What to see in Galicia

What to see in Galicia, the green region of Northern Spain

Galicia is a region of Northern Spain, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, considered by the ancient Romans to be the end of the known Ancient World. The landscape characterized by fertile, green valleys, and cliffs and fjords on the Atlantic Ocean, enchants visitors from all over the world. There are therefore many things to do in Galicia that we will see in this post.

For a complete tour of Galicia, you can rely on a specialized travel agency such as The Trip You Missor you can decide to build your own tailor-made itinerary, discovering an authentic part of Spain.

In this article, you can find some practical information and the most beautiful things to see during your trip to Galicia.

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What to see in Galicia

Galicia is a region full of things to see and, in order not to miss all the wonders of this land, we recommend renting a car and taking a traveling tour of at least a week among the most beautiful cities and attractions in Northern Spain.

Santiago de Compostela

Among the best-known cities in Galicia there is, certainly, Santiago de Compostela, the final destination of pilgrims who walk the Camino de Santiago. The majestic Cathedral houses the remains of the Apostle Saint James and is one of the most important buildings in all of Spain. An unmissable experience is the evening mass with the Botafumeiro, a gigantic incense burner that is swung from one side of the nave to the other.

Santiago de Compostela

Coast of Death

The Coast of Death it is one of the wildest and most uncontaminated coasts of Galicia. The cliffs overlooking the sea, the deserted beaches and the picturesque fishing villages create an evocative landscape. You can reach Cape Fisterraconsidered the end of the known world, the border with the afterlife, where the Fisterra Lighthouse guides sailors who travel along one of the most dangerous parts of the coast in the world.

Cabo Fisterra in Galicia
Cape Fisterra

Low rivers

The Low riversare the Galician fjords, with their coves, golden beaches and colorful fishing villages, they are one of the main attractions of Galicia. La Ría de Arousa, the Ría de Pontevedra and the Ría de Vigo these are just some of the bays that offer breathtaking landscapes and the chance to taste the best fresh fish and seafood.

Rías Baixas in Galicia
View of Baiona and Virxe da Roca. Low rivers

La Coruna

La Coruna it is a port city with a charming historic center and which perfectly balances its thousand-year history with vibrant modern life. The Tower of Hercules it is the oldest lighthouse in the world still in operation, a symbol of the city. The seafront, with its beaches and numerous fish restaurants, is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Center La Coruña in Galizia

The Ezaro Waterfall

The Ezaro Waterfall is a spectacular waterfall located near the village of Ezaro, and is famous for being the only waterfall in Europe that flows directly into the ocean. To allow visitors to fully enjoy this natural spectacle, observation platforms and panoramic walkways have been built in the surrounding area. The view from the top of the waterfall offers a spectacular overview of the mouth of the Xallas River and the Atlantic.

At Cascada do Ezaro in Galicia

La Ribeira Sacra

La Ribeira Sacra it is one of the most spectacular and least known places in Galicia, characterized by deep valleys crossed by the Miño, Sil and Cabe rivers, which create a spectacular setting of terraced vineyards that extend along the slopes of the hills. The vineyards of Ribeira Sacra they are famous for the production of fine wines, which make the region one of the most interesting and promising wine-growing areas in Spain. Ribeira Sacra is also known for its monasteries: numerous religious constructions are found along the banks of the rivers and on the surrounding hills, giving the region a mystical and historical atmosphere.

This is the ideal place for lovers of food and wine tourism. Visitors can explore local wineries, taste the region’s wines and discover the history and architecture of medieval hermitages. Furthermore, the spectacular natural landscapes of the Ribeira Sacra offer opportunities for hiking, boating and other outdoor activities.

The vineyards of Ribeira Sacra in Galicia

Le Isola Cíes

Le Isola Cíes, part of the Ons archipelago, they are considered by many to be one of Galicia’s best kept secrets. With white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, these islands offer a perfect natural retreat for those seeking peace and tranquility. Access to the islands is limited, which helps preserve their pristine beauty.

The Cíes Islands, Galicia

Traditions and Gastronomy

In addition to its breathtaking landscapes, Galicia is also famous for its rich culinary tradition. You cannot visit the region without tasting typical dishes such as Galician pulpo, roast pork, empanadas and delicious seafood. Accompanied by a glass of albariño, the local white wine, Galician dishes offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

How to get to Galicia

As we said, Galicia is located in the northwestern part of Spain, easily accessible by plane. There are two main airports in the region, Santiago de Compostela and La Coruña, with several direct flights, including low cost ones, from many Italian and European cities.

If you decide to take a traveling tour you can, for example, choose to land in one of the two airports and return from the other.

Best time to visit Galicia

The best times to visit Galicia are, certainly, spring and summer, with a mild and rather cool climate even in the hottest months of the year. Between June and August, maximum temperatures rarely exceed 25°C, making it one of the perfect destinations for those who want to go to the beach and escape the muggiest cities. In spring, temperatures and moderate rainfall give green and lush landscapes, with vegetation in full bloom. Even in autumn, nature takes on warm colors, creating a very fascinating landscape.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Galicia is a destination that wins the hearts of travelers with its unique combination of history, nature and culture. Exploring this region means immersing yourself in a world of fascinating traditions, breathtaking landscapes and authentic flavours. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover or want to discover new flavours, Galicia promises to offer something special for everyone who decides to explore it.

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