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Travel Safely Mexico from Italy – Travel Info 2024

In this Guide Traveling Safely Mexico taken from our Traveling Informed section, we will give you all the information information you need to know to travel safe and prepared to Mexico from Italy. Wonderful country between United States and central America famous for beaches heavenly, but also for ruins of ancient civilizations has a vast heritage cultural and landscape as well as a modern capital: Mexico City. So let’s go and discover together in our guide the best time for the visit, i documents necessary and the accessories useful to have in your suitcase, thus making the most of your trip to Mexico!

Mexico Travel Safe Guide

When to go to Mexico

Before finding out the rules for Traveling Safely to Mexico from Italy if you can go and documents necessary for your trip, it is important to also understand the ideal period for the trip. The climate of Mexico, in the northern area of America Latina and the southern one of North America, has great diversity, being found on two areas of the Tropic of Cancer. Arid on plateaus and on the west coast, the mountains and the area to the south are rainy and summer is the season with the most rainfall. The winter temperature increases from north to south arriving at a climate tropical. In base all’altitude temperatures in January can go give 9 you get 26°C to Acapulco

The climate I’ve been in internal areas it reaches 45°C in the centre-north, while in the south the climate at low altitude is tropical. The best time to go to nord of Mexico is October, but also from March to April. September is a rainy month, not recommended for cold lands, unlike the mid-seasons. For the Hot Land we recommend the period from December to February, thus avoiding extreme heat and rain. For a trip on the southern coast Winter is perfect, like New Year’s Eve. Spring and summer are ideal for the north coast. The overall ideal period from November to April: la dry season.

So, let’s see together how and if you can go to Mexico and how to travel safely to this wonderful country from Italy.

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San Cristobal de Las Casas. mexico city - travel safely to mexico from italy - travel safe to mexico - travel safely to mexico from italy - you can go to mexico
San Cristóbal de las Casasin Mexico

Documents for Mexico

To all citizens coming from Italyor from the European Union, who want to travel to Mexico for Traveling Safely is required passport with minimum validity covering the period of stayto be demonstrated by presenting the return ticket to the Immigration Police. Furthermore, upon arrival, in addition to the outgoing travel document, the place of residence during the stay may also be requested, as hotel booking.

Arriving at Cancun o Mexico City passing through the automatic gates E-GATES for document control, you automatically get the residence permit valid for 180 days for the citizens of Italia, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany. This is only if you are traveling for turismo and in possession of electronic passport equipped with chip. The view for stays of up to 180 days, for business or tourism trips, furthermore, it is not needed. If not included in the flight ticket, you need to pay the UK airport tax.

Health and Vaccinations for Mexico

To Travel Safely Mexico from Italy to this country no vaccination is required for entry. We recommend taking out one insurance policy before departure which includes coverage of medical expenses. In case of previous pathologies we advise you to consult your doctor before departure.

Clothing and useful material for traveling safely in Mexico

The choice ofclothing to travel to Mexico you must meet practical criteria, comfort, responsiveness to the climate based on the season and the surrounding environment. Therefore, we recommend that you bring with you: canvas hat, scarf, cotton clothes and T-shirts, pullover, long cotton canvas trousers, jeans, swimsuit, pajamas, cotton underwear, thick cotton socks , trekking shoes or sneakers, k-way type windproof jacket.

Also not to forget:

  • backpack to use for excursions,
  • sunglasses,
  • handkerchiefs and refreshing wipes,
  • eye drops,
  • pouch-type money bag and document holder,
  • insect repellent,
  • folding umbrella.

Currency in Mexico

The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican peso (Mex$). Major credit cards are accepted throughout the country, as are international debit cards. The town is modern, you can pay with cards in hotels, shops, restaurants and supermarkets. We recommend having local cash with you, thus also avoiding the disadvantageous exchange rate with electronic payments.


To travel safely in the country we would like to point out that Plugs and sockets are not the same present in Italy. We therefore recommend that you bring a universal adapter with you. The voltage of the current is a 127 Volts/60 Hz. The taken I’m from type A and B.

Jet lag

Mexico has 4 time zones (GMT-5, GMT-6, GMT-7, GMT-8). The difference between Italy and Mexico City is -7 ore.


Area code for Italy: +0039 + telephone number.
Area code for Mexico: +52 + telephone number.

Where to Travel Safely in Mexico?

It is generally possible to travel safely in Mexico by paying attention to risk areas and traveling with groups. Crime between rival gangs and security forces is widespread and it is necessary to exercise caution in crowded areas, avoiding dangerous neighborhoods in Mexico City. Furthermore, protests may occur in various areas of the country.

The Temple of the Wind God Tulum
The Temple of the Wind God, in Tulum

Where Not to Travel Safely in Mexico?

Mexico is a safe country but we always recommend, especially in the capital and on means of transport, to pay attention to your personal belongings. We advise against travel to the State of Guerrerowhere violent episodes are frequent in rural areas, as in Tamaulipas limiting travel in the state of Jalisco, where numerous clashes occur between cartels and police. In other areas, we recommend maximum caution due to the high concentration of criminal groups, especially at night. In the Chiapas especially in rural communities, we advise against taking photos of indigenous populations without permission, adopting caution throughout the country, keeping up to date on the security situation and traveling with a tour operator.

Il Volcano Popocatepetl, in Mexico City, produces fumes that do not cause any risk at the moment, but we recommend keeping the situation monitored on the local civil protection website. The Pacific Coast and the Gulf of Mexico area are affected by phenomena cyclonic from June to October. Additionally, Mexico is subject to activity seismic. If necessary, contact the National Communications Center of the Mexican Civil Protection. Furthermore, due to the high migratory flow, we recommend avoiding the passage of land borders following the indications of the Authorities.

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