CHINA What to See and Do

CHINA What to See and Do – Guide 2024

Things to see in China, offer places amazing places to visit and things to do in this wonderful country inEast Asia. A vast territory, it is the most populous country in the world withancient history, and has a lot to offer travellers. From its capital, Beijing, to the archaeological sites, from the Forbidden City to Great Wall, but not only. Among the things to see, China also offers a unique spectacle in terms of landscape. Very long kilometers coastal, passing to the high peaks of Tibet, arriving at here, thus discovering the country during a wonderful trip to China!to do and see. So let’s go and discover in our guide the best things desert

China, Why Visit It

Visiting China, People’s Republic of China, in East Asia, means traveling to a country with thousand-year history. Discovering one of the oldest cultures in the world. China, in addition to its historical heritage, also offers a unique landscape, thanks to its very vast territory and the Pingyao, Forbidden City in Beijing. The Terracotta Army. Among the things to see in China, we find majestic and ancient treasures, such as the50 World Heritage Sites, with over second, China is in Unesco sites. Between very long kilometers of coast, mountains, rivers, lakes and the desert. Furthermore, if Italy is in first place for .

If you love nature, China offers a diverse landscape, including numerous natural wonders and National Parks. Like theYellow Mountainsand ofZhangjiajie; popular for becoming the set of Avatar. Moving to Sichuan, we find the rainbow lakes in the valley of Jiuzhaigou and on the plateau of Tibet the peaks of the Himalayas. But China was also part of the ancient Silk Road, among the oldest trade routes. Finally, one of the main reasons to visit China is undoubtedly its culture. In fact, over 50 ethnic minorities live inside it, as in Yunnan and Guangxi. Finally, a trip to China cannot be complete without tasting its cuisine, famous throughout the world. A wonderful country, looking to the future but still tied to its traditions.

So let’s discover the 10 things to see in China during your trip!

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What to See China – 10 Things to See

After the introductions, let’s go and see together what to see in China during our trip. This vast country in Eastern Asia, in fact, offers many things to see and do.

Here, you will find the map of China, with the most significant places highlighted, thus discovering what to see in the country during your trip. Subsequently, we will analyze them in detail in our guide on Things to Visit in China.

1. Beijing

Very large Chinese capital, Beijing absolutely cannot be missing from a guide of things to see and do in China during your trip. City with three millennia of history behind it, renowned for its futuristic architecture which coexist with very ancient archaeological sites of global importance. Among the things to visit in the capital of China, in fact, we find Forbidden City, an imperial palace complex, dating back to the dynasties Qing and Ming. Nearby, we find Tiananmen Square, Mao Zedong’s mausoleum. Furthermore, still in this square, we can visit the National Museum, the ideal place to discover Chinese history through important finds.

Furthermore, after Shanghai, Beijing is the second most populous city of the country, located in the plains to the north and with an extension of 17,000 km2, crossed by many watercourses. The Chinese capital is undoubtedly one of the major cultural and political centers in the world, also popular for its history, becoming today one of the most popular travel destinations . Furthermore, among the various archaeological sites here, we also find the Taoist Temple of Paradise, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To discover its culture, go to the Hutong, the oldest neighborhoods in the city, such as Dongxijiaominxiang, however, is perfect for a walk at sunset; experiencing the nightlife of the capital.HouhaiLake. The

The Forbidden City - China What to See - What to See China - What to See in China
The Forbidden City, Beijing

2. Great Wall

Among the most important sites to visit in China during your trip and an unmissable among the things to see, the Great Wall will leave you breathless! Unesco World Heritage Site since 1987 and 2007 among the seven wonders of the modern world. Originally known as Wanli changcheng, this very long series of walls extends for approximately 22 km to today, crossing wonderful landscapes, between plains and mountains. Among the most important and popular engineering works, its impressive appearance is a unique testimony. of the Empire.power and resistanceof the ancient history of China, absolutely among the things to see. Its construction took place over several centuries and is a symbol of

Visiting the Great Wall of China is undoubtedly an experience to be had by wearing comfortable shoes and choosing section to be visited carefully, calculating its extension. Furthermore, we always advise you to rely on an organized tour to be able to reach it in the easiest way. The most popular sections to visit are Mutianyu, ideal for all difficulties, Jinshanlina, for lovers of mountain walks, and Jiankou, ideal for experienced hikers; considering its slope. Furthermore, some of the areas of the wall can also be visited by those with walking difficulties.

Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China

3. Xi’an

Capital of the province of Shaanxi and a large city in central China, Xi’an, due to its historical importance, is absolutely among the things to see during your trip. In the past called Chang’an, that is eternal peace, it is the stage further east than the ancient Silk Road. Furthermore, it wasthe capital during 13 dynasties, including the Zhou, Qin and Han, with a history dating back over 3,000 years. In the city and its surroundings, among the things to do in China we can visit very important archaeological sites, such as the Bingmayong: the famousTerracotta Army. Thousands of life-size statues of people, who were buried with Qin Shi Huang, China’s first emperor.

In addition to this important Mausoleum, among the things to see in this ancient city of China we also find its impressive walls, dating back to the 7th century and approximately 13 km long. One of the most important neighborhoods to visit in Xi’an is the Muslim neighborhood, full of restaurants and markets, ideal for tasting the particular cuisine born from the encounter of the two cultures. Don’t miss the Great Wild Goose Pagoda, a 7-story structure from the 7th century and an important cultural and religious site, and the Afang Palace. Dating back to 212 BC, it is one of the most popular Chinese complexes, rebuilt from its ruins in 1995.

Terracotta Army - What to Visit in China - Things to Visit in China - China What to Visit - Places to Visit in China - China Places to Visit
The Terracotta Army, in Xi’an

4. Guilin

Known as The most beautiful landscape under the sky, between karst limestone hills and lakes, don’t miss the things to see in China Guilin city. This location attracts numerous tourists not only for its natural beauty, but also for its museums and ancient buildings, among the things to do here in China, don’t miss an excursion on its hills, which reach up to 1,000 m, shaped by the action of the elements over the on the Li riverwhich in the past embraced the entire city. Furthermore, the two basins are connected by canals, creating a unique spectacle. In addition to obviously taking amedieval moat , together with a Shahu and lakes of Ronghu. At its center we find the

Furthermore, in Guilin there are also many caves, with stalagmites and stalactites, such as the famous Cave of Sette Stelle, of the Flute of Canna and of the Moon. This city also offers numerous parks, where locals meet to walk at any time of the day or simply to relax or practice Tai chi, while the elderly play traditional chess or write ideograms on the road. The most popular park is that of the Seven Stars, ideal for observing local life pass by placidly. If you want to taste a local specialty of Guilin, don’t miss a plate of its rice noodles, served mainly for breakfast, but also during other meals at any restaurant.

Guilin landscape
Landscape on Guilin

5. Shanghai

In the central coastal area of ​​China, among the things to see during the trip, visit Shanghai, which is important world financial center; but not only. This pulsating, modern city is also home to historical structures which coexist with futuristic constructions . Its main center is the Bund, where we find a promenade on the seafront , among colonial buildings. Passing on the opposite bank of the Huangpu we find the modern district of Pudong, the TV tower Oriental Pearl and the Shanghai Tower, 632 m high. In the Old City area, the historic neighborhood, we can breathe in the traditional atmosphere, immersing ourselves in Chinese culture.

Visit Jade Buddha Temple, one of the city’s most important Buddhist temples and home to the 3m-tall Buddha statue. Among the things to see in this city in China, don’t miss an immersion in the Yu Garden, with a typical structure dating back to the 17th century, an ideal walk to relax between the various visits. Shanghai is the perfect place for those who want to see the most modern China and also discover the culture, experiencing its liveliness. Furthermore, among the experiences to do here in China, don’t miss a ride on the magnetic levitation train! Finally, today the city hosts many monuments protected by the state and more than 300 tourist sites, making this place a true open-air museum of various styles .

Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai at Night - What to do in China - Things to do in China - Things to do in China
The Shanghai skyline at night with the Oriental Pearl Tower

6. Chengdu

Located in thesouthwestern area of ​​China and the capital of Sichuan, Chengdu cannot be missed among the things to visit. A place with ancient charm, with roots that date back to the 4th century BC, when it was the capital of the kingdom of Shu in their habitat. A wonderful animal sadly at risk of extinction.giant pandas to observe the wonderful Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, where important artifacts from the Shu dynasty are preserved. Furthermore, among the most popular activities that can be done in this city in China, go to the Jinsha Site Museumfor many centuries, in fact we can still see its legacy today from the numerous historical sites, museums and temples present here. To learn more about its history, don’t miss the commercial and cultural center . It was an important

Chengdu is located at the foot of the Sichuan mountains and is surrounded by luxuriant nature spicy and it is the ideal place to savor the typical cuisine, very city of gastronomy. Finally, among the reasons to see this city in China, since 2011 UNESCO has declared it . Being in a crucial point of the country, it is one of the main economic centers, surrounded by the fertile plain of Tianfu zi guWenshu Buddhist Temple, such as trekking and climbing. Furthermore, among the most important religious centers of the city we find the outdoor sports, which make it a paradise.

Wenshu Yuan Monastery
Il Monastero Wenshu Yuan, a Chengdu

7. Hong Kong

Vibrant cosmopolitan center and autonomous territory in the a> Bank of China tower, the highest in the area, ideal for admiring the sunset while taking unique photos.Victoria Peak. To observe a unique view of the city, go to Ieoh Ming Pe, we find important monuments, such as thefinancial district. Its skyline is characterized by very tall and modern skyscrapers, but it also hosts many important historical testimonies. In its international port and world financial hub, today it is a highly populated city, an importantcolony of the United Kingdomof the country, Hong Kong is absolutely among the things to see in China. Moving from its past as a south-east

Among the things to do in this city in China, this is a much-loved destination for shopping, thanks also to its renowned: a record-breaking show that takes place every evening at 8pm for 15 minutes.Symphony of Lights, the Avenue of Star from China. Finally, among the things you absolutely must see in Hong Kong, don’t miss the sound and light show on souvenirs: the perfect place to savor traditional cuisine through street food and buy your night market on Temple Street. One of the places that attracts many tourists and travelers to Hong Kong is the traditional textile activity

Hong Kong da Victoria Peak
View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

8. Tibet

Called the roof of the world, the Tibetan plateau, in the area to thenorth of the range Himalayan, is aautonomous region absolutely worth seeing in China. Among its high peaks, including Everest on the border with Nepal, we find the capital, including snow-capped peaks, green valleys and mountain lakes. Among the things to see here in China, we can visit important nature reserves and national parks.wonderful landscapes, Unesco heritage. Tibet is also popular for itsPotala Palace, the main Tibetan spiritual center and place of pilgrimage where it is guarded by the golden statue of Buddha, and the Jokhang temple, the Dalai Lama. Here, there are important historical buildings, such as the ancient winter residence of the Lhasa

Another place not to be missed in Tibet is the Jokhang monastery, the most sacred in the region and the religious center where the statue is located of the Buddha Sakyamuni, brought here by some monks who arrived from India. With its altitude above 4,000 m, it is also an isolated region, surrounded by the highest mountain ranges in the world. Furthermore, Tibetan culture is influenced by its religion and its inhabitants are shepherds and nomads, followed by yaks, goats and sheep. Its troubled history, passing through periods of struggle and Mongol and Chinese domination, returning following independence in 1950 in the People’s Republic of China, after harsh defeats and insurrections. Today, the temporal and spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, lives in exile, like many Tibetans.

Potala Palace Tibet
The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

9. Longji

Among the best landscapes to see in China during your trip, the list of things to see cannot miss Longji and its wonderful terraced rice paddies. Located in Longsheng County, the Dragon’s Backbone, translation of Longji, perfectly describes the poetic morphology of the mountains and hills of the area . These terraces cover an area of ​​66 km2 and date back to XIII century. In this way, the local inhabitants managed to cultivate the hilly land, exploiting the resources of the area. Even today, respecting ancient traditions, harvesting and sowing are carried out manually. Among the most popular rice fields, don’t miss that of Ping’an, the oldest, and those of Guzhuang.

This is located in a traditional village, less touristy than the first, thus allowing us to also come into contact with the culture Zhuang; ethnic minority of the area who maintains lively customs and lives in wooden houses. Furthermore, in this village there are still ancient architecture dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Longji is also home to around 300 stone bridges, where there are ancient carvings, such as the three one-headed fish, on the Rain and Wind Bridge. Also in the area, in the village of Huangluo, populated by the Yao Rossi , the women with the longest hair in the world live there, thus defining their social status. Some inhabitants have hair longer than 2 m!

Longji Rice Terraces
The Longji Rice Terraces

10. Zhangjiajie

Considered a true paradise on earth, the town of Zhangjiajie could not be missing from our guide on things to visit in China. Having become popular worldwide as the location of the film Avatar, this city dispersed in the mountains of Hunan it is an incredible destination among paths, natural basins and peaks immersed in the fog. Here, there is also the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. Not only a feast for the eyes, but this is also the ideal place for lovers of outdoor activities, thanks to the numerous excursions on offer , trekking, paragliding, climbing and rafting.

Among the things to see here in China, also don’t miss the glass bridge of Zhangjiajie, one of the highest in the world which offers spectacular views of the national park. But also the traditional village of Tianzi, at the foot of the mountain of the same name; the ideal place to discover the local culture. Finally, in the center of the park we find Tianmen Mountain, also calledgate of paradise. To reach it, take the picturesque cable car, the longest in the world, flying over the mountain, or walk the 999 steps and then walk on the glass bridge.

Zhangjiajie Montagne
The mountain nel Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

What to do in China, the 5 experiences not to be missed

During your stay in China, in addition to visiting the main attractions and places previously described in our guide, we would also like to point out theguide, an experience in China will surely unite the desires of all travellers.local food and history, tradition, adventure, culture to do in the country, thus making your trip truly unique. Between activities

So let’s not waste time and discover together the 5 experiences not to be missed in China!

1. Cruise on the Yangtze River

Among the things to do in China and the experiences not to be missed to make your trip to this incredible country unique, a cruise on the Yangtze River awaits you! Through this experience you will be able to experience the wonderful landscapes of the Three Gorges, a UNESCO Heritage site and among the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Its rocky walls, in fact, rise up to 2,000 m, carved out by natural erosion over millions of years. Observing them through a cruise is undoubtedly the best way.

In addition, the cruise also stops at various archaeological and cultural sites, such as the city of Wuhan and Chongqing, in Sichuan, from where the route also often begins, or from Shanghai, ending in Hubei province, in Wuhan. Furthermore, an unmissable stop is the ghost town of Fengdu, near Mingshan, where there are abandoned temples, with statues of Yinwang: deities of the afterlife. We continue towards the Wu Gorge, among rocks and misty peaks, up to the Witch Mountain , the Wushan. The Yangtze River cruise, therefore, is one of the best ways to discover incredible landscapes and sites in China.

Three Gorges Blue River Cruise
Cruise on the Blue River among the Three Gorges

2. Trekking in Tibet

For lovers of outdoor sports, especially among breathtaking places, a trek in Tibet must absolutely be on the list of things to do in China. The roof of the world, in fact, offers many opportunities for routes, from sacred pilgrimages to challenging climbs , suitable only for the most expert. Among the most popular places among trekkers is thesacred pilgrimage of Kailash Kora. 50 km around the mountain, offering incredible Himalayan views, among the sacred lakes.

Another wonderful but challenging route is the one to Everest Base Camp, an unmissable experience for adventurers and mountaineers. Through alpine scenery, prayer flags, herds of yaks and arriving at Khumbu Glacier before base camp. One of the oldest paths, which connects the monastery of Samye with that of Ganden, crossing snow-capped valleys and observing the traditional life of the Tibetans, as well as unique architecture.

Trekking Tibet
Trekking in Tibet sul monte Kailash

3. Discover martial arts

The wushu, that is, Chinese martial arts, have entered the collective imagination through cinema and Chinese culture spread throughout the world. Discovering this ancient art in China is one of the things we absolutely recommend you do during your trip. These techniques, in fact, have developed in the country over thousands of years, combining physical strength, spiritual and mental techniques , between general combat and well-being. There are many types of Chinese martial arts, each with well-defined characteristics. The most popular is undoubtedly Shaolin Kung fu, among the oldest, based on fighting with weapons and bare hands, fast and powerful. tai chi, however, is a martial art that has the objective of controlling the vital energy, the qi.

Its movements are fluid and very slow, ideal for the well-being of the body and it is not uncommon to see people in China practicing it in parks. But why not combine a trip to China with martial arts stops? The main one is undoubtedly the Shaolin temple, where the first school was born, now a destination for travelers and followers, where demonstrations are held. In Sichuan, on Mount Emei, there is another important school of kung fu and in Hubei you can visit the Wudang School. Finally, in Shanghai, don’t miss the Martial Arts Museum of China and the Kung fu Show in Beijing, at the Red Theatre.

Shàolín-yes Temple
The Shaolin Temple, cradle of Shaolinquan, in Zhengzhou

4. Enjoy Chinese cuisine

Among the most popular cuisines in the world, Chinese cuisine is aexperience of colours, aromas and strong flavours. Absolutely among the things to do in China, tasting its specialties is essential to make your trip complete. Considering the vastness of its territory, the variety of morphology and cultures present here, its cuisine can also be divided into eight regional typologies. The most popular in our country is undoubtedly the Cantonese and the Sichuan. Like most Asian cuisines, here too the king of the table is rice, like soy and various preparations with cereals, from rolls to ravioli, with fish, meat or vegetables.

Furthermore, China has always used and traded spices, such as tea at the center.revolving disk, with a round tables the dishes, traditionally served at share and chopsticks . To best enjoy these specialties, obviously be prepared to use steamers or using the wok and braising. Furthermore, many of these techniques take place in the stir-frying, steaming, boiling: its drink par excellence. Instead, among the most used cooking techniques, we find

Chinese food
Tasty Chinese cuisine

5. Discover Chinese craftsmanship

Finally, among the things to do in China during your trip, you can’t miss shopping! Even better if dedicated to buying souvenirs to take back home with you, or to give a gift to a special person. Among the objects that are absolutely worth buying in China, we recommend those that are the result of its craftsmanship. The best places to buy the best Chinese handicrafts are undoubtedly its markets. Among the most popular, we find the Beijing Silk Market, with over 2,000 stalls, also famous for its street food.

In Xi’An, however, there is one of the night markets most popular places to spend a lively evening. Chinese craftsmanship is the result ofvarious techniques and artsdeveloped during its very long history, known throughout the world for its quality and unique designs, including culture and symbolism. Among the most popular objects, we find his porcelains, considered among the most valuable in the world, like the lacquer, jewels refined, which requires years of training to learn its complexity, as regards the creation of typical embroidery sector is also among the most popular, above all thanks to its textile Chinese, brilliant and long-lasting. 

Chinese silk
The precious Chinese silk

What to See in China, Recommended Itineraries

So, after seeing what to see, visit and do in China you are ready to pack your bags and leave!

Therefore, let’s discover the itineraries together based on your needs. Here’s what to visit in China!

China What to See in 10 Days

To discover China and the Ancient Celestial Empire in 10 days. The ideal trip for those who want to discover the traditions and history of one of the countries that have marked the history of humanity.

Classical China Tour

In brief: Tour China 10 days from Beijing to Shanghai with visit to the main attractions.
Itinerary: Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai.
Duration: 9 days – 7 nights
Confirmed Departures< a i=7>Code: CNARCH0901

China What to See in 15 Days

If you have two weeks at your disposal, however, we recommend our Grand Tour China instead.

Available DaysWhat seeRecommended Tours
What to see in China in 10 daysPechino, Xi’an, ShangaiClassical China Tour
What to see in China in 15 daysPechino, Grande Muraglia, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guilin, Yangshuo, Longji, ShanghaiGran Tour Cinema

How to Visit China?

Now that, thanks to our guide China What to see, you have a clearer idea of ​​what to visit on your trip, before leaving we advise you to find out as best you can about the documents necessary for entry.

Furthermore, considering the morphology of China and its vastness, before organizing a trip to the country it is important to also take into consideration its climate, organizing ourselves based on the areas we want to visit. The best time to visit China, in fact, is autumn or spring.

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When to go to China? Climate and Period

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