When to go to Scotland

When to go to Scotland? Climate and Period – 2024

Know when to go to Scotland and the best time, based on climate, weather forecast and temperature allows us to better organize the trip to this wonderful country of United Kingdom. In this guide, we will learn about the climate of Scotland during its seasonsallowing us to organize the trip according to our needs and based on zone that we want to visit. Wild Scotland is a country in the north of Great Britain characterized by a landscape mountainous with enchanting valli and lakes. So let’s discover together the best time to visit the country, thus making your trip to Scotland perfect!

The Climate of Scotland

To best organize your trip to Scotland it is important to know the temperatures and climate according to each season and to zone that you want to visit. Thus finding out what is the best time to go to Scotland. In fact, the climate can influence our travel experience. The Scottish climate is typical oceanicbeing at nord of Great Britain. Rainy, windy and humid for most of the year, with little temperature variation. Edinburgh e Glasgow they have averages winter Of 4°Clike the isolate Shetland, Orcad and Ebridgoing to the maximum 15°C averages in July. The side western not Highlands they are the areas with the highest rainfall, so Glasgow is a rainier city than Edinburgh.

The rains, however, are present throughout the country and throughout the year; as with the Irish climate. The major cities are located on the eastern and southern sides, as the western part, the islands and the northern part are the windiest. From Night especially during the anticyclone, it is frequent fog. The sunniest periods are from May to June, with long days, while from November to January it is rare. Because of latitude of Scotland, here the days in November and January are short, arriving at Sleepless nights of July in Shetland. While there are no inadvisable moments, the best time to go to Scotland is the estate.

So let’s see in detail when to go based on the weather, climate and temperature of Scotland, discovering the best period.

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Climate of the Highlands and Islands

The climate, weather and temperatures in Scotland, in the Highlands area is colder than in the rest of the country. Here, in fact, they can happen snowfall also abundant and the temperature changes little with the change of seasons. For this reason the snows can resist more, also due to the vento frequent and intense in the region mountainous. Going up in altitude, as on Mount Cairn Gorm, at 1,245 m, temperatures drop further. There is also a ski lift here and the wind can also get up to 200km/h between November and March.

Even in summer it happened that the temperature reached 0°C near the highest peak, the monte Ben Nevis, of 1,344 m. Towards Fort Augustus on the banks of Loch Ness lake, precipitation is frequent. The climate on internal and external islands it is generally mild, with frequent rainfall like the general weather in Scotland, with winter temperatures between 4 and 7°C, while summer temperatures rarely exceeded 20°C.

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The Highlands in autumn

Glasgow climate

Moving into the part western, let’s find out the climate, weather and temperatures in Scotland in the Glasgow area. Here, the weather is definitely rainier and, considering the latitude il mare It’s not super cold in winter, but it’s still very cold cold in summer to be able to take a bath. The temperatures here in Scotland are trees generally, while the frequent rains during the whole year. There annual average is 9°C, from December to February between 0 and 5°C, and in estate between 14 and 18°C. The rainiest period here is autumn and winter, when the wind is also strongest. Winter snowfalls are rare.

University of Glasgow
University of Glasgow

Climate Edinburgh

In the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh on the coast Oriental and on the banks of North Sea the climate and the weather is less rainy. The weather in this area of ​​Scotland has usually heavy, light rain, making the humidity and fog higher. The best months to go here based on its temperatures are those of May, June and September, when the sky is clearest, although rain is possible. Even in Edinburgh in winter snowfall is rare, given the temperatures here in Scotland rarely they arrive at 0.

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Edinburgh Castle

Scotland Temperatures, When to Go?

As we have seen, based on the areas we want to visit, we can find distinct types of climate, temperature e weather in Scotland. In general, any time of the year is ideal for a trip here, although the best time to visit Scotland is certainly summer. Spring, winter and autumn are also not recommended for a trip here, but you have to take into account the temperatures and weather in Scotland and rainfall.

Below, we will analyze every season also listing any holiday and events. Advising you on trips and the best time to visit based on the climate and weather in Scotland.

Winter in Scotland

As anticipated, if you are thinking about when to go to Scotland during the best period, winter is not among them. The Scottish winter lasts from November to early November March often as early as October in the areas mountainous. In these months, many attractions are closed especially in Highlands. In this period, however, many places also take on a unique charm.

Thanks to its temperate climate, the winter months in Scotland have temperatures and weather between 5 and 7°Chigher than locations in the same latitude, such as Stavanger in Norway. In the north of Scotland the weather is often forecast snowfall which are more frequent, like the rains, on the west coast. The air is cold and crisp and the streets can be thick frozen. For this season and heading into winter in Scotland it is essential to have thermal clothes and waterproof.

Spring in Scotland

Thanks to its weather temperatures and climate, visiting Scotland in spring will allow us to find temperatures trees although frequent rains. During this period temperatures rise, albeit slowly. April it is still a cold month, with highs around 12°C, but the days are much sunnier. Spring lasts from March to May and, in this period, nature is reborn, plants bloom and fields are filled with flowers.

Furthermore, Easter and many cultural and artistic events are celebrated. As the Glasgow International Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Science Festival between March and April. Maggiohowever, is the month dedicated to the national drink: il whisky! Furthermore, this season is ideal for walking the path of the Scottish castles in the region of Aberdeenshire.

Summer in Scotland

Summer in Scotland, thanks to its weather, climate and temperatures, is definitely one of the best times to go here! However, let’s not forget that the Scottish summer is always one cool season, for this reason it is necessary to have waterproof and mid-season clothes, especially if we go to the islands or along the coasts. Average summer temperatures on islands Shetland in fact, arrives at 15°Cas on Ebridi and Orkney.

In the main cities in Scotland, however, the maximum perceived summer temperature was also 20°C. The weather in Scotland in summer is rainy, but the days are sunniest in July and August; ideal for spending a different August holiday here! In this season Edinburgh is filled with festivals and events are held Highland Games: various traditional Scottish and Scottish sports Celtic culture. Furthermore, it is also the ideal period for our Group Tour: Scotland of Enchantment.

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Autumn in Scotland

Finally, autumn in Scotland, with its climate and temperatures, is not one of the best times to go here. In fact, this season is especially windy and rainy storms can also occur and gusts of wind. Additionally, autumn in Scotland does dark early solar time is reset in October, so at 6pm it often already feels like night and many attractions I am in this period closed. The boat excursions, for example, are suspended until September or are carried out only if the weather permits. Furthermore, in autumn it is frequent fog especially in the Highlands and at night.

Climate Scotland, when to go?

After having shown you what is the best time to go to Scotland based on the climate, we have seen that the ideal season to visit the country is summer

So, what is the best time for Scotland? Let’s see together the table with all the details to find out when to go based on the months of the year.

Months per year*****=mite
*****=more expensive

FAQ, Scotland When To Go

Below you will find them Frequent questions of our travelers to see together what is the best time to go based on the weather in Scotland, its climate and temperatures.

When is it best to go to Scotland?

In summer, from June to August.

When not to go to Scotland?

There are no particular periods not recommended for going to Scotland.

How to Visit Scotland and When to Go Based on the Climate?

Now that thanks to our article When to go to Scotland you have a clearer idea, we advise you to find out about the necessary documents to enter the country and visit our Safe Traveling section for all information on access.

Although it is possible to organize your trip to Scotland independently, we at Arché Travel always recommend relying on a specialized tour operator to organize your group trip. This way you will be sure to have a great experience trip in total safety and reliability, knowing when to go to Scotland.

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