Timanfaya National Park

Timanfaya National Park: a treasure of the Canaries

Our planet, a jewel suspended in the cosmic void, is one cradle of wonders which never ceases to amaze us. Every corner of the Earth is a treasure of immeasurable beauty, a mosaic of landscapes that seem to have come from an artist’s canvas. Sometimes, we are faced with such strange and wonderful views that don’t seem to belong to this world. We are surprised by their existence and enraptured by their charm. Places that surpass our imagination and remind us how fascinating our Earth is.

And it is precisely in one of these extraordinary places that our journey begins. Today we are at Lanzarotean island that seems sculpted by fire and wind, a land of contrasts where the intense blue of the ocean meets the arid red of the earth: the Timanfaya National Park.

Here, it’s like walking through a door to another universe. The atmosphere is almost lunar in this land where dormant volcanoes have shaped the landscape, creating a natural work of art of unparalleled beauty. So, hold tight, breathe deeply and let yourself be enveloped by emotions. The trip to Timanfaya it is going to start. And we promise, it will be an experience you will never forget.

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Timanfaya National Park: a treasure of the Canaries

A place that awakens the soul and enchants the eyes with its raw and wild beauty. This is the Timanfaya National Parklocated on the island of Lanzarotethe easternmost of the Canary Islands.

Nestled in a breathtaking volcanic landscape spanning 5000 hectares of red and black earth, it is internationally recognized as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, due to its high ecological importance and its precious biodiversity. Indeed, despite extreme conditions, life has demonstrated surprising resilience, finding ways to thrive and create a diverse and resilient ecosystem.

This land hosts twenty-five majestic volcanoesall in a state of deep sleep, except one, the We die, a solitary and fiery guardian who reigns supreme, giving his name to the entire area. A desert of rock and asha barren land which, despite the lack of vegetation, is full of breathtaking contrasts.

The most impressive feature, in fact, is its ecosystem, a rare and extraordinary phenomenon born from lava flows. A landscape dotted with hot spots, calderas and volcanic conduits that appear everywhere, like sentinels of an underground world in constant ferment. The land boasts a unprecedented chromatic richness, with intense red tones that dominate the landscape, due to the high concentration of iron oxide present in the composition of the lava. This element, combined with the continuous volcanic activity, has contributed to creating an environment that seems taken from a science fiction novel.

But how do you access this extraordinary ecosystem? For most visitors, accessibility to the park is guaranteed by guided tours, offered in various languages, allowing you to safely and comfortably explore the wonders of Timanfaya. During the trip, the expert guides they tell the story of the parkexplain the geological phenomena that have shaped the landscape and indicate the most interesting rock formations.

However, for those who prefer more direct contact with nature, it is possible to do so hikingalways in the company of authorized rangers, who accompany visitors along the paths that cross the lava flows, offering detailed explanations on the flora, fauna and geology of the place.

Finally, for those looking for a decidedly alternative experience, it is possible to book camel ridesa fun and original way to explore the park.

Timanfaya: the powerful volcano of Lanzarote

The park we admire today is the expression of a long and turbulent volcanic history, dominated by the imposing figure of Mount Timanfaya.

The history of the park dates back to 1730, when the Timanfaya volcano began an eruption that lasted for six years. This was not an isolated event, but… a prolonged series of spills which continued to pour magma onto the territory. These varied in intensity, but their constant presence during that period left an indelible imprint on the land.

The fertile land was covered by a layer of lava rock, creating a harsh and alien environment. After a period of relative calm, Mount Timanfaya once again made its presence felt in 1824 with another significant eruption. Once again, the land was changed by the incessant flow of lava, further cementing the park’s unique appearance.

Today, every rock, every geological formation tells the story of these events. It is a place that talks about force of the natureits ability to create and destroy, and the inevitable impact it has on our planet.

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