When to go to China

When to go to China? Climate and Period

Knowing when to go to China and the best period, based on climate , weather and temperature, will allow us to organize make the most of your trip to this wonderful and immense country in Eastern Asia. In this guide, we will learn about the climate of China during its seasons, allowing us to organize according to our needs and according to areas that we wish to visit. Populous China is a country absolutely worth discovering, with a landscape characterized by mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts and many kilometers of coastline. So let’s discover together the best period to visit the country, thus making your trip to China perfect!

The climate of China

To best organize your trip to China it is important to know its temperatures and climate based on each season and the .Tibetan plateau, becoming cold semi-desert and desert towards thedesert, to the north-west , the climate is continental Xinjiang and Mongolia, with cold winters and hot, rainy summers. In the internal area of ​​continental, in fact, we will find a type of climate Beijing and Manchuria. In the area of ​​very vast territory you want to visit. Finding out what is the best time to travel to China. In fact, the climate can influence our travel experience in several ways. Furthermore, the climate of China also varies based on the areas we wish to visit, considering its area

In the central area, like in Shanghai, the summers are rainy and hot, while winters are mild thanks to the temperate climate in this area of ​​China and its weather. Moving to south, towards Hong Kong and Canton, the climate in China is subtropical, they become far south, such as .autumn and spring, the winters are very cold and the averages can even reach -10°C, while in the south they even exceed 15°C. Summers are mainly hot, except at altitude, and it is the rainiest season. A trip to China is recommended all year round, but the best periods are undoubtedlyplateaus and mountains. In the north, on tropical, Hainan

So let’s see in detail when to go based on the weather, climate and temperatures in China, discovering the best period.

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Climate Manchuria

The climate, weather and temperatures in Manchuria, i.e. in the northeast a> and cold dry and very winter. Here. in fact, we find continentalof China, are mainly . Nearby Siberia brings here freezing air through the , which brings rain in summer, especially from June to August. The winter temperatures in this area of ​​China and the weather are freezing, with winters reaching -20°C in the northern part. Harbin, at the same latitude as Milan, reaches -17°C in winter, with sunny days and long-lasting snow. In fact, in January, the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is held here.monsoon

The increase insummer temperatures is sudden, despite being a rainy season, with averages even above 35°C. In Shenyang, south of Manchuria, the winter averages are -11°C, arriving in July at 25°C. The summers in this area of ​​China, the temperatures and the climate are humid and rainy. On the Siberian border, however, in July you can still have temperatures below 20°C and record winters from – 50°C; as a Tahe.

Mukden Palace Shenyang - When to Go to China - China When to Go - What is the Best Time to Go to China - Best Time to Visit China - Best Time to China - When to Go to China
Il Mukden Palace, a Shenyang

Desert climate

About half of China’s territory is desert, like Tibet which has a separate climate. The area begins in the northwest, towards Beijing. For this reason the capital is hit by dusty storms. It reaches the west, taking in the internal area of ​​Mongolia, where the Chinese Gobi desert is located , up to Sinkiang and Taklamakan, the great sandy desert. The climate is continental, with hot summers and freezing winters. Here, plateaus up to 1,200 m are also found, which affects the climate in China. The wind, especially in spring and winter, is strong. Along the ancient Silk Road, at 1,290 m above sea level, in the oasis of Kashgar .

To know when to go here in China, we know that temperatures go from -5 in January to 25°C in July, with scorching summer days. Below 1,000 m, summer temperatures in China here can reach 40°C, with the largest in the depression of the Turpan: the place hottest in the country. At Ürümqi, at 850 m, the city furthest from the sea in the world, at 2,400 km, the January averages are -14°C, reaching 40°C in summer. Due to the proximity of the Tian Shan range, rainfall is frequent, albeit weak. Moving between Mongolia and Kazakhstan, we find the area of ​​Zungaria, with very cold winters, up to -20° C, and progressively less hot summers moving towards the Russian border. Altay, at 1,000 m has averages in January of -16, reaching July with even 20°C.

Deserto del Taklamakan
The Taklamakan Desert

Mountain climate

To find out the best time to go to China, it is important to know the climate in each area, the weather and temperatures. The mountainous areas of the country are many, as in Tibet a>.hot mountains, while to the north of Tibet those of the Tian Shan, Pamir and Karakoram. In the southern and western perimeter we find the Himalayan chains, , with a milder climate and called the Yunnan , and then the south-eastern one, Himalayan chain, like the starts from the west, dividing them into two main areas. The first is the chain that

Near Kyrgyzstan, at 2,000 m, temperatures in January range from -8°C. Furthermore, in China there are the highest mountains in the world: Everest, on the border with Nepal and with temperatures of -36 °C in January, and the K2, with that of the Pakistan. Here, temperatures rarely rise above 0. At 1,900 m, in Kunming type, January temperatures average 9°C, reaching July even at 21°C in China. On the border with Vietnam and Laos, to the south, the climate becomes sub-tropical even at 1,500 m, with mild winters and sultry summers, with .abundant rainfall

Zhangjiajie National Park Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve - Climate China - China Climate - Climates China - The Climate of China - Climate in China - The Climate of China
Il Parco Nazionale Zhangjiajie, riserva della montagna di Tianzi, a Zhangjiajie

Central-eastern climate

To visit the central-eastern area of ​​China, where Beijing, Hohhot and Lanzhou are located, it is important to know its climate, the weather and temperatures to understand the best time to go and when. Here, the climate is mainly continental, but not as extreme as in the north -East. In fact, we find winters with averages between zero and -10°C, with also dusty winds from Mongolia and little snowfall. summers, on the other hand, are humid and very hot, moreover , winters in January have averages of -3°C, and summers in July with 27°C andcapital. In Beijing, the seaare very sunny. The rainfall is more pronounced going towards the half seasons , while the it often rainsall year round.

Near Beijing, in Beidaihe, the sea in winter is very cold, while from July to September ideal for swimming. Along the Yellow River, where Baotou and Hohhot are located, capital of Inner Mongolia, beyond which the desert begins, are located at 1,000 m. Here in China, winters are cold, with temperatures as low as -10 and hot summers, but less than in the capital. The weather in this area, in the coastal areas, is most affected by typhoons summer or autumn.

Genghis Khan Hohhot Monument Mongolia - Weather China - China Weather - Weather in China - China Weather
Monument to Genghis Khan in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Central climate

Moving to the central area of ​​China, the climate, weather and temperatures become mild. The summers are long and hot, while the winters have temperatures from 0 at 10°C, however, precipitation and cloudiness also increase. Along the Blue River, towards the Yangtze, we also find Shanghai, Nanjing and other large cities. In the Shanghai area, winters are mild compared to Beijing, with averages of 5°C in January.

July and August have the highest temperatures here in China and the sea is warmer than in the north. Moving from the sea to the south, towards Chongqing, the minimum summer temperatures are 25°C. In the southern area, the monsoon rains start from May, lasting until October. Central-southern China has little sunny weather and, in summer, Pacific tropical cyclonesare frequent. In the central area of ​​China, therefore, a temperate climate prevails.

Shanghai Skyline
The Shanghai Skyline

Southern Climate

Finally, let’s discover the climate, weather and temperatures in southern China, understanding when to go during the best period. In the region of Macao, Hong Kong and Guangxi, there are  20°C even of January, with averages in tropical, in the far south, the climate is Hainan Island, the sea never has temperatures low, becoming very hot in summer. OnGuangzhou, in latitude of the Tropic Shenzhen area, summer lasts from May to October, as in Fuzhou in the evening or afternoon. In the thunderstorms with rainfall, therefore presenting a greater tropical, however, are summers. The 10°C with averages exceeding mild winters

Hong Kong - China Temperature - China Temperature - China Temperature - Temperature in China - China Temperature -
Panorama of Hong Kong

China Temperatures, When to Go?

As we have seen, based on the areas we want to visit, we can find distinct types of climate, temperature and weather in China. In general, any time of the year is ideal for a trip here, although the best time to visit China is certainly spring and autumn. Even winter and summer are not advisable for a trip to the country, but you have to take into account its extremely hot temperatures and harsh winters.

Below, we will analyze each season, also listing any holidays and events. Advising you on trips and the best time to go to China based on the climate and weather.

Winter in China

As anticipated, if you are thinking about when to go to China during the best period, winter is not among them. In fact, the winters are very harsh in the north-east, in the internal area of ​​Mongolia to where the ancient Silk Road is located, as on theTibetan plateau and in Sichuan . In central areas, such as Shanghai, days can be rainy and sunshine is rare. For a trip to China in this period, in fact, we recommend thermal underwear and very warm clothes or waterproof. Among the most important festivals of the Chinese winter, we find the Dongzhi Festival , the winter solstice, between December 21st and 23rd.

Spring in China

One of the best times to go to China, thanks to its climate, weather and temperatures, is undoubtedly spring. In April, for example, the spring month in China, temperatures can vary depending on the area we are in. To the northwest, towards Xinjiang, in thedesert plateau and in Manchuria, especially towards the border with Siberia, temperatures can still be very low. In Beijing, however, during the day it can be even more than 20°C, with rare rain and sunny days.

In the area of ​​Wuhan and Shanghai the temperatures they aremild and the rains are more frequent, while in the south the averages towards the south of the tropic exceed 22°C. OnHainan Island, in thefar south, the climate being tropical it raises spring temperatures, even reaching 28°C on the coasts of Sanya. Heat waves are also frequent in the centre-north but rains are rare, becoming more frequent in the centre-south. The sea towards the south in spring is already ideal for swimming. One of the most important events is the Spring Festival, also called the Chinese Lunar New Year. It has origins that date back to the history of China, during the Shang dynasty.

Summer in China

If you are still wondering when to go to China, and are thinking about summer for your trip, let’s look at the weather, climate and temperatures this season. The Chinese summer is not a bad season for a trip to China, but you must undoubtedly take into account its scorching heat and monsoons. In fact, in this season the rains are heavy, increasingly going south like in Shanghai and in the center. Furthermore, thehumidity is also very marked in some areas. Above all, June, July and August are those in which the highest temperatures are recorded, which can even reach 35°C.

This is the ideal season to visit the north-east and the areas , the Silk Road, the area of ​​Tibet and the is held in June. A series of competitions between boats that reproduce the shapes of dragons. Dragon Boat Festival, like the mountains. Furthermore, theInner MongoliaGannan , as schools are closed. Furthermore, it is also the ideal time for the drier areas, such as the large national tourist influx, however it is important to remember that it is also a period with a mountain

Autumn in China

Finally, autumn in China, with its climate and temperatures, represents one of the best times to go here, like spring. In October, for example, the weather is pleasant throughout the country practically, for this reason called the golden month. Towards the end of autumn the landscape is tinged with orange and yellow, offering a picturesque and typical scenery of the season . Furthermore, the celebration for the Foundation of the People’s Republic is held from 1 to 7 October. In Beijing in autumn temperatures in China reach 19°C day and there is a shy sun.

Furthermore, it is also the season with the lowest pollution levels. During a trip to China in autumn, we recommend you climb the Great Wall, to observe a wonderful view. In the western area, temperatures progressively drop, with little rainfall. During this period, we also recommend our Classical China Tour, discovering the ancient Celestial Empire at its best.

Classical China Tour

In brief: Tour China 10 days from Beijing to Shanghai with visit to the main attractions.
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Confirmed Departures

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China Climate, When To Go?

After having shown you what is the best time to go to China based on the climate, we have seen that the ideal season to visit the country is spring and autumn.

So, what is the best time for China? Let’s see the table together with all the details to find out when to go based on the months of the year.

Months per year*****=mild
*****=more expensive

FAQ, China When To Go

Below you will find frequently asked questions from our travelers to see together what is the best time to go based on the weather in China, its climate and temperatures.

When is it best to go to China?

From March to May, in spring, and from September to November, during autumn.

When not to go to China?

There are no particular periods not recommended for going to China.

How to Visit China and When to Go Based on the Climate?

Now that, thanks to our article When to go to China you have a clearer idea, we advise you to find out about the documents needed to enter in the country and visit our Safe Traveling section for all information on access and possible restrictions.

Although it is possible to organize your trip to China completely independently, we always recommend that you rely on a specialized tour operator for the organization of your group trip. In this way you will be sure to experience a travel experience in total safety and reliability, knowing when to go to China.

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