Safe travel to the mountains

The mountains are calling… and you must go!

Roads to the mountains are unforgiving. To reach the highest points, we have some tips for you. From what you should wear to what you should eat, we’ve got you covered.

Have a good plan

To begin with, you need to plan everything. Where to go, where to stop/stop, what to wear and so on, you need to have a mental blueprint of the entire journey. A good plan really makes things easy.

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Provide emergency medications

While traveling to the mountains there is a chance of acute mountain sickness that occurs due to less oxygen and humidity. The symptoms are:


Loss of energy




Loss of appetite

So consult a doctor and take the necessary medicines with you before you travel.

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Carry a map or manual

Why would you carry a map? Because if you travel to a mountain station, the chance of bad network power is high and help from other people is also not certain. So for an uninterrupted journey, carry a map or store the map in your phone.

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Do not hurry

Mountains can make you very tired. Driving and traveling flatland is much easier than traveling to high altitude. So we advise you to just relax and have fun in one of the mountain resorts and then hit the challenging roads again.

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Always dress in layers

Check the weather forecast before packing/cooling down for mountains. Usually the days are quite warm and the nights are often cold. So always dress in layers to avoid discomfort due to the weather.

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Watch what you drink

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Monitor your alcohol and caffeine intake while traveling. And carry sports drinks for energy on the road trip.


Research for restaurants before you travel

Finding a restaurant in the mountains can be a tiring task. So carry energy bars, snacks and fruits as refreshments until you reach the desired place. And carry ginger in case you experience nausea.


I hope these tips will make your trip an unforgettable one! Write us about your experiences. Cheers.

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