What to put in your travel backpack

Backpack: What to put in your travel backpack

Traveling backpacking is an unforgettable but also tiring experience. Traveling as a backpacker means travel light and with the essentials and whoever doesn’t do it will sooner or later regret it because even an extra kilo and a half will weigh everything on our shoulders in the long run and with the passage of time we will understand that half of the things brought were more than enough.

Below is a list of things to bring, the rest at your discretion, at the end of the post a useful application to create a holiday list and not forget anything. Once done, you can print it and always keep it with you to ensure that when traveling you never miss anything of the little essential things you have.

I consider that you go to hot countries so the weight can be really minimal. I also include items that will become extremely useful in certain situations and that you will find yourself using more often than you think.

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Important for calculating the currency exchange. The first days in a new country are confusing and it is not easy to do the calculations in your head.

A small torch or even better the light that you put on your forehead with an elastic band. Ideal for reading in bed when sleeping in hostels or if you go to areas where there is no light at night and getting home could be a challenge.

I write books and not books, one is enough as all the hostels do book exchanges so once one is finished you start with another.

Microfibre towel
Not all hostels provide towels so a microfibre one dries quickly, is light and can be folded to a small size. Perfect for backpackers.

You can use it as a beach towel and for dressing during the day if you stay in seaside resorts. Also ideal for men who thus don’t have to pack a beach towel in their backpack

Mask and tube
It’s best to bring them with you if you plan on doing a lot of snorkeling. Renting them can cost $10 a day plus they are generally of very poor quality and very old. So think about how many days at the beach you will have during the trip and if you think many, then leave already equipped!

Sweatshirt or long-sleeved shirt
Even if you go to hot countries, unexpected weather must be considered. You could go to mountain areas and therefore be cold.

man standing on top of mountain with pine trees view

Especially useful if you travel to countries where the seasons are divided into dry seasons and rainy seasons.

Scarpe da trucking
Excellent for excursions for which flip-flops are not suitable, excursions to volcanoes or mountains.

The habits, culture and hygiene of the countries you go to are different from ours and a quick and sudden change in the climate and habits (especially food) could upset you
Between medicines to always have you need to consider: tachypirin, anti-diarrhea, pills against seasickness or car sickness, painkillers, ibuprofen, pills for cystitis and insect and mosquito repellent.

Pen and notebook
Essential for jotting down thoughts but also keeping travel expenses up to date

Camera and hard disk
You could also create DVDs but I found this solution very useful. Furthermore, you can also put films and music on this hard disk. They will come in handy very often.

The less you have, the less you will suffer when traveling. My advice is not to overdo it, so if you go to hot countries: 2 shorts, 4 t-shirts, a pajama, 2 costumes, 1 long trousers, 1 sweatshirt, 2 dresses for the evening and 2 dresses for the day is more than enough .

When you travel you don’t think so much about how fashionable you are but rather about how light you travel.

Flip flops and trekking shoes. Eventually you will realize that you will always have flip-flops on your feet.

One final note about the laptop. Nowadays everyone travels with netbooks, i.e. small portable computers. All hostels have internet, some also have computer stations but I think that now it is simple and very useful to travel with a netbook. It will make it easier to communicate with friends and family and you can update your blog from wherever you are in the world.

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