Sharm el Sheikh What to See

Sharm el Sheikh What to See – Egypt Guide 2024

Sharm el Sheikh is among the most famous seaside and tourist resorts in all of Egypt and the Red Sea , offering numerous things to see and do. This wonderful country is not only rich in history and culture , but is also ideal for lovers of relaxation and fun in luxury resorts , excursions , nightlife and much more. Fine sandy beaches and a wonderful sea full of fish with unique colors to be observed while snorkeling a few meters from the coral reef await you. There are many things to do and visit in Sharm el Sheikh and, in this article, we want to present you the main ones to make the most of your trip to Egypt.

Why Visit Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh, Sheikh’s Bay , is one of the most popular seaside and tourist resorts in all of Egypt. Overlooking the Red Sea and located in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula, it is part of the administration of the South Sinai Governorate . Not only a holiday resort, but since the 1990s it has also been well known for hosting important global political conferences, as well as meetings of the Arab League .

This Egyptian city is made up of a centre, full of villages and tourist resorts, while on a residential level it is mainly inhabited by workers who come here from all over Egypt. There are truly many reasons to visit Sharm el Sheikh even outside of its wonderful hotels, discovering its sea, its nightlife and the numerous activities it offers, without forgetting the numerous historical testimonies and its natural beauty … even underwater !

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10 Things to See in Sharm el Sheikh

So, let’s go and discover this wonderful and popular Egyptian location, looking in detail at the 10 things to see and do in Sharm el Sheikh .

1. Nabq Bay

Among the five neighborhoods of Sharm el Sheikh, Nabq Bay is the one that has been most favored on a tourist level, also thanks to its proximity to the airport . Here, it is possible to find the greatest number of resorts and tourist villages, which directly overlook the Red Sea. Furthermore, this area enjoys a rich underwater habitat , ideal for many underwater activities to observe numerous shipwrecks and the magnificent coral reef .

Not only the sea, but this place is also ideal for birdwatching lovers who will find numerous species. Thanks to its ventilated climate , much more than in other areas, high temperatures are better tolerated here, especially during the hot summers. Nearby, there are the wonderful beaches of Shark’s Bay and Ra’s Nasrani , as well as Soho Square .

2. Old Market

Located in the old city , the Old Market is one of the recommended destinations if you don’t know what to visit in Sharm el Sheikh. In this place, it will be possible to observe the true soul of this location, outside the glitz of hotels and entertainment, immersing yourself in tradition , which however presents many factors that have adapted to the West, to meet the high flow tourist. A walk here, especially in the evening, will allow you to immerse yourself in the lights and colors of Sharm at night. Here, it will be possible to find clubs , restaurants and shops, where you can buy gifts and souvenirs: don’t forget to bargain !

Reaching the place is very simple from your hotel, thanks to a shuttle or a taxi. Furthermore, it is also possible to observe the Coptic-Ordotox Heavenly Cathedral and the al-Mustafa Mosque , both majestic buildings, which are illuminated by a thousand lights in the evening.

Sharm el Sheikh What to See

3. Naama Bay

In the list of What to see in Sharm el Sheikh , Naama bay absolutely could not be missed. Rich in lights, colors, restaurants and a nightlife typical of Western seaside resorts, it certainly differs a little from the Egyptian climate that is expected, but it represents the modern soul of the place , shaped by economic and tourist development. Here, it will still be possible to find typical bazaars selling local goods, but also a clear sea and turquoise waters.

The ideal place therefore not only for lovers of nightlife, but also for those who want to go diving, thanks to the numerous divers and snorkelling centers that you can find, ideal for experts and beginners.

Naama Bay beach
Naama Bay beach, one of the main seaside resorts in the area

4. Ras Um Sid

In the southern part of Sharm el Sheikh Egypt, a must see is Ras Um Sid. Very close to the port , this extremely quiet area is located within a wonderful natural landscape , protected by a promontory and sheltered from the winds. Furthermore, for diving lovers the coral reef is easy to reach from here. This location unites lovers of relaxation and families , thanks to the resorts, but also sports enthusiasts who will be able to take advantage of the proposals, such as snorkeling.

Far from Nabq Bay and the frenzy of Naama Bay, if you are looking for a relaxing stay Ras Um Sid is for you. Furthermore, you can always reach these two areas in a maximum of 20 minutes by car, taxi or transfer offered by your hotel.

Ras um Sid
Ras um Sid and its wonderful landscape

5. St. Catherine’s Monastery

Among the things to visit in Sharm el Sheikh we not only find the sea and beaches, but also cultural excursions for lovers of the history of Egypt. The monastery of Saint Catherine is located about 200 km from Sharm and is an unmissable excursion to escape from the luxuries of the resorts, immersing yourself in a more spiritual dimension. This monastery represents a very important point in Christian history , being the oldest ever built. Dating back to the 6th century , it is a sacred place for both Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox. In fact, it is precisely on Mount Sinai where, according to the Bible, Moses received the 10 commandments written on the tables.

Usually, the excursions that are proposed to reach it leave at night from Sharm, reaching Mount Sinai, starting with a climb up the steps to reach its top, observing an unforgettable sunrise that will also make you forget the effort of the climb. Also from here, you can optionally take a further dromedary excursion . During the descent from the mountain, we stop to visit the monastery, an unmissable UNESCO heritage site , rich in sacred collections such as vestments, manuscripts and icons. For more information on visiting the monastery of Santa Caterina we advise you to consider those reported on the official website .

6. Ras Mohamed National Park

The protected nature reserve of South Sinai , the Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve , is located half an hour from Sharm by car, but is also easily accessible by boat and many villages organize excursions to this magnificent place. The Reserve, protected since 1983 , is a unique place, thanks to the division of the waters of the Red Sea between the gulfs of Aqaba and Suez , a focal point also for trade and not just for tourism .

An ideal place to see in Egypt Sharm el Sheikh for those who love to dive with a mask and snorkel, but also to observe various species of birds, walk among the mangroves or take a dip in a salt lake ! It is important to remember that in some areas the current is very strong, so it is recommended to dive only with expert and qualified instructors, being wary of non-certified organizations. The most popular beaches in the reserve are Main , Bereika , Hidden and Yolanda Beach , which are definitely not to be missed during your stay here.

coral reef
The coral reef and its fauna within the Ras Mohammed National Park

7. Pharaoh’s Island

Among the things to do in Sharm el Sheikh, another UNESCO Heritage site to visit is Pharaoh’s Island, located in the Gulf of Aqaba . On this island, a Byzantine fortress was built during the Middle Ages to monitor traffic between the city of Cairo, today’s capital of Egypt, and Damascus . This structure was subsequently conquered by Saladin. Today, it is famous for the wonders of its seabed, which attracts divers from all over the world every year. Furthermore, from the fortress it is possible to observe a unique panorama, which extends between Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The place can be reached not only from Sharm, but also by ferry from Taba . The place, also called Coral Island , is a granite atoll , around which there are wonderful places to dive and discover the coral reef. The best point is undoubtedly the Picasso Reef , a mountain 24 m underwater, where you can be surrounded by a multitude of colorful fish.

Pharaoh Island
The medieval fortification on Pharaoh Island

8. Tobacco

If you don’t know what to do in Sharm el Sheikh, we suggest numerous day trips to take, which will allow you to better discover this area, its beauty and history. Taba is located about 200 km from Sharm , close to Israel and Jordan, located in the Gulf of Aqaba. Here, there is also a recently built international airport, which has certainly favored its tourist growth. The reason that brings many travelers to Taba is certainly its wonderful sea , rich in seabeds like those of Pharaoh’s Island.

Furthermore, for history lovers, just 40 km from Taba , continuing south you can visit Zaman Castle , right on top of a mountain in the Sinai desert.

Gulf of Taba

The Gulf of Taba, a place full of unique scenic beauty

9. Activities

Among the things to do in Sharm el Sheikh, it is also possible to carry out numerous activities , for those who do not just want to stay on the beach or swim. In addition to snorkeling and diving, this city is also a paradise for windsurfing lovers . Furthermore, it is possible to ride a dromedary in the desert or on the beach, or go on a quad safari in the desert . Another experience not to be missed to live in contact with the local culture is to sip tea or dine in a Bedouin tent that lives in the Sinai desert!

Sharm el Sheikh What to See

10. Nightlife

Nightlife lovers will easily find what they want among the things to do and see in Sharm el Sheikh! Indeed, this location offers a large number of trendy nightclubs and discos , lounge bars and parties right on the beach. The area where the nightlife is concentrated is Naama Bay and its Boulevard Principe de Bahrain , where some of the most famous nightclubs are located. Near Shark’s Bay , however, there is Soho Square , another area full of clubs and restaurants, as well as an ice skating rink and Culturama , a cinema where important screenings regarding Egypt’s natural and cultural heritage are held.

Sharm el Sheikh What to See

Farsha, one of the most popular places for nightlife thanks to its unique structure overlooking the sea

Sharm el Sheik what to see, FAQ

What to see in Sharm el Sheik in 7 days?

With a week available, we suggest the following points of interest in Sharm: Ras Um Sid, Naama Bay, the Old Market and Ras Mohamed.

What to see Sharm el Sheik and its surroundings?

In addition to the places already suggested, we recommend Pharaoh’s Island, a UNESCO heritage site not far from Sharm. Another place that might interest you is Mount Sinai, about 3 hours from Sharm

Travel tips for visiting Sharm el Sheikh

After having seen together what the main things to do and see in Sharm el Sheikh are, we want to give you some valuable advice on the best itinerary to best visit this location and enjoy your trip to Egypt in the best way.

When to visit Sharm el Sheikh and Egypt

Given its temperatures, which reach peaks of 45°C in summer , with minimums of 15°C, a visit to Sharm and Egypt is especially recommended in the periods from March to May , or from September to November . In general, however, trips to Egypt are recommended throughout the year.

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