Bay Islands in Honduras

Bay Islands in Honsuras – Travel Tips and Costs

The Bay Islands in Honduras are islands in Honduras and are famous for snorkeling but above all for scuba diving which, together with Thailand, I believe is the cheapest in the world.

The Bay Islands are mainly 3 islands: Roatan, Useful and Guannaja about 50 km from the Honduran coast.
The coral reefs here are the second largest in the world, after those in Australia. Here there will be opportunities to see corals, tropical fish, turtles, huge octopuses and if lucky even the whale shark.
You can come here at any time of the year although in the months from November to February (rainy season) diving can be more difficult and some dive sites are not easily accessible.

Compared to Hoduras here the costs go up quite a bit especially in Roatan and Guanaja, while Utila is decidedly cheaper and it is no coincidence that it is defined as the alone of the backpackers but the beaches aren’t that great here compared to Roatan where even those who don’t dive will be able to enjoy Caribbean beaches, which is practically impossible in Utila.
Guanaja is prohibitive for backpackers, very expensive so not ideal for those traveling on a budget and wanting to sleep in hostels.

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Bay Islands

Bay Islands climate

The rainy season here goes from October to February while the hottest months go from March to August and I confirm the heat since I was there at the end of May and I remember the incredible heat. In September there is a risk of tropical storms, but I did that too and I have to admit it was terrifyingly exciting.

Bay Islands travel costs

As I have already said, the costs here in the islands are significantly higher than in Honduras. Guanaja is the most expensive island, followed by Roatan and Utila but from my point of view it remains average. A budget of $20 per day (without diving) can be enough.
The currency in Honduras is the Lempira which at the current exchange rate with the euro is 1 euro = 26.44 Lempiras

Hostel in Utila: €6 (dormitory room) – €15 (double room with air conditioning). In many cases, those who stay in a hostel and also buy a scuba diving course have free accommodation. There are many if not most facilities that make these offers, find out before deciding to stay. I don’t think there is a need to book. As soon as you get off the hydrofoil you will be literally attacked by those who want to show you the facilities, ask for any discounts or offers.
Corso Open Water PADI: €177
Free diving: €18 – €25
Eat at local restaurants: €2.50 – €5. Regarding this, I want to recommend you eat in restaurants that are obviously not touristy. On the main streets you will find some typical restaurants where you can eat fantastic Burritos and Cassadillas with lobster, prawns and fish for just €2.50 maximum €3. Not only for the cost but it’s really worth it, they were delicious and perhaps maintain the primacy among the Central American dishes I’ve eaten.

Bay Islands

How to get to the Bay Islands: Utila and Roatan

Per get to Utila you can fly or take a hydrofoil. The flight from La Ceiba takes about 15 minutes and costs €33. Atlantic Airlines does these flights.
Alternatively you can take the Useful Princess II which leaves from La Ceiba twice a day (9.30 am and 4.00 pm).
The journey takes about an hour, I highly recommend taking one tablet for the sea because even the hardest of stomachs could be affected. Personally, it was the most upsetting sea voyage he had ever taken. The Utila Princess II returns to La Ceiba at 6.20 am and 2.00 pm. The ticket costs around €17 (448 Lempiras) just walk.

Per get to Roatan instead you can fly for €30 one way with Atlantic Airlines or go with the Galaxy Wave hydrofoil. The journey lasts approximately 1 hour and a half and departs from La Ceiba at 9.30am and 4.30pm. The cost of the ticket is €19.21 one way and €38.72 return. A little less Tickets from Roatan to La Ceiba.

Important: Don’t forget your passport to go to the islands as you will be asked to do so and without this you cannot leave.
I also remember that once you arrive at the La Ceiba bus station the only way to get to the port is by taxi which costs around 35 lempiras per person.

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