Where to sleep in Bangkok

Where to sleep in Bangkok

The hotel where we decided to stay overnight in Bangkok is the Rikka Inn Hotel the so-called backpackers’ area where you can actually find numerous accommodation facilities of all types and for all budgets, from hostel rooms for 5 euros up to hotel rooms for 20 euros per night to share.

Generally I don’t book in advance when I travel for long periods except when I’m flying and after hours on the plane I want to be sure I have a place to sleep.
Obviously there are hundreds of websites on which to find accommodation facilities, in this case I relied on Booking.com and the search took me an entire afternoon. In fact, the only big (for me) problem I encountered was the free wifi which is not something to be taken for granted.
I was sure that here, considering the high number of internet points, at least in the hotel the wifi was free and instead many charge for it or even don’t have it and for those like me who work with the internet and spend at least 5 hours a day, it wasn’t the best solution.
Following advice from friends and checks on the site booking.com and reviews on tripadvisor I decided to book the Rick IN: wifi in the room, air conditioning, mini bar, television and rooftop swimming pool open from 10am to 6pm.

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The hotel is located right in the middle of the busy and picturesque Kahosan Road, in a central area of ​​Bangkok and from which it is easy to reach the main attractions of the city.
Prezzo 950bhat per night and per double room or 77 euros for 2 people for 3 nights, considering that at the moment the Baht is 1=40.50.
You pay on arrival and an additional 1000 baht will be retained for the key deposit which will then be returned when you leave.
The fact that the hotel is located on Kahosan Road, where music is played non-stop, may not be the quietest in the world if you keep the windows open but I had the pleasant surprise of discovering soundproof windows which, once closed, bring the rooms back to the semi-grave silence. But it’s Kahosan Road, you know what happens, alternatively if you just want to sleep and have a quiet hotel I recommend moving to the new part of Bangkok and forgetting the old one.
The room is clean, colorful and well kept, considering the location I think it is ideal for those arriving in Bangkok and wanting to discover the city.
If you are hungry, thirsty, want to hear some music or watch the famous ping pong ball show, just leave the hotel lobby to find yourself involved in a coming and going of people, laughter, loud music and street vendors selling noodles and spring rolls to whom I couldn’t say no. A spring roll costs 10 Baht, while a plate of noodles with prawns costs 50 Baht, or 1 euro and 20 cents.

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How to get to the Rikka Inn Hotel

Apparently there are no longer any buses from Bangkok airport to the city center so all you have to do is take a taxi.
A ride from Bangkok International Airport to Kahosan Road costs around 400 Baht, or around ten euros.
The cost obviously goes per car so my advice is to look for other travelers who have to get to the city and split the cost of the taxi.
Once you arrive at Kahosan Road, which is about 150 meters anyway, you will find the hotel on your right hidden by an endless series of street vendors.

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