How to get to Hobox Island in Mexico

How to get to Hobox Island in Mexico

Holbox in Mayan means “black buco” (Hole-Bosh) and is an island of just 38 kilometers in the north of the Yucatan peninsula where the turquoise water of the Caribbean sea meets the water of the Gulf of Mexico.

On this island there is only a small village, which is called Holbox, in which less than 1500 people live.

The streets are sandy and at their edges you can only see wooden houses with roofs made of palama leaves.

The community, made up of some families, lives the day in peace and tranquility.
It is not a place where parties are held or there are clubs or bars, so it is better to go to Carmen beachhere you can relax and let the days pass by without the obsession of having something to do at any cost.

The majority of the island’s inhabitants are fishermen and it is from them that the daily sustenance comes.

The brave men of Holbox fish for huge sharks, barracudas, swordfish and are not afraid to go down to 40 meters deep to catch lobsters.

Holbox offers more than 30 kilometers of beautiful white beach covered by numerous white shells where the sea is always calm and temperate. Visitors can explore the island by bicycle or by renting a golf cart to discover the numerous secret beaches where they can enjoy the beautiful sunset: an explosion of colors between the sea and the sky.

But Isla Hobox is most famous for the presence of whale shark with which you can swim from May to November.
An ever-increasing number of tourists come here to live this incredible experience, swimming with the largest fish in the world!

The hotels in the village and on the beach are all environmentally friendly, some have some eco-friendly amenities and all offer peace, tranquility and intimate surroundings.

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Come arrive to Holbox Island

Located off the northern coast of Yucatan, Holbox Island is one of the lesser-known treasures of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.
This reduced fame makes the journey to reach it less streamlined and cheaper than other destinations in the region.

To reach the island from Cancun you will have to reach the small fishing village called Chiquila. about 2/3 hours from Cancun.
The last ferry from Chiquila is at 7pm.

Alternatively you can fly, but it is quite expensive as there are no commercial flights to the island.
The runway on Holbox Island has no lights, so flights only operate during the day.

There are also baggage restrictions due to the small size of the planes.
Several companies offer flights to Holbox from Cancun, Women Island, Cozumel, Carmen beach and Merida.

woman in white and black dress riding on blue and white boat during daytime

Flights generally use:

  • 25 minutes from Cancun
  • 40 minutes from Playa del Carmen
  • 45 minutes to Cozumel
  • 1 hour and 25 minutes from Merida

Prices for a one-way flight from Cancun are around $500 USD for a 5-seater plane.
Basically you don’t pay per person but you pay for the entire plane.

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