Thailand and Cambodia

One step at a time between Thailand and Cambodia

Only when you left your footprints, only there were you truly there“. These words, spoken by Goethe, still resonate profound and intense today. Turning a trip into an authentic experience it doesn’t just mean visiting a place, but living it, breathing it, walking through it at your own pace.

Go past one border on foot it may seem like an unusual, almost anachronistic experience in our fast-paced and modern world. However, there is something extraordinarily human and compelling about slowly crossing a border: the changing of the land beneath our feet, the perception of a different atmosphere and a symbolic and physical passage at the same time.

Today we will take you on a unique and exciting journey through five borders which, we are sure, will leave an indelible mark on your heart. Each step will lead you towards a new discovery, a new story, a new corner of the world to explore.

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One step at a time between Thailand and Cambodia

The walking route from Bangkokin Thailand, a Siem Reapin Cambodia, is an exciting adventure that combines discoveries, emotions and a healthy dose of adrenaline.

Our journey begins at Bangkok train station, our destination: Aranya Prathet. The train will take us through rural Thailand, giving you a taste of local life away from the bright lights of the city. Once you arrive at Aranya Prathet, a tuk-tuk locale will take us to the border.

The busiest crossing point between Thailand and Cambodia It’s definitely Aranyaprathet-poipeta lively and bustling crossroads, where different cultures meet and the incessant flow of people and goods creates a unique and vibrant atmosphere.

Once you cross the hectic border, Cambodia welcomes you, a country of incredible beauty and cultural richness. Its ancient ruins, colorful markets and the warm welcome of its inhabitants will contribute to creating a truly unique atmosphere.

Cross the border between the United States and Mexico on foot

The border between United States of America e Mexico, 3,169 km long, crosses territories of different shapes, urban and desert areas. The physical barrier that separates these two countries, in some places, seems to almost vanish, leaving room for a sort of “no man’s land” where the natural environment takes over. This stretch of land, often solitary and hostile, is a stark contrast to the vibrant cities and communities that surround it. Here, the vastness of the desert and the rigid geometry of the barrier merge into a surreal landscape. Despite the difficulties and dangers, this space also offers moments of extraordinary beauty and tranquilitywhere the infinite sky and expanses seem to invite reflection and introspection.

Crossing this border is a real challenge that requires great preparation. First, it is essential to obtain specific documentation known as Multiple Migratory Form (FMM) to ensure legal admission into Mexico. Furthermore, the wait to get your document, the rigorous security checks and the tense atmosphere at the border all add up to a truly intense experience.

In particular, the city of Tijuana is a magnet for those who desire cross the border on foot. The energy of this city, in fact, is palpable: life here flows at a pace that can be felt in the crowded streets, in the effervescent markets and in the lively atmosphere that pervades every corner of the city.

Travel overland between Peru and Bolivia

The next stop on our fascinating itinerary is A lots ofa wonderful town located on the river of Lake Titicaca. From here, most travelers head towards Copacabanain Boliviato discover the famous Sun `s Island. During the bus journey to reach the border, you will be completely immersed in the local culture, surrounded by street vendors offering typical products and breathtaking views that will take your breath away.

Drain o Yunguyo, the two main border crossings between Peru and Bolivia, mark only the beginning of this magnificent adventure. Once you arrive, you will begin a exciting journey on foot across the border. Between different cultures and surprising discoveries, you will be overwhelmed by a succession of breathtaking emotions.

May you choose to head towards the vibrant Peace or the quiet one Copacabanayou will undoubtedly experience an adventure that will be difficult to forget.

Cross the border from Malawi to Mozambique

For enterprising travellers, the true essence of travel is to fully immerse yourself in the landscape and culture of the places they visit. Cross the border on foot between Malawi and Mozambiquemeans exactly this, living an adventure full of unique and intense emotions.

The journey starts from Malawi, a country rich in fascinating traditions and evocative landscapes. Here hospitality is not a simple word, but a lifestyle. The Malawian people welcome travelers with open arms, eager to share their culture. The majestic mountains that kiss the sky, the lakes that sparkle under the warm African sun and the vibrant villages full of life and colour, are just some of the wonders it has to offer.

But the real adventure begins when you decide to cross the border on foot to reach Mozambique. A decision that requires courage, strength and determination. Yet, for those who dare, the experience is memorable.

Mozambique will welcome you with a breathtaking view: white sand beaches that extend as far as the eye can see, bathed by crystal clear waters that reflect the sun’s rays in a play of dazzling lights. This is the beauty of Africa in all its authenticity, a tribute to the vital force of a continent that never ceases to surprise and fascinate.

On foot between Italy and Switzerland

We couldn’t have imagined a better way to end our adventure than to explore the border closest to us: the one between Italy and Switzerland. And what better way to experience it than to cross it on foot?

A trip along the border offers a unique perspective on these two European countries. Starting from Luganofor example, you can follow the route that crosses the lower Ticino up to Chiasso. This route will allow you to admire the beauty of intact nature and immerse yourself in the cultural and historical peculiarities of this wonderful land.

Another fascinating experience is that of walking along the ancient paths that wind along the Italian-Swiss border. These routes, once used for trade and as escape routes during times of conflict, are now gods places of peace and tranquility. Here it is possible to immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscapes and reflect on the history of two fascinating nations.

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