why you must visit New Zealand

The 10 reasons why you must visit New Zealand

New Zealand is a splendid country, here you experience being in a country far from everything and everyone, a country with a strong and interesting culture and history, yes I said HISTORY AND CULTURE, incredible, but above all nature , nature and nature.

New Zealand is for me in a certain way the last frontier in the world, just think that to fly you need at least 30 hours, €700 one-way ticket and 10 hours of time difference. A journey that takes its own time.

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Almost mystical nature, large, sometimes desolate, silent spaces lend themselves well to a fantasy film in which the scenarios are an integral part of a surreal world and in which anything can happen. It is no coincidence that The Lord of the Rings was filmed between the two islands.
But beauty aside, this is not a country I could live in, paradoxically for the same reasons why I liked it so much: large spaces, few people, a lot of tranquility.

The weeks I spent in New Zealand were very different to those I’ve spent in other countries. No more traffic and confusion but only large spaces and time. A long time.
I consider New Zealand one of the easiest countries to travel in the world experienced or inexperienced travelers will not find any difficulty in traveling here.
Generally speaking, if you don’t do any activities, such as buggy jumping, skydiving, paragliding, etc., living here for a few months won’t be very expensive, especially if you follow some simple tips for saving money in New Zealand.

here are the ten reasons why I liked it and why I would recommend it to everyone. I stayed for just over 3 weeks but I think the ideal is to stay there for at least 4. The two islands are small but there are so many things to do and in 3 weeks you will be able to do a good part of these but without being able to stay for more than 2 days.

The imposing and majestic nature
Just hop on buses and watch the landscape pass by, easily taking you from a lake to the ocean or to the top of a mountain. Herds of sheep, which number 20 million against 4 million people, cows, lush vegetation.
The water in the rivers and lakes is so crystal clear that, if it hadn’t been too cold, I could have taken a bath and splashed around like a fish, something I never do in lakes.
The majesty and grandeur of nature in New Zealand is at its best in this land. Forget the touristy and inflated places, very often it will be you and nature.

mountain near body of water during daytime

It’s not as expensive as you might think
Just because something costs $2 doesn’t mean we’re spending $2. The exchange rate is quite favorable for us, currently for €1 we have $1.6 which means that once the expenses are converted we are spending much less than we can imagine:
Generally speaking, if no activities are carried out, buggy jumping, skydive, paragliding etc., living here for a few months won’t be very expensive, especially if you follow some simple tips for saving money in New Zealand.
Of course it cannot be considered an “Asian” budget but by couchsurfing and cooking for yourself the costs will be considerably lower, furthermore, apart from traveling from one city to another you will not use public transport but a bicycle will suffice which in many cases are provided free from hostels.

Eating varied and fresh
With all these animals grazing, I would never think that the meat is not fresh, tender and above all that it is chemically treated.
But not just meat. New Zealand is made up of two islands in the ocean. The fish is excellent and quite cheap, as is the seafood and the salmon which is delicious.
Don’t forget to eat the fish and chips and the excellent pastries with meat and gravy sauce. Delicious! The coffee isn’t bad at all either and since this is a country inhabited mainly by immigrants it will be easy to find food from all over the world.

Easy to travel and economical
Some people I met in Fiji had recommended me to travel with Stray Kiwi Experience but once I got here I realized that not only is it cheaper to do it independently but that this way I could organize my own personal tour.
The ideal would be to travel around by car, the roads are wide and well made, the connections are excellent and petrol doesn’t cost a fortune. Easy to organize your trip independently. I traveled with the Nakedbus buspass which I recommend and which sells tickets starting from $1 if purchased in advance.

Nice people, sociable and ready to help you
New Zealanders are friendly, kind and welcoming. They are known all over the world for this attitude which makes them generous and kind-hearted.
As my roommate from Nelson said, New Zealanders are good people, which is why many travel by hitchhiking. Someone will put you on board and maybe even invite you home.

green grass mountain at day time

Sports activities for all tastes regardless of physical prowess
I have never been a fan of sport and physical effort but here… I felt myself Wonder Woman and I wanted to try everything, or almost everything. I felt the joy of arriving on mountain tops with my heart now switched to the right side, sweaty and with my legs shaking from the long and difficult climb but with the satisfaction of having passed another test and that the prize was a view for me new and splendid, climbed the Franz Josef glacier, walked for hours up and down mountains or around lakes. I wanted to go skydiving but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time, and maybe not even the courage.

Wide range of high quality hostels
I think overall the hostels I’ve stayed in in New Zealand are among the cleanest and best equipped I’ve been to. Competition is fierce and everyone tries to provide an excellent service, paying close attention to cleanliness and facilities. Only negative note. Few have free wifi, most hostels charge and when they provide it for free then the quality is not the best. But once you get here you will get used to it.

High contraction of travellers
I believe that travelers in New Zealand exceed the number of inhabitants, everywhere, even in the most unlikely villages there are backpackers hostel.
Lots of competition, good prices and above all with an intense coming and going of people. It’s impossible not to make friends or be able to spend time with some of our new room mates. New Zealand is easy to travel and very safe, perhaps these are some of the reasons that drive many Europeans, especially many English people, to come here and stay sometimes for more than a few months.

Silence, peace and tranquility
After months in Asia where the words: peace, tranquility and silence do not exist, arriving here was like finding peace of mind. There are no large and confusing cities, apart from Auckland which is the largest city and where 1.5 million people live out of a total of 4, but which did not seem chaotic or confusing to me, the rest is made up of small towns in where I seemed to see more backpacker hostels than houses.
I found it extremely relaxing to be able to spend some time walking alone through forests, mountains and beaches without being in the crowd of hundreds of people. A place where you can take some time for yourself without feeling obligated to HAVE to do something

Cleanliness and order
If I think about the bathrooms I have seen in months of travel and compare them with the public ones in New Zealand I would say that in the New Zealand ones “you could eat there”. The streets, the bathrooms…everything is very clean, you could walk in it barefoot. Maybe locals really do it for this reason?

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