When to go to Mexico City

When to go to Mexico City

The best time to visit a megacity like Mexico City runs from September until New Year’s Eve. Most of the local festivals are concentrated in these 4 months, the most important and evocative of which are Mexican Independence Day the day of the dead the Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution and the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

16 September – Celebrations for the independence achieved by Mexico from Spain

Independence was achieved in 1810 after almost three centuries of Spanish rule. Many revolutionary legends who contributed to independence, first of all Father Hidalgo, who in that very year in Queretaro took to the streets shouting the famous cry LONG LIVE MEXICO, that day a revolution began that the Mexicans would soon win. And this cry is precisely the culmination of the celebration.
Party that begins days before the 16th, the streets are colored with the three colors of the Mexican flag, the many markets in the city sell flags, hats, shirts…etc. in short, you can feel the sense of belonging, the pride that these men show towards their homeland.
Given the availability and simplicity of these people, the tourist will do nothing but immerse himself in this atmosphere, he will sing the Mexican anthem, he will feel like a participant and not just a tourist. The explosion of light and sound will then take place on the night of the 16th, when the president will celebrate the famous cry from the government building right in the Zocalo…LONG LIVE HIDALGO LONG LIVE JUAREZ, LONG LIVE ZAPATA, LONG LIVE PANCHO VILLA…etc..all the men who contributed to making this country great before and after independence, and finally LONG LIVE MEXICO, the people are there also shouting the famous cry. Endless fireworks will follow, which will color the sky.

The advice is to attend the celebrations by having dinner in one of the restaurants overlooking the zocalo, such as the hotel mexico, which is right in front of the government building and from where you can watch without the pressure of the people in the square. The only sore point is prohibitive cost. You save a lot if you decide to eat in a restaurant somewhere in the centre, certainly we don’t have a view of the square, but certainly a low cost.
However, regardless of where you decide to celebrate this anniversary, the important thing is to let yourself be completely enveloped in the festivities, drink tequila and mezcal and that’s it, for one night you will feel like proud Mexicans.

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November 2 – Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is not seen as sad but rather as a happy day where our loved ones come back to life ready to celebrate with us.
As with the previous celebration, the wonderful thing is the preparation for this day. The markets and various stalls are no longer full of flags and hats with Mexican colors, but there are various representations of death. No, don’t worry, it’s not a macabre vision, on the contrary…Small and large skulls made of chocolate and sugar, masks to wear for the occasion, clothes, skull-shaped sweets.
Going around these markets and seeing all the goods on display is beautiful, then every market in the capital is invaded by many smells of the delicious Mexican cuisine (this all year round) so while we go around we can stop and order some delicious tacos de suadero and then continue the tour. Another fundamental thing about these celebrations are the offerings throughout the city, including schools and squares.
Tables full of food, where the dead person who has come to earth will be able to taste the flavors of these products.
The Aztecs thought that the ultra-mundane world consisted of seven levels, so they built pyramids on seven levels filled with food. And then giant skulls around the city, men in masks, music, lots of people on the street, the best party I’ve ever witnessed.

white and red ceramic skull figurine

November 20th – Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution

This holiday is probably less impactful than Independence Day, but it is still important. It can be celebrated anywhere in Mexico.
Il December 12th and then of course the beginning of the Christmas period which Mexicans start celebrating from mid-December.

December 12 – Celebrations at the Virgin of Guadalupe

The main church of the Virgin is located right in the capital. an impressive number of Mexicans from all over the republic flock to the capital.
They come from everywhere, from Yucatan to Baja California on foot, mandas as they call it, an act of faith towards the virgin.
Almost in 2011 6 million pilgrims they visited the church.
As a form of support and help, many people in the capital prepare food for the exhausted pilgrims who have arrived from all over the world.
And on this very day the Guadeloupe-Kings Marathon is nothing other than the beginning of the Christmas celebrations.
From this day until January 6, people gather indoors daily to be together, eat and have fun.
Il January 6the lucky one who finds the figurine of the baby Jesus in the cake will offer dinner to everyone the following month, therefore a new day of celebration.
If you are lucky enough to meet Mexicans like me, you will be guests at their parties. Big celebrations therefore, and these are just a few listed, Mexico City alone is full of large markets, each market celebrates its anniversary and on this occasion they celebrate all night long.
All you have to do is pack your backpack and leave… Have a good trip!

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