6 plaatsen in India om te reizen voor een doel

6 places in India to travel for a purpose

Most of us would agree that we generally travel for the passion we owe to travel and adventure. However, it is never too late to think about our society and the change that can be made by offering our small contribution while traveling. Let us learn about these 6 places in India to travel for a purpose.

Spiti ecosphere

Spiti Ecosphere is an organization that strives to provide sustainable livelihoods for the people of Spiti by protecting nature. The organization was founded more than five years ago. Their work includes:

  • Promoting greenhouses for cultivation.
  • Promote local crafts.
  • Promote solar houses and other solar energy efficient structures for daily activities.

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Pic credit – from the facebook official page

They invite volunteers from all over the world to become part of Spiti Ecosphere.

Rural Organization for Social Elevation (ROSE)

A small group of local and tourist volunteers in the Kumaoni region of Uttarakhand are working with the aim of improving the livelihoods, health and quality of life of the people of the region. The purpose of the organization is achieved by bringing together volunteers to live with the Verma family, experience their local culture and help them, both financially and physically, for development. Some of the activities of the organization are-

  • Construction of toilets.
  • Construction of earthquake-resistant houses.
  • Spreading knowledge about sanitation and employment.
  • Promotion of organic farming.

Haji Public School

With an aim to provide education to the children in the inaccessible village of Breswana in Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir, Haji Public School was established in 2009. The school was started with two classes, two teachers and 35 students, but with the continued efforts of local people as well as Indian and international volunteers, the number has increased to 350 students, 20 teachers and classes up to Grade 8.

Pic credit - from the official Facebook page
Pic credit – from the official Facebook page

Sadhana Forest, Auroville

Afforestation and water conservation remain the main goal of Sadhana Forest. The 70 hectares of eroded land on the edge of Auroville is being conserved by planting trees and working on water conservation. The main goal of the mission is to make the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest flourish and prevent it from becoming extinct.

Pic credit - from the official Facebook page
Pic credit – from the official Facebook page


At Ladli, the poor street children are taught how to make jewelry and handicrafts so that they do not have to beg or engage in other wrong activities for their livelihood. Apart from this, they are also taught Hindi, English, art and dance and provided with nutrition, medical check-ups and counselling. This small NGO helps and supports 3,000 children every day; in case you have a soft heart for children, don’t stop yourself from lending your support to the children at Ladli.

Pic credit - from the official Facebook page
Pic credit – from the official Facebook page

LHA Charitable Trust

LHA, a non-profitable charity, is the largest Tibetan social work institution based in Dharamshala, serving the Tibetan community and other people of the Himalayan region. LHA offers classes in English, French, Spanish and Chinese in addition to other health and environmental awareness sessions, vocational training and distribution of clothing and medicines to refugees. The volunteers share their experiences with each other during lunch, twice a month.

Pic credit official facebook page
Pic credit official facebook page

Fulfill your love of travel and add a social purpose to it. Contribute to society, because your kindness will make a big difference.

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