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11 unusual dining etiquette around the world that will give you total local identity

Dining is not just about satisfying your hunger, there are also rules to follow. Here’s how to go from tourist to local in one bite.



Although it varies from region to region, a standard dining etiquette is followed in households across the country. Until a decade ago, eating with hands was always the norm. For years, cutlery has almost destroyed tradition. Eating with the left hand is also frowned upon by a few people.

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If you don’t want to be branded a tourist, try not to order coffee after noon. Italians make no bones about ordering a hot milk drink right after a full meal.


Never flip a fish in China. So, how do you eat it once you’re done with one side? Well, all you have to do is remove the bone and continue eating. In Chinese culture, flipping a fish is equivalent to a capsized boat.


In most parts of the world, slurping on noodles will attract dirty looks. But in Japan it is considered a sign of fun. So, slurp away in the land of the rising sun.

United Kingdom

There are strict tea regulations in this country. As you stir your sugar cubes, the teaspoon should not touch the sides of the cup and after you have finished, the teaspoon should be placed on the saucer and you should sip the tea very quietly.


If you’re someone who eats best when using cutlery, prepare for a shock. In Egyptian culture, one must eat food with his/her hand or use bread as a tool. Start by breaking your bread into pieces and then use it as a spoon to scoop up food. However, it is not considered rude to ask for a spoon. Interestingly, eating bread with food is also common in French culture.


In Chile, fork and spoon are your best friends. Those fries that come with delicious burgers, they too should be taken with a fork. Dining etiquette in this part of the world is a bit formal.


Did you take a shot of vodka first thing in the morning? Maybe you should take it into account when touring in Russia. Russians take the offer of a drink (usually vodka) as a sign of trust and friendship and so, if you turn it down, you are officially insulting them.


When a piece/whole of bread falls to the floor, pick it up and kiss it. Yes, you read that right.


Don’t forget to use forks and knives between your meals. When you are done, place the cutlery parallel to each other on the right side of the plate. It is also said that when not eating at the dining table, the hands should be placed on the lap.


There are some rules regarding how one should eat food. Cutting food with a knife is considered inappropriate; it is a sign that the food is not tender and therefore an indirect insult to the chef. Also, lettuce is apparently always folded and absorbed.

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