Coffee in Vietnam

Coffee in Vietnam, the best and, the most expensive in the world

Perhaps few people know that Central and South America and Africa are not the only areas in the world where coffee plants have found fertile soil for their roots. The Vietnam for example, is the second largest exporter in the world only after Brazil, as well as being a great lover of this drink.

The first coffee I drank was in Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon if you prefer, and it was love at first vista: a true love at first sight. I didn’t have any expectations in this regard, just as my knowledge of the country left a lot to be desired… And it was perhaps for the best. Generally I prefer to discover on my own what a place has to offer, sometimes risking missing something, of course, but the taste of discovery it has a completely different flavour.

The best areas in which to enjoy a cup of coffee are from the Mekong Delta, in the extreme south, up to the center of Vietnam, where the colorful plantations are concentrated, precisely on the plateaus around the towns of Buon Ma Thuot, Da Lat.

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person holding white cup pouring coffee

But what’s special about this coffee?

Let me start by saying that I am a sincere lover of His Excellency the Italian Espresso, the one with the cream standing at the counter, so to speak. For this reason, when we travel – us coffee addicts –we have to adapt to the usual American-style drinks of “dirty water” or instant coffee, even if the spread of chains such as Costa and Starbucks are putting a patch on the problem.

Always accompanied by a glass of tasty iced tea with a light flavour, you will see a cup covered by a disk and a metal cylinder arrive at the table to contain and filter the precious coarsely ground black powder. With the necessary time, drop by drop, the force of gravity will do the rest. Take these ten minutes to contemplate what is happening, and don’t rush: the waiting is always the best part.

The flavor can be very strong for those who are not used to it, but you can remedy this by dipping an ice cube or adding milk, which in these parts you will find practically only condensed.

Don’t be scared, on the contrary, it is my absolute favorite mix: in addition to sweetening a little, it will be even more consistent and dense. The local roasting methods, some of which involve the use of butter and cocoa enhance the notes of chocolate and almonds accustoming the palate.

Local people love to spend a lot of time in the cities many charming cafés, built among trees and relaxing waterways, playing Chinese chess or chatting before going to work.

In the city you can also find cafés specializing in different varieties of coffee, including the most sought after and expensive one in the world. Mongoose coffee (weasel coffee), which can cost up to $3,000 per kilogram. No more than 250 are produced each year, and it is easy to understand why it is considered the most expensive coffee in the world.

flat lay photography of eight coffee latte in mugs on round table

Coffee beans are ingested and partially digested by weasels, whose intestinal enzymes are able to eliminate only the bitter notes of coffee, leaving the sweet ones intact. You will find this variety for just 30-40 euros per kilo here, while in the cafes of Mid-nguyen a famous local coffee brand, you will pay around 4 euros for a cup.

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