SAUDI ARABIA - What do you need to go

SAUDI ARABIA – What do you need to go? Guide

What is it for? go to Saudi Arabia and what are the documents necessary to enter this wonderful country? If you are wondering and don’t know if you need the view for citizens coming from Italy, you are in the right place to be able to prepare your trip in the best way. In this article, in fact, we will see what the requested documents to start your visit to Saudi Arabia and analyzing what you need to enter. Furthermore, we will also find out what the period most suitable, thus organizing your trip to Saudi Arabia in detail.

Why go to Saudi Arabia and when?

Before finding out what is needed to enter Saudi Arabia ei documents to go to this wonderful Arab country, it is important to know its main attractions and the climate. Thanks to the history of Saudi Arabia, ancient and modern, the Kingdom has a lot to offer the most curious travellers, opening up as a tourist destination of the future only since 2019. Place of birth ofIslam and its spiritual home, thanks to MeccaSaudi Arabia also offers incredible scenery naturalancient traditionsfuturistic and wonderful skylines archaeological sites.

Furthermore, the Kingdom is also perfect for holidays dedicated to the sea and relaxation, thanks to the Red Sea beachesmoving on to landscapes mountaineers to the south. Among the things to see, don’t miss the city of Jeddahthe ancient one Al Ula, Hegra and its monuments carved into the rock by nabatei; first Saudi World Heritage site. Finally, considering the desert climate of Saudi Arabia, the best time to travel to the country is that winter.

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So, let’s immediately see together what it takes to go to Saudi Arabia documents to go.

Desert Rock Formations Al Ula - Documents for Going to Saudi Arabia - Documents Necessary for Going to Saudi Arabia - Documents for Saudi Arabia - Documents for Entering Saudi Arabia
Rock formations in AlUla

Saudi Arabia, what do you need to enter?

Among the documents to go to Saudi Arabia you need the passport valid for at least 6 months from departure and a blank page. Furthermore, it is Tourist visa required for the entrance, which you can get easily online or, in certain cases, upon arrival, e a sponsor is not necessary for travel purposes tourist.

Let’s move on to find out what the documents are for entering Saudi Arabia in detail!

What documents are needed to go to Saudi Arabia?

After having seen together the main characteristics and why to visit it, let’s see what is needed to enter Saudi Arabia.

Do you need a passport to go to Saudi Arabia?

Among the documents necessary to enter Saudi Arabia for tourism, you need the passport with validity of at least 6 months upon entry into the country. Additionally, you need a tourist visa, which you can apply for by following simple steps online at dedicated site and the return flight ticket, which justifies the period of the trip.

We also recommend that you always have one with you photocopy or a scan of the documents, so as to facilitate all procedures in the event of theft or loss, sending a copy of them to your email address to recover them more easily.

Do you need a visa to go to Saudi Arabia?

As anticipated, A visa is required to enter Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. Fortunately, it is possible to request thee-Visa online for the Kingdom, which allows entry for a maximum of 90 dayswith entrances multipleand has valid for 1 year. To request it online on the dedicated site you need to:

  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Fill out the request form
  • Passport photo
  • Pay for the visa
  • Keep the email, print it and have it with you upon arrival

We advise you to apply at least 2 working days before of departure, considering the time required to process the request. Also, in some cases, you can get the seen on arrival traveling with certain Saudi airlines. The Tourist e-Visa is placed in your passport upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, so a clear blank page is also required.

Do you need vaccinations to go to Saudi Arabia?

To enter the Kingdom it is necessary to have taken out health insurance that covers the costs of medical treatment during your stay. Furthermore, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is mandatory for travelers over 9 months old coming from one of the countries where there is a risk of transmission of the disease. Who travels to the country to take part all’Hajj o all’UmrahFurthermore, the Vaccine antimeningococcica, in single dose quadrivalent ACWY, administered no less than 10 days before arrival. To find out about other vaccinations valid as replacements, consult the website Ministry of Health. In case of previous illnesses, we always recommend that you consult your doctor before travelling.

Riyadh Skyline - What You Need to Go to Saudi Arabia - What You Need to Enter Saudi Arabia -
The skyline of Riyadh

Are you ready to visit Saudi Arabia!

Now that we have seen what it takes to enter Saudi Arabia, the characteristics and its climate, you are ready for your next trip to Saudi Arabia safely!

The Arché Travel Selection

After having seen the documents for Saudi Arabia, we at Arché Travel, an expert specialized Tour Operator, recommend our selection of itinerary:

To discover the most significant places in the country, with a visit to Ha’il and the desert area of ​​Tabuk, we recommend our Grand Tour Saudi Arabia. A cultural trip with a guide from Italy.

Grand Tour of Saudi Arabia

In short: Grand Tour of Saudi Arabia with extension to the desert area of ​​Tabuk.
Itinerary: Riyadh, Ha’il, AlUla, Tabuk, Ras Al Sheikh Hamid, Hisma, Jeddah.
Duration: 11 days – 10 nights
Departure: 26 apr 2024
Code: ASARCH1001

Instead, if you want to discover the main archaeological and cultural treasures of the Kingdom, we recommend our Group Tour of Saudi Arabia: Treasures of Arabia. A trip recommended for lovers of archaeology, culture and visiting the wonderful landscapes of the country.

Group Tour of Saudi Arabia: Treasures of Arabia

In short: Cultural group tour of Saudi Arabia with visit to AlUla.
Itinerary: Jeddah, Medina, AlUla, Hegra, Jubbah, Riyadh.
Duration: 9 days – 8 nights
Places completed
Code: ASARCH0901

You are ready to go, now that you know what you need to go to Saudi Arabia!

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