the shower of stars

See the shower of stars from lunar glamping: it’s located in Italy

There is something magical happening around us, right now that the streets, neighborhoods and squares of the cities of the world have shown off their most beautiful dress. The miracle of Christmas has transformed many destinations into real fairy tales, all to be experienced and shared. But it’s not the only sight that fills the gaze and warms the heart.

Even the skythis December, decided to transform itself into stage of an enchanted show, the one brought on stage by the Moon, the celestial bodies and the stars. The calendar of events to be admired head-on is truly packed, but the most awaited event is the one that will see the Geminids dancing and lighting up our nights.

The date to mark in the diary, to spot the maximum peak, is the night between 13 and 14 December. After dusk it will be possible observe the shower of shooting stars, one of the most spectacular of the entire year. The advice, as always, is to reach places without light pollution to enjoy the show.

However, if it is an incredible and unique experience that you want to live this December, we recommend the perfect place to reach which, we tell you, is located a stone’s throw from the capital. In the province of Viterbo, in fact, there is the largest bubble hotel in the country, a lunar glamping with a transparent ceiling which will allow you to admire the next shower of stars.

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Sleeping under a shower of stars: the dream experience in Italy

On the night between 13 and 14 December they will be possible whisper wishes in the presence of the Geminids, one of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year. The maximum peak, which will occur in a few days, will allow us to observe up to 100 shooting stars every hour. This is not the only celestial event worthy of note: in 2024, in fact, the sky will put on a show again.

If on this occasion, however, you want to live a unique and unforgettable experience, know that There is truly extraordinary accommodation in Italy which makes you fly on the stars and sleep on the moon. This is Le Perseidi, the largest Bubble Hotel in the country which, just this year, presented a romantic suitenamed Luna, which offers guests a magical experience.

Located on Lake Bolsena, just over an hour from Rome, glamping offers a whole series of accommodations designed to make observing the sky an enchanting experience, to be lived and shared. And what better occasion than that oflast shower of stars of the yearto sleep in a transparent bubble?

Glamping that makes you fly among the stars and sleep on the moon

Located on a hilly expanse overlooking the placid waters of Lake Bolsena, Le Perseidi glamping is the perfect place to spend unforgettable evenings. Sleeping under the starry sky, after all, is a dream for many travelers that can be realized here.

All thanks to bubble suite Moon, a transparent bubble dedicated to our natural satellite. Equipped with every comfort, including a heated hydromassage pool, a canopy bed, this room also houses a telescope to admire the spectacles of the sky.

The most beautiful moment is after sunset. When the sun gives way to the darkest night, it is possible admire the dance of the planets and stars immersed in the hydromassage tub or lying comfortably on the bed.

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