advice for low cost travel

Rules and advice for low cost travel

When you travel for long periods, sometimes it doesn’t matter how cheap one destination is rather than another because you always have to pay attention to your wallet.

Of course, traveling to Asia costs much less than traveling to the United States or Europe itself, but even there if you want to extend your trip as much as possible it would be good to keep an eye on how much you spend and how.

I traveled for long periods spending an average of €500/600 per month but although I can’t say I sacrificed myself, I admit that I paid a lot of attention and attention to how much money I spent and what I always had it for.
Below is a short list of rules to follow to always stay within your budget without giving up anything. Or almost nothing.

Of course, you will give up the lobster from the most expensive restaurant in Havana and be satisfied with the one cooked by the casa particular where you are staying. Or you will eat rice and beans at a local restaurant, with pork in sauce, salad and plantains surrounded by local Nicaraguans instead of at the tourist restaurant.
Or you will sleep in hostels in shared rooms, giving up the private room with bathroom. You will take a 24 hour bus instead of a flight which would take 3.

Ultimately I believe that backpackers not only consider these things but desire them.

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Here’s what to do and consider when you do travel low cost to stay on budget and optimize your travel resources:

  • Always ask for the price first before accepting any service
  • Eating at local markets or street vendors will cost €1.50 instead of €10
  • Walk instead of taking taxis
  • Shopping at local markets and cooking in hostels
  • Join other travelers especially if you are traveling alone. Traveling alone costs a lot so finding someone to split the costs with helps offset the costs
  • Don’t buy small bottles of water but a large one. You save a lot.
  • Travel on second class rather than first class buses.
  • Do not rush. Those who travel slowly have more time to understand which is the cheapest solution
  • Sleep in hostels and shared rooms rather than hotels or private rooms
  • Do not use your cell phone but use Skype or the internet to call home
  • Work as a volunteer in hostels in exchange for free bed and dinner
  • Take local buses instead of booking shuttles. You will waste more time but it is also an adventure worth having
  • Take advantage of the days with free entry to museums
  • Avoid intermediaries and deal directly with suppliers (for example for boat tours or excursions instead of asking the hostel go directly to the agency)
  • Bargaining for the purchase of souvenirs, bargaining in some countries is even a rule, such as for example in Morocco where bargaining becomes not only a way to pay less but as far as I’m concerned one of the most fun experiences of the trip

These are the precautions I take every time I travel, what are yours?

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