Historical provinces of Portugal map

Historical provinces of Portugal map

A church dedicated to St Peter is said to have stood on the site of Westminster Abbey as early as the 7th century and was named to distinguish it from the “Eastminster”, St Mary-of-the-Graces. Officially known as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster, Westminster Abbey was founded by Edward the Confessor in 1065 as his place of intercession.

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Provinces (Changwat) map

Thailand has 73 provinces, including Chiang Mai, Phangnga and Sukhothai. Bangkok is a province with the highest population.

Map of Indonesia's regions and provinces

Indonesia consists of many regions and provinces, including the island of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Lombok.

Portugal - Major rivers, lakes and map of Montains

Portugal is a geographically diverse country with mountains descending to a large coastal plain. Portugal’s main rivers begin in the highlands of the Meseta Central – the Tagus River is the longest.

Spain Historical regions map

Spain has numerous historical regions.

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