the Italian lake reappears

the Italian lake reappears after two years

There is something magical that happens around us when nature chooses to transform the earth into the stage of its most beautiful show. Enchanted forests, majestic waterfalls, parks of wonders, multicolored mountains and lakes with turquoise nuances: these are just some of his most extraordinary masterpieces.

Works of art that push travelers to explore the globe far and wide to experience first-hand the great beauty of the earth. But you don’t have to fly that far to contemplate it because also our country it hosts a whole series of wonders that deserve to be known.

Among these there is also a body of water set in the nature of southern Trentino which, after having disappeared for more than two years, has reappeared as if by magic before people’s eyes, revealing an incredible spectacle. Now the Loppio lake is backalbeit temporarily, and it’s better than ever.

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The story of the lake that does not want to disappear

Our journey today takes us to Trentino, in the region of uncontaminated landscapes and lakes of a thousand colours, the same ones that are reached every day by travelers from all over the world.

At an altitude of 224 meters above sea level, between Torbole and Manzano, we find Lake Loppio that in reality, lake is no longer. After the construction of the Adige-Garda tunnel, in fact, the body of water lost its flow, although it still remains an important wetland.

It is, in fact, the largest marsh area of the entire autonomous province of Trento, as well as a naturalistic point of particular interest for all hikers. The dried up basin, in fact, has become fertile ground for a lush vegetationas well as habitat for numerous faunal specimens.

Furthermore, in this area it is possible go bird watching. The banks of the basin offer various strategic positions to admire the life and daily life of birds.

As we anticipated, however, only a biotope remains of that splendid alpine lake, and as such it is protected. However, it happens, although rarely, that abundant rainfall fills the basin, even if only for a few days. And that’s what happened right now: after two long years, in fact, the lake is shining again.

After two years the lake reappears: the spectacle of nature

As if by magic, Lake Loppio has unexpectedly shone again. In reality it is not a real spell, even if we like to imagine it as such, but the cause is to be found in the heavy rains that fell on the area last November. These filled the basin again and allowed the lake to emerge.

The news, of course, went around the web thrilling all those who hadn’t seen the waters for a while. The last time Lake Loppio was sighted, in fact, dates back to the summer of 2021. After that moment the lake disappeared, leaving in its place a green but dried up basin.

For a long time it was believed that the lake was now just a distant memory, but instead nature took its course and in the end gave an unparalleled spectacle by making the lake reappear. So if you have a trip to the province of Trento in mind, don’t miss this limited-time viewing.

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