduboners have seen more than 300 different species here. Mineral hunters are attracted to the northwestern part of the island near Dark Harbor. Formed by volcanic activity, this end of the island is a treasure trove of semi-precious stones such as amethyst, jasper and agate.

5 St Andrews-by-the-Sea

St. Andrews-by-the-Sea Ken McMillan / photo modified
St. Andrews-by-the-Sea Ken McMillan / photo modified

In the far south of New Brunswick and close to the Maine border lies the beautiful little fishing port of St. Andrews on Passamaquoddy Bay. The typical New England style homes have a historic charm and local museums such as the Ross Memorial Museum (located in a mansion from 1820) introduce the area history. One of the best horticultural displays in Canada, Kingsbrae Garden covers 27 hectares of traditional plantings and modern flower beds.

Also on the St. Andrews coast, Ministers Island Historic Site is a 50-room summer house that once belonged to the visionary railway builder Sir William Van Horne. The Bay of Fundy island is only accessible via a causeway at low tide.

6 Editor’s Pick Roosevelt Campobello International Park on Campobello Island

Roosevelt Campobello International Park on Campobello Island
Roosevelt Campobello International Park on Campobello Island

Located on the Canadian island of Campobello and connected to Maine by a bridge, is the spacious estate of the Roosevelt family. The centerpiece of Roosevelt Campobello International Park is a 34-room “cottage” that was occupied by the soon-to-be president and his family from 1905 to 1921. Items on display include furniture, toys, photographs and other Roosevelt family memorabilia.

Campobello Island is a picturesque, yet rural spot. Its defining feature is the East Quoddy Lighthousealso known as Head Harbor Lighthouse.

Address: 459 Route 774, Welshpool

Official site:

7 Cape Enrage

Cape Enrage
Cape Enrage

Although incredibly picturesque, the 1838 lighthouse on the rugged cliffs of Cape Enrage resembles many views of the Atlantic Ocean. But it’s the outdoor activity center that’s unusual here, offering rappelling, zip-lining, rock climbing and other fun pursuits. A local teacher and six students started the operation in 1993 and it has since grown into a popular Bay of Fundy attraction.

Address: 650 Cape Enrage Road, Waterside

Official site:

8 St Stephen

St.Stephen Doug Kerr / photo modified
St.Stephen Doug Kerr / photo modified

The small industrial town of St. Stephen is located where the small St. Croix River enters the bay. Founded in the 17th century, St. Stephen didn’t really come into existence until a hundred years later, when American Loyalists settled here. The bridge over the river leads to Calais, in the US state of Maine.

The town calls itself “Canada’s Chocolate Town” and has a chocolate museum where you can learn all about brothers James and Gilbert Ganong, who opened their own grocery store in 1873. When the business nearly failed, they added sweets and quickly took off their own. A modern chocolate factory now operates in St. Stephen.

Where to Stay near the Bay of Fundy for Sightseeing

We recommend these convenient hotels in Truro and St. Martins on the Bay of Fundy:

  • Willow Bend Motel: Mid-range hotel in Truro, well-appointed rooms, comfortable pillow-top beds, free continental breakfast, heated pool.
  • Holiday Inn Truro: affordable prices, convenient location, clean rooms, breakfast buffet.
  • Tidal Watch Inn: great value bed-and-breakfast in St. Martins, bay views, welcoming hosts, homely rooms, near the sea caves.

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