ENGLAND What to See and Do – Guide 2024

Things to See in England offer incredible places to visit and things to do in this wonderful nation of the United Kingdom . In the central-south area of ​​the island of Great Britain , its capital is London , a magnificent city crossed by the Thames . Important historical and pop culture figures were born in this country , making the country today an important business, artistic and multicultural center. Furthermore, in England there are famous university centers and historical sites that have marked modern history. So let’s discover in our guide the best things to do and see here, discovering the country during a wonderful trip to England!

England, Why Visit It

Visiting England, which occupies the central and southern part of the island of Great Britain , means taking a journey through its history . Of the four nations of the United Kingdom , it is the only one that is not an administrative entity and does not have an autonomous government. Its capital is London, the capital of the United Kingdom, and it borders Scotland and Wales . A dream destination for many people, in England we find iconic monuments , from the ancient and mysterious site of Stonehenge to Big Ben . Furthermore, there are wonderful landscapes , from the coasts of Cornwall to the Lake District , surrounded by small traditional villages and market towns.

Between multicultural cities , pop culture symbols and world-famous monuments, England is also a country of contrasts between modernity and tradition, with a rich cultural heritage . From the vineyards of Kent , to the vibrancy of Manchester and the dynamism of London, from Liverpool , birthplace of the Beatles , and Nottingham , the city of Robin Hood . Don’t miss the seaside resort of Brighton , with its festivals, Cambridge and Oxford , two important university centers full of beauty. But also Bath , a UNESCO world heritage site with its ancient Roman baths. Furthermore, lovers of excursions cannot miss the wonderful landscapes and wonders of Cornwall and its wild soul . A trip to England will be perfect to satisfy the desires of all travellers. Between history, culture, incredible landscapes and much more!

So let’s go and discover the 10 things to see in England !

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What to See England – 10 Things to See

After the presentations, let’s go and see together what to see in England during our trip. In this country of the United Kingdom, in fact, we will find many things to see and do.

In this article England what to visit , you will find the map of the country, with the most significant places highlighted, thus discovering what to see in the country during your trip. Subsequently, we will analyze them in detail in our guide on Things to Visit in England .

1. London

Among the first things to visit in England, we could only find the magnificent London. A city that combines ancient history and Roman legacies with modernity . A place of multicultural contrasts , with important sites and places to see in England, such as Big Ben , the Palace of Parliament and Westminster Abbey : a symbolic place of the monarchy and where the coronations of the royals take place. Crossed by the River Thames , overlooked by the London Eye : iconic Ferris wheel. Furthermore, during its summer opening, it will also be possible to visit Buckingham Palace , in Westminster , the official residence of the monarchy. Among the things to do here in England, don’t miss the famous changing of the guard .

Visit Greenwich , where you can jump across the Prime Meridian , or climb the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral for a unique view of the city. London also has magnificent parks, such as Hyde Park , and lively, multi-ethnic neighbourhoods, from Soho to Camden . For history and culture enthusiasts, however, the city offers incredible museums , such as the British Museum . One of the most important in the world, where we can observe the Rosetta Stone , important Egyptian sarcophagi and the bust of Ramses II . But also the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum . To visit London in a unique way, among the things to do here in England, take a ride on the red bus upstairs!

view of London from the Thames - England what to see - what to see in England - what to see England
View over London from the River Thames

2. Liverpool

A city in the north-west overlooking the coast and among the things to visit in England, Liverpool is a city that will surprise you. Where the River Mersey flows into the sea, stands this commercial hub whose heyday was in the 18th century . One of the reasons Liverpool is popular is for being the birthplace of one of the most famous bands ever: The Beatles . Few English cities can compare with it in terms of cultural events and there are also two important football teams : Everton and Liverpool. Furthermore, today Liverpool is also a tourist and university centre . Capital of Pop, at The Beatles Story we can retrace the history of the band.

At the city’s port , among the things to visit here in England, we find the Merseyside Maritime Museum at Albert Dock , the largest European naval museum . In its Chinatown , however, there is the oldest Chinese community in Europe and the largest imperial arch outside of China. At the Pier head are the Three Graces , a world heritage site, and impressive buildings. Among the things to see in its Georgian neighborhood , there is the largest Anglican cathedral: the Cathedral of Christ the King . Head to Calderstones Park to admire the Calder Stones monoliths . Even older than Stonehenge , and Speke Hall mansion . Here too we find important museums, such as the Walker Art Gallery, and theaters, including the Royal Court .

Beatles statue at Pier Head
The Beatles Statue, a Pier Head, Liverpool

3. Bath

In the county of Somerset , in the south-west, among the things to visit in England we find the ancient Roman spa center of Bath. The city, in fact, takes its name from the baths , i.e. the spas, present here, the only natural ones present in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, since 2021 , this city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and among the Great European Spa Cities . Among the things to visit here in England, we find its Roman baths dating back to 43 AD , but there are also even older baths, probably Celtic . In addition to its baths, don’t miss Bath Abbey , which overlooks the historic center also thanks to its approximately 50 m tower dating back to 1499 . One of the major medieval buildings in England and with a visitable tower .

Over the River Avon is the Pultney Bridge , 18th century and built by Robert Adam in the Palladium style , inspired by the Rialto Bridge in Venice . Furthermore, in the same century, Bath became a fashionable haunt for English society, having numerous buildings built here with stone called Bath stone , quarried by Ralph Allen . Even today we can admire numerous buildings here in the style of Georgian architecture in The Circus , an important residential complex completed in 1768 inspired by the Colosseum , with classical and Masonic decorations. Bath is also a city much loved by fans of English literature and, in particular, of Jane Austen , as numerous of her works take place here.

roman baths bath - what to visit in england - things to visit in england - england what to visit - what you can visit in england
The Roman Baths of Bath

4. Cambridge

In the county of Cambridgeshire , the eastern part of England and among the things to visit here, we find Cambrige on the River Cam . Popular for rowing races , we also find one of the oldest and most popular universities in the world. Founded in 1209 , among the things to see here in England we find King’s College Chapel and Cambridge University Library , among the largest libraries in the world . Not only a place of traditions and brilliant minds, transforming it into a creative hub par excellence, but it is also known as England’s Silicon Valley ; but the inhabitants mainly travel by bike . Don’t miss the Market Square , a place of trade since the Middle Ages . Sunday becomes an ideal place to discover local craftsmanship.

In addition to the university buildings, the Church of St. Mary the Great stands out in the city skyline , with its facade built in the 15th century . Furthermore, inside we find two organs and beautiful stained glass windows , as well as the tower with 123 steps . In Cambridge we also find important museums, such as the Fitzwilliam Museum inside a classical style building which houses half a million works, including the lid of the sarcophagus of Ramses III, found in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Nature lovers cannot miss the University Botanical Garden : covering 16 hectares and with over 8000 plants from all over the world. Finally, for your purchases go to the Grand Arcade and visit over 60 shops!

St John's College cambridge
St John’s College, Cambridge, from the River Cam

5. York

In the county of North Yorkshire , between the rivers Ouse and Foss , lies the fortified city of York, absolutely among the things to visit in England. Founded by the ancient Romans in 71 AD , among the main things to see here we find the cathedral , in Gothic style and dating back to the 13th century , it has two wonderful stained glass windows and two bell towers still in function today. In Roman times Eburacum , was the capital of Lower Britain and, later, of Northumbria and Jórvík . Furthermore, Costanzo Cloro and Septimius Severus died in this location . Since 1963 the city has also been an important university center . Thanks to its history, there are so many things to see and do here in England. Start your visit on foot , from the Shambles : its ancient streets where the market was located, among 14th century buildings .

These places also inspired Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. Also being an ancient Viking capital from 866 to 1066, at the Jorvik Viking Center you can delve deeper into this period through its finds and reconstructions. Stroll through York Museum Gardens , among its botanical gardens, squirrels and the ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey . The city today is also popular for its racecourse , among the most important in the United Kingdom. Called Knavesmire by locals , capital executions were once held here . Finally, don’t miss the symbol of York: Clifford’s Tower . Dating back to 1068 AD , it was an ancient administrative nucleus and housed the court, the prison and the mint.

river ouse york - things to see in england - england things to see
View over York from the River Ouse

6. Canterbury

A medieval pilgrimage site , Canterbury is a city not far from London , among the things to visit in England. Among the main things to see here, do not miss its famous Cathedral , dating back to 597 AD. This is also the seat of the Anglican Communion and the Church of England and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site , with wonderful Roman and Gothic architectural elements, stained glass windows and sculptures. . Pearl of the county of Kent , surrounded by magnificent landscapes and still retains its medieval charm today. Another place to see here in England is St Martin’s Church , dating back to the 6th century . It was founded by the pagan king Ethelberht for his Christian wife, the baptistery has magnificent sculptures and porticoes.

The Westgate Towers Museum is also a legacy of the Roman past ; the last of the 7 city gates . Dating back to the 14th century and located near the River Stour. For a moment in nature, visit Westgate Gardens . The oldest park in the country with a wonderful Norman arch . St Augustine’s Abbey , a symbol of Christianity in England is among the things to visit here. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was founded in 598 by Saint Augustine, the first archbishop of Canterbury. Dating back to the 3rd century, the Romans built walls around the city, still partly visible after numerous Danish and earlier Viking attacks . Finally, the city also has a fundamental role for English literature , as Geoffrey Chaucer set many works here, such as the Canterbury Tales .

canterbuty cattedrale
Canterbuty Cathedral

7. Lake District

Mountainous region in the north-west and national park of Cumbria , among the main places to visit in England, don’t miss the Lake District. Famous for its wonderful landscapes and lakes of glacial origin , we also find rocky walls and historical literary associations. From the towns of Keswick , Ambleside and Kendal , overlooking Lake Derwent , numerous excursions depart to explore the district, including art galleries, traditional taverns where you can taste specialties and routes. Since the 19th century, the area has also been closely linked to English literature, thanks above all to the Lake Poets . Among the largest national parks in the country and Wales , it is among the things to see in England and offers plenty to do.

Since 2017 , the area has also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site and includes 16 natural or artificial lakes . Among the things to do here, don’t miss a boat ride on Lake Windermere , even renting a rowing boat or fishing . Near Mount Skiddaw , near Keswick, you will find a circle of 30 megaliths dating back to the Neolithic for Celtic rites. Here, as seen, many authors were inspired, including Beatrix Potter, a famous children’s writer whose cottage we can visit, now a house-museum . Among the most popular excursions, we find the one to the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike at 978 m. Among the numerous activities, don’t miss the trip to the Lakes Distillery , where you can taste traditional gin and other distilled products.

view of Lake Windermere, lake district - what to do in England - things to do in England - things to do in England
Views of Lake Windermere

8. Cornwall

Wild land and a beloved destination among things to see in England, visiting Cornwall is an experience that remains in the hearts of all travellers. A county in the south-western peninsula of the country, it is characterized by sandy beaches , moorland as far as the eye can see and the Land’s End promontory . On the Cornish Riviera we find traditional villages , such as Falmouth and Fowey , while on the northern coast there are cliffs and places loved by surfers , such as Newquay . This county is among the six Celtic nations and the local language, less used today, is a mix between Breton and Welsh . It also includes the Isles of Scilly , 45 km from the coast.

Among the things to visit here in England, an area that offers a lot to do, don’t miss Saint Ives , one of the main locations. It is also home to the stunning Carbis Bay Beach , a sheltered and peaceful spot for bathing. The area is also a land of history, where you can find its castles , such as that of Tintagel , the most iconic and famous for King Arthur , but also Pendennis Castle , the fortress of Henry VIII . St. Michael’s Mount , similar to its French namesake, a legendary place between the castle and the ancient pilgrimage routes surrounded by the sea. Another unmissable city is Truro , with its Gothic cathedral and Port Isaac , with its typical cottages.

Land's End cornwall -
Land’s End, on the Penwith Peninsula

9. Stonehenge

Among the most famous places to visit in England we find Stonehenge, which is also one of the most famous cromlechs in the world. Stone circle composed of colossal megaliths topped by horizontal lintels . The current alignment that we can observe, however, is due to reconstruction work on the site during the 1900s , assuming that it reproduces the previous one. According to historians, this place among the things to see absolutely in England was an ancient astronomical observatory , aligned for the equinox and the solstice ; even if its real function today is shrouded in mystery. Not only a destination of indisputable historical importance, but this place is still considered a pilgrimage place by followers of neo-pagan religions .

Furthermore, until 1985 , a music festival was held here , which ended due to a clash with law enforcement called the Battle of the Beanfield. The most important places on the site are the altar stone , a 5 m block of green sandstone, and the Friar’s Heel , linked to a legend about the devil. The Neolithic site is located near Amesbury , Wiltshire, and appears from the 1st century BC in the writings of the Greek Diodorus Siculus . Historically, the place was sacred to Apollo , due to the observation of the motion of the moon and sun. Many historians today, however, think that the activity carried out here in the past, due to the connection with the discovery of human remains, was instead dedicated to the cult of the dead .

Stonehenge - places to visit in england - england places to visit
The Neolithic site of Stonehenge

10. Oxford

Finally, among the things to visit during your trip to England, we find the wonderful city of Oxford. In the south-central area of ​​the country, it is famous for its universities and the skyline made up of 38 colleges which gave it the name city of dreaming spiers, coined by the poet Matthew Arnold . Among the things to see and do here in England, get lost in its alleys , Gothic architecture and visit the ancient libraries . Despite having an austere reputation , its historic center is lively and inspired literary masterpieces such as Alice in Wonderland . As a starting point for visiting the city we recommend Gloucester Green Town Square : square and cultural center where the market is held.

Dating back to 1682 , the Ashmolean Museum is among the oldest in the world, with international collections. Just outside the center we find Port Meadow , a popular park for picnics among the horses. Among the things to do here, visit the university, the oldest not only in England, but in the world. Made up of wonderful historic buildings that are architectural jewels , such as its botanical gardens . Its Bodleian Library was also the location of the Harry Potter films . Oxford ‘s canals are navigable and it’s a great way to see the city aboard punts , a type of gondola, sailing along the River Cherwell . In this city you will also find a castle , topped by St. George’s Tower ; don’t miss its crypt!

The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford University
The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford University

What to do in England, the 5 experiences not to be missed

During your stay in England, in addition to visiting the main attractions and places described in our guide , we also want to point out the activities to do, thus making your trip here truly unique. Between culture , adventure , tradition , history and local cuisine , an experience in England will certainly be able to unite the desires of all travellers.

So let’s not waste time and discover together the 5 experiences not to be missed in England !

1. A cruise on the River Cam

Among the things to do that we recommend in England, you cannot miss a magical river cruise to discover the city of Cambridge through the perspective of the River Cam. Among the oldest activities practiced in the area, rent or be transported by a punt : the characteristic and typical boats created in the past by university students to pass under the narrow and low bridges found between the canals of Cambridge. This way is certainly one of the best to discover the ancient university city slowly , observing the main places of interest from a unique perspective .

Very similar to Venetian gondolas , sailing aboard these is called punting and allows you to look at the side behind the universities, observing how they are connected to the river. The tour usually takes around 1 hour , being transported by the expert boatman from King’s College and its 15th century chapel , to the Trinity College library , to the Wren Library and seeing the beautiful gardens of Clare College ! Among the most iconic bridges that you will cross while sailing, we find the Mathematical Bridge , probably designed by Isaac Newton , and the Bridge of Sighs , which leads to the two banks of Saint John’s College . Furthermore, this experience allows you to take incredible photos of the city!

punting fiume cam cambridge
Punting on the River Cam, Cambridge

2. Trekking nel Lake District

In the wonderful Lakeland region of England there are many things to see and visit, as we have seen, and there is certainly no shortage of activities to do. Furthermore, this destination is increasingly loved by hikers , who here find a large number of trekking routes to come into contact with nature and explore this region from a unique point of view. Furthermore, trekking was born here thanks to William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy , pioneers of walking who were followed by travelers and numerous poets. One of the most popular treks in the area, if you have around 5 days to cover 100km, is the one from Windermere and Keswick .

You will cross wonderful passes and paths between the lakes , even reaching remote places, such as Tarn Crag and Hartsop . Another suggestive itinerary, among the most beautiful, goes from Honister pass , arriving at Lake Buttemere , passing through the village of Buttermere : loved by Beatrix Potter . Along Rydall Lake you will find the perfect route among unique landscapes, also visiting a cave hidden inside the mountain. A route dedicated only to the most expert hikers is the one to reach the summit of Scafell Pike , at 978 m, which is the highest peak in England. Finally, in the evening, to rest, go to the pub to refresh yourself and drink a good glass of beer!

3. Sip your 5 pm tea

A truly British tradition and among the things to do in England during your trip, go at 5 pm . in a tea room and sip a cup of the country’s most typical drink! A true tradition, it was established in the 19th century by the Duchess of Bedford . At the time, in fact, people had early lunches and late dinners, so the duchess got into the habit of having a light meal with tea in the afternoon. Her habit quickly became a real trend . The typical English tea is black leaf tea, an Africa or Ceylon blend , coming from Sri Lanka, which has a strong taste.

The water for infusion must be neutral and the leaves remain in the teapot for a maximum of 5 minutes . It is served with milk , and never with lemon, accompanying it with scones, cakes, sandwiches and other delicacies. Tea time is a real ritual, during which etiquette must be followed and never raise your little finger ! Elegantly taste the dishes served and relax, enjoying this moment. One of the most iconic places to have tea if you are in London is undoubtedly Harrods : an institution for more than 150 years.

afternoon tea - england what to see and do to visit
Typical Afternoon tea

4. Discover the craftsmanship and multi-ethnic cuisine of London

London is undoubtedly one of the most difficult European capitals to describe. Between history and modernity , traditions and the future, it has many souls, and an incredible multi-ethnic facet. Here, in fact, inhabitants of every religion, culture and nationality live , over 8 million citizens who speak over 300 languages ​​have made it possible to generate a cosmopolitan and multicultural climate among the best in the world. This characteristic is reflected in its local cuisine , but also in its craftsmanship and in the places where we can make our purchases in the capital.

The hub of fashion since the 1960s , when the miniskirt was created by Mary Quant , its neighborhoods express various facets. In Soho you will find extravagant places, while Camden is a paradise for those looking for fashion and the most alternative clubs. Notting Hill is surrounded by Caribbean island charm, with a population from Barbados, Antigua and Jamaica. Furthermore, the innovative and creative spirit of London lives with the sense of solemnity and belonging that unites the subjects of the Crown. This is also reflected in the cuisine , finding dishes from all over the world alongside typical recipes , and the same goes for its craftsmanship .

Camden Market London - England what to see and do visit
Camden Market, London

5. An excursion to Wales

Finally, among the things to do in England, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the nearby and wonderful Wales on an excursion. Historic region of Great Britain , it borders England to the east and the capital is Cardiff . Famous for its rugged coastline and beautiful national parks among the fells, Celtic culture is still strongly rooted here among its coastal towns, medieval castles and neo-Gothic architecture . Among the main things to see here during your excursion, don’t miss the Snowdonia National Park , reaching the top of Snowdon by train .

Furthermore, Wales is among the countries with the highest concentration of castles in the world, wonderful beaches and green valleys as far as the eye can see. One of the Celtic countries par excellence where you can find an ancient history and ideal itineraries for trekking lovers . Combining a trip to England with an excursion to Wales will therefore allow us to get to know a land with mining towns , a past full of stories and legends and with a well-defined cultural identity , surrounded by unique landscapes.

Cardiff Castle, Wales - England what to see and do visit
Cardiff Castle, Wales

What to See in England, Recommended Itineraries

So, after seeing what to see, visit and do in England you are ready to pack your bags and leave !

Therefore, let’s discover the itineraries together based on your needs. Here’s what to visit in Ireland!

England What to See in 8 Days

To discover the beauties of Wales and Cornwall in a week, we recommend our Cornwall and Wales Tour. A journey to discover enchanting landscapes and extraordinary archaeological sites, capable of surprising even the most skeptical of travellers.

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England What to See in 10 Days

With 10 days at your disposal, however, we recommend you also visit the wonderful main locations of England and, perhaps, a visit to Scotland!

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How to Visit England?

Now that, thanks to our What to See England guide , you have a clearer idea of ​​what to visit on your trip, before leaving we recommend that you find out as much information as possible about the documents needed for entry. Visit our Safe Travel section for all the necessary information and the various restrictions.

Furthermore, considering the English weather, before organizing a trip to the country it is important to also take its climate into consideration , organizing ourselves based on the areas we want to visit. The best time to visit England, in fact, is summer.

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