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Travel Safely Romania from Italy – Travel Info 2024

In this Guide Traveling Safely Romania taken from our Traveling Informed section, we will give you all the information information you need to know to travel safe and prepared to Romania from Italy. Wonderful country of Eastern Europe, offers many things to see and do. A varied territory, among the mountains Carpathians the wonderful woods and historic castelli from the Transylvania it’s the capital Bucharestwhich beautifully preserves its legacy of Dacia. Romania, in fact, has a rich man cultural heritage and landscape. So let’s go and discover together in our guide the best time for the visit, i documents necessary and the accessories useful to have in your suitcase, thus making the most of your trip to Romania!

Romania Guide Traveling Safely

When to go to Romania

Before finding out the rules for Travel Safely in Romania from Italy if you can go and documents necessary for your trip, to plan everything in the best way it is important to also understand the ideal period to visit the country. The climate of Romania, a country in south-eastern Europe, is predominantly of the type continental, with hot summers and cold winters. The climate becomes more mite moving on the coasts of Black Sea, also affected by the air from inland areas. In the forest on the Carpathian chain, the climate is humid and cold as you progressively increase in altitude. Furthermore, there are summer storms and snowfall in winter.

The most period rainy in Romania it is between May and June with more frequent showers at the foot of the Carpathian mountains, such as a Caransebes, and on the border of Serbia and Hungary. The eastern area is less rainy, especially on the Moldavian plain and in the area of Costanza. Summer days are sunny, unlike winter ones and, although there are no periods that are not recommended for travel, the moment improve And from May to September. June is the month with the most summer storms, while in July and August temperatures are high, especially in the Wallachia. For the seaside tourism go to the Black Sea coasts in summer, while in winter snowfalls are frequent and temperatures are close to zero.

So, let’s see together how you can go to Romania and how to travel safely to this wonderful country from Italy.

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Documents for Romania

To all citizens coming from Italy or from the European Union, who want to travel to Romania for Traveling Safely is required passport or identity card valid for travel abroad and currently valid. Despite being in the EU, Romania it is not in the Schengen area. For stays in the country exceeding 90 days you must request the residency permit at General Inspectorate for Immigration. For changes regarding the residual validity of the documents, it is necessary to inform the Embassy or Consulate in Italy in advance.

Health and Vaccinations for Romania

To Travel Safely Romania from Italy no vaccination is required for entry. We recommend taking out one insurance policy before departure which includes coverage of medical expenses. In case of previous pathologies we advise you to consult your doctor before departure.

Clothing and useful material for traveling safely in Romania

The choice of clothing to travel to Romania you must meet practical criteria, comfort, responsiveness to the climate based on the season and the surrounding environment. Therefore, we recommend that you bring with you: canvas hat, scarf, cotton clothes and T-shirts, pullover, long cotton canvas trousers, jeans, swimsuit, pajamas, cotton underwear, thick cotton socks , trekking shoes or sneakers, k-way type windproof jacket.

Also not to forget:

  • backpack to use for excursions,
  • sunglasses,
  • handkerchiefs and refreshing wipes,
  • eye drops,
  • pouch-type money bag and document holder,
  • folding umbrella.

Currency in Romania

The official currency of Romania is the Romanian leu (RON). Major credit cards are accepted throughout the country, as are international debit cards. The town is modern, you can pay with cards in hotels, shops, restaurants and supermarkets. We recommend having local cash with you for minor expenses.


To travel safely in the country we would like to point out that the plugs and sockets are the same present in Italy. However, we recommend that you bring a universal adapter with you. The voltage of the current is a 230V/50Hz. The taken mainly they are like those in Italy type C and F.

Jet lag

Romania is +1 no ahead of Italy (GMT+2)


Area code for Italy: +0039 + telephone number.
Dialing code for Romania: +40 + telephone number.

Where to Travel Safely in Romania?

Generally it is possible to travel safely in Romania the whole country. The political and security situation is stable. We recommend paying attention to petty crime, especially to Bucharest in popular neighborhoods and in areas near large hotels or stations.

Bran Castle

Where not to travel safely in Romania?

Romania is a safe country but we always recommend it, especially in capital and on means of transport, to pay attention to your personal effects. Due to its conformation and position it is one of the countries at greatest seismic risk in Europe, especially the south-east and the area of Vrancea. This area mountainous it is subject to phenomena seismic and we recommend that you visit the website of the National Institute of Geophysics. Romania in recent years has been subject to strong climatic variations and waves of bad weather, especially at high altitudes. Before your trip, we advise you to find out about the weather on the website of the Romanian Meteorological Institute.

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