MALTA What to See and Do

MALTA What to See and Do – Guide 2024

The 10 things to see in Malta and do in 3 or more days are many. The Maltese archipelago, thanks to its location in the heart of the Mediterranean, fascinates travelers from all over the world. In fact, with its thousand-year history and full of secrets, Malta is the perfect destination to visit for those who want to combine history and nature , sea and culture . In this article we will discover together what to see and do in Malta and in how many days. Furthermore, we will give you advice on 10 things to see during your trip to Malta.

Malta, Why Visit It

Malta is a place full of charm and mysteries. In fact, despite its small size, the archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean is the true border point between Africa and Europe. Its extraordinary past has left us testimonies of great historical and artistic value, and its natural environments that surround this great history make Malta one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean.

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What to see in Malta – 10 things not to miss

Whether you prefer a quiet holiday or a more lively experience, Malta can offer what’s right for you. So, let’s now see together the 10 things to see in Malta .

1. Valletta

In first place among the places to visit in Malta, we undoubtedly find Valletta . Its historic centre, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site , contains its over 7000 years of history in an impeccable manner. Located in a spectacular position on the splendid Grand Harbour , Valletta develops on a long peninsula facing the Mediterranean, protected by an ancient city wall and spectacular bastions overlooking the sea .

But what to see in Valletta? There are many attractions to visit in the Maltese capital! First of all, you cannot miss the incredible Cathedral of San Giovanni , an authentic baroque masterpiece which houses works by Caravaggio. Or the extraordinary Upper Baracca Gardens , splendid public gardens located in a panoramic position from which it is possible to admire a beautiful view of the Porto Grande and Cospicua. But what makes Valletta unique are certainly its ancient streets, surrounded by buildings with typical and colorful covered balconies, called gardjoli .

The streets of the historic center of Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

2. M’dina

If Valletta is the current capital of Malta, M’dina is the ancient capital of the island and is rightfully among the things to see in Malta. It is an ancient and small citadel of medieval origin, whose name openly recalls its Arab origins. Despite this, today we find ourselves a little jewel, halfway between the baroque and the medieval.

Along the intricate streets of its historic center you will undoubtedly notice the impressive St. Paul’s Cathedral . Furthermore, don’t miss Palazzo Falson , the oldest noble house in Malta with authentic masterpieces inside, including the very valuable Flemish tapestries. Walking along the streets of M’dina is a unique and relaxing experience. In fact, it is no coincidence that it is also called “the silent city”.

M'dina - what to do in malta - things to do in malta
The fortress city of M’dina, surrounded by the green valleys of Malta

3. Gozo

Gozo is the second largest island of the entire Maltese archipelago, and is certainly worth including in the Malta What to visit guide . The island can only be reached by sea, with a crossing of approximately 30 minutes from the port of Mellieha. Once you disembark in Gozo, you will quickly realize that you are on an unspoiled and beautifully authentic island. But what to visit in Gozo? If you have gone to Malta for trekking, know that this is the perfect place! In fact, here you can walk through its green valleys, until you reach the splendid Fungus Rock and Blue Hole , wonderful natural arches inserted into imposing and spectacular cliffs.

If you love archaeology, you can’t miss the extraordinary archaeological site of Ggantija , with its spectacular megalithic temples, considered among the oldest in the world. Finally, Victoria , the main center of the island, is certainly worth a visit. Here you will breathe an extremely calm and relaxed air, far from the hustle and bustle of Valletta and St. Julian, and you can admire a breathtaking panorama from the walls of the ancient citadel .

Gozo’s famous Blue Hole

4. The Three Cities

Are you a history lover and wondering what to visit in Malta? This place is for you! The area called The Three Cities extends over three long peninsulas east of Valletta and the Grand Harbour. These three locations, called Senglea , Cospicua and Vittoriosa , all guarantee spectacular views of the capital. But if you enter their historic center, you can breathe the history of Malta.

In fact, this is where the Knights of Malta landed in 1530, and it is here that the nation’s fascinating history began. The Three Cities are full of ancient buildings, such as the Norman House or the Palace of the Inquisitors , and preserve two military forts of great charm. In Cospicua you will find the Forte Sant’Angelo , while in Vittoriosa the spectacular Forte Ricasoli .

The Three Vittoriosa Cities - what to visit in malta - things to visit in malta - places to visit in malta - malta places to visit - malta what to visit
The characteristic streets of Vittoriosa

5. Cumin

Are you looking for what to do in Malta? Do you want to go to Malta for a beach holiday? If what you are looking for is crystal clear sea, clear and transparent waters, all you have to do is go to Comino ! In fact, the smallest island of the archipelago is a true paradise. Most travelers arriving in Malta rightly go to the Blue Lagoon . In fact, when you arrive in this splendid bay that divides Comino from Cominotto , you will discover a sea so clear that it doesn’t seem real. Diving into its turquoise waters is absolutely one of the top things to do in Malta.

However, be aware that the Blue Lagoon is always quite crowded. Therefore, if you are looking for a similar but quieter place, just take a short 15-minute walk to reach the less famous but equally spectacular Crystal Lagoon . Here too you will be amazed by the transparency of its waters! Furthermore, in Comino you will find numerous trekking routes suitable even for those with no experience. These trails allow you to explore the most remote areas of the island. You will thus reach the remote Santa Maria Beach and the numerous watchtowers dating back to the 17th century.

Comino Blue Lagoon - What to see in Malta in 3 days
The splendid waters of the Blue Lagoon, in Comino

6. Marsaxlokk

To fully understand the traditions and spirit of Malta, Marsaxlokk is among the things to visit in Malta. This small fishing village is located on the east coast of Malta and is a real gem! With its extremely picturesque scenery, Marsaxlokk is a delight for the eyes, but also satisfies the palate. In fact, if you want to taste typical Maltese cuisine, this is definitely the right place.

Our advice is to go on Sunday morning, the day when the lively fish market takes place , where you can discover the secrets of the local culinary tradition. Furthermore, photography lovers will find something for them at Marsaxlokk port! In fact, here you will admire the luzzu , typical and colorful local boats that contrast with the beautiful town of Ottoman origin.

Typical Maltese boats at Marsaxlokk harbour

7. Mosta

Among the 10 things to see in Malta, we advise you not to miss Mosta . To begin with, this town has a very interesting historic center and is home to the fascinating Catacombs of Ta’ Bistra , dating back to the 4th century AD. But what makes this location unique and exceptional is the grandiose and imposing Rotunda Church .

It is the most famous church in Malta, above all thanks to its dome which, with its 37 meters in diameter, is one of the largest in the world. Its interiors are nothing short of spectacular, with local stone decorations, wonderful frescoes and the grandeur of the dome from within. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by so much splendor!

Mosta - Malta
The grandiose Rotunda Church of Mosta

8. Saw

Among the 10 things to see in Malta, the magnificent attractions of the southern part of the island cannot be missed. The main town in the area is Zurrieq , a small town that still retains an authentic historic center of Arab origin. But what makes this area so fascinating is definitely the surroundings of Zurrieq. This very wild area in fact preserves some treasures of inestimable historical and naturalistic value.

If you are an archeology lover, you cannot miss the imposing megalithic site of Hagar Qim , dating back more than 5,000 years ago and an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site. Furthermore, here you will have the opportunity to admire the most impressive cliffs in all of Malta, which bear the name of Dingli Cliffs . Admiring the landscape from these cliffs that drop straight into the Mediterranean at a height of 250 meters is a unique emotion! Finally, near Zurrieq you cannot miss the Blue Cave, also known as the Blue Grotto . This magnificent sea cave sits within the Maltese cliffs and is famous for its stunning turquoise waters.

Dingli Cliffs
The imposing cliffs of Dingli Cliffs, near Zurrieq

9. Rabat

Just outside the walls of M’dina, lies the town of Rabat . This place is of fundamental importance to the history of Malta. In fact, despite the homonymy with the Moroccan capital which attests to its Arab origins, Rabat is the symbol of Christianity in Malta. In fact, it was here that Saint Paul stayed before founding the first Christian community on the island. In fact, right in Rabat, there are the grandiose Catacombs of St. Paul , the largest complex of Christian catacombs in all of Malta. Therefore, if you want to know the origins of Maltese history, you cannot avoid visiting Rabat!

Rabat - Malta what to see
Rabat’s ancient medina is home to the Catacombs of St. Paul

10. Spinola Bay

Finally, if you love fun, the northern area of ​​Malta will certainly satisfy you. To the west of Valletta, there are tourist resorts suitable for this type of need. Inside the famous St. Julian’s Bay , where the lively town of the same name is located, there is a small inlet called Spinola Bay . Around this narrow and picturesque bay, you will find a small marina and numerous trendy clubs where the Maltese nightlife comes to life in the evening.

If, however, you love movement, but are not nightlife people, in nearby Silema you will find lovely and quiet places where you can admire the splendid St. Julian’s Bay and the small Spinola Bay.

Spinola Bay St. Julian - Malta
The seafront of Spinola Bay, the capital of Maltese nightlife

What to do in Malta, the 5 experiences not to be missed

During your stay in Malta, in addition to visiting the attractions listed in the 10 things to see in Malta, we also highlight several activities not to be missed. For example, what about unforgettable boat excursions where you can swim in the clearest waters of the Mediterranean? Or to explore suggestive sea caves ? Alternatively, for outdoor lovers, in Malta it is possible to follow numerous trekking itineraries ! Finally, if you are a history lover, you can take part in authentic tours to discover the secrets of the Templars !

So let’s find out what to do in Malta!

1. Excursion to the Blue Lagoon

Among the things to do in Malta, an excursion to the Blue Lagoon certainly cannot be missed . In fact, a boat trip in this incredible Comino bay is an activity not to be missed! You can depart from Gozo or Mellieha, the western port of Malta. The crossing is very short, and this will allow you to enjoy the heavenly waters of Comino in complete calm! You can dive from the rocks or directly from the boat. Or you can relax on the small and beautiful beach of the Blue Lagoon .

What to do in Malta - Blue Lagoon Excursion
The Blue Lagoon beach

2. Secret Malta Tour

For a unique and authentic experience, you can take part in a guided tour to discover Malta’s most hidden secrets! That’s right, because this is the island of the famous Knights of Malta and the Templars , and the secrets and legends that have been handed down are countless. You will thus be able to discover these ancient orders and, together with an expert local guide, visit fascinating esoteric places such as the Palace of the Grand Master and the Villa del Priorato , the ancient seat of the Templars. If you prefer something more modern, you can go to the Malta Experience , an interactive experience that reveals all the secrets of the Knights of Malta!

What to see in Malta in 3 days
Palace of the Grand Master

3. Trekking on the Island of Malta and Gozo

As we said, Malta also offers a lot to lovers of outdoor sports . So, among the things to do in Malta we recommend taking part in a beautiful trekking in Malta. With this incredible itinerary you will have the opportunity to discover the natural wonders of Malta in complete tranquility, enjoying the most authentic nature of the archipelago!

What to do in Malta - Trekking
Trekking a Malta

4. Excursion to the Blue Grotto

Are you a sea lover and love exploring the more remote areas along the coast? Then you can’t miss an incredible boat trip to discover the Blue Cave ! As we said, the famous Blue Grotto is located in the southern portion of the island. You can admire this sea cave from the top of the cliffs.

But if you want to admire it more closely you can take a boat excursion that will take you inside the cave. Sailing in diaphanous and incredibly transparent waters, you will marvel at this evocative natural work!

Blue Grotto boat trip

5. Grand Harbor Cruise

Finally, among the things to do in Malta, we recommend a unique and particular way to admire the beautiful citadel of Valletta. In fact, it is possible to take a suggestive cruise on the Porto Grande , from where you can admire the magnificent historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from the sea and its ancient walls.

Furthermore, again from the cruise, you will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Three Cities , east of the Grand Harbor and Valletta. A truly evocative way to visit the city of the Templars!

View of the Grand Harbour

What to see Malta, recommended itineraries

So, after understanding what to see, visit and do in Malta, you are ready to go !

Therefore, let’s discover together the possible itineraries based on your needs to discover this wonderful island.

Malta What to See in 3 Days

If you have little time available, and are wondering what to see in 3 days, we recommend a trip, which allows you to discover the main attractions of the archipelago in just a few days. In fact, this itinerary passes through places such as Valletta , M’dina , Rabat and Gozo .

Malta What to See in 4 Days

If what you are looking for is a 4-day trip to Malta, we recommend visiting the most important historical-cultural attractions of the island. The temperatures in Malta are never too low but, since winter is not the most suitable month for going to the seaside, you could take advantage of it to discover the artistic heritage of the archipelago. In fact, you will visit Valletta , the Three Cities , the archaeological sites of Gozo and Rabat , as well as M’dina and Mosta .

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