Finland become a Christmas elf for work

Finland, where you can become a Christmas elf for work

There are those who want to be an astronaut when they grow up, those who already imagine themselves in the shoes of the teacher and those who would like to dance on pointe. Not everyone, however, dreams of doing theChristmas elf! Let’s face it, this is a task reserved for true dreamers who, perhaps, at a certain point in their lives, have put aside the desire to do it to chase something more “concrete”. We, however, encourage you to believe in your most creative dreams and that is precisely why we inform you of the fact that yes, somewhere in the world you can be Christmas elves for work.

Where? In Finland, and this is certainly not surprising. Not only because it is precisely in this country that the very famous one arises Santa Claus Village, the house of Santa Claus par excellence, but also and above all because Christmas is a deeply felt holiday, taken extremely seriously and made as colorful as it is professional in every aspect.

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How to become a Christmas elf?

But how do you become a Christmas elf? We tell you right away that it is not enough to wear the characteristic costume and go to Santa Claus’s land. The first thing to do, in fact, is act very early: you need to think about it at least a year in advance (which is why we are telling you now), because to do this job you need to live in Finland. Although it is true that some job advertisements include room and boardit is equally true that you need to read them carefully to take action if you need to find accommodation.

Forest in Finland with Christmas decorations

It is then necessary to organize all the movements, taking into account that the period in which the task will take place is more or less from beginning of December to at least January 10th. Your wardrobe must also be completely redone: the costume is provided by the employers, yes, but organizing a trip to Finland (and even more so a long period of stay) also means taking into account the temperatures, which range from -30° in winter at around 10-15° in summer. Finally, you need to know that almost all ads require experience in world of acting and preparation in singing and dancingas well as a certain type of knowledge of the application of the make uptherefore it is good to be properly prepared.

How do you apply for the elf job?

Having made the previous necessary premises, let’s move on to the job opportunities. To apply, the first thing to do is know that almost all commercial chains (from large centers to small shops) are looking for elves during the Christmas period, but that the best and decidedly most suggestive opportunities are those offered by Tonttula Life Villagei.e. the original Finnish elf village, from Santa Claus Village.

Incredibly fascinating (albeit a little less than the two we have just mentioned) are those offered by large hospitality and travel organization chains such as Lapland Hotels, Santa’s Finland and even AirBnb. Also some Finnish transport chains, mostly those that operate tourist train routes like the Rovaniemi Train, they are looking for elves, as are the small Christmas villages, widespread throughout the country. Once you know the names, a starting from March you can send applications by attaching your CV on the appropriate websites.

What does a Christmas elf really do in Finland?

The elf’s tasks vary depending on who offers the job: as we have mentioned, experience in the world of acting, singing and dancing is almost always required, but in the case of hospitality and travel organization chains, skills in the world of catering, hospitality and reception, because in addition to to entertain the elves will have to guide, accompany and get to disposal of guests.

Christmas Elf

Particular attention and preparation will be required of all aspiring Christmas elves who will work in contact with children: both Tonttula Elämyskylä and the Santa Claus Village ask their Santa Claus helpers to take preparation courses and/or to have degrees or certificates that guarantee theirs experience with little onesbecause not only will they have to keep them entertained but they will also be able to do small (but nice) lessons to teach them how to build certain objects or how to do some fun things.

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